How to Sync Safari Bookmarks to iPhone

Feel hard to sync bookmarks with different devices? Luckily, dr.fone - Phone Transfer(iOS & Android) helps you to transfer bookmarks easily and directly!

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"I got a new iPhone and want the same safari bookmarks on the new device. But I don't know how to transfer my Safari bookmarks to my iPhone, anybody can give me a solution?"

"I want to send my Safari bookmarks to iPhone, and what I was doing now is copy the links and send them to my new iPhone, and then re-mark them as bookmarks. Who can provide me with an easier way?"

As a web browser of Apple, Safari supported macOS from Mac OS X Panther and iOS, Which basically replaced the Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac as a built-in browser. As an iPhone user, you can always visit your favorite websites in Safari and bookmark them, so that you can visit them again the next time.

However, it may become a problem when users buy a new iPhone and want the same Safari bookmarks on the new device. In this article, we will show you how to send Safari bookmarks to iPhone, if you have the same questions, this article will tell you the answer.

Transferring Safari Bookmarks from Old iPhone to New iPhone

iPhone is a vastly growing flagship of Apple. Thus, no wonder there is always a continuous update now and then. In fact, Apple has released no less than 25 versions of iPhone to date.

This creates the need to send Safari bookmarks from an old iPhone to a newer version. If you want to do such a transfer, you can do this either manually or with software. One of the most recommended ones for transferring your Safari bookmarks across devices would be dr.fone.

dr.fone is a complete package. You can rely on it to take care of your every iPhone needs, including storing and backing up your data, initiating data recovery, and transferring data across devices, which is what we are discussing right now. To do the transfer with dr.fone, you can follow the following steps:

Step 1 Download and Install dr.fone, then connect your old iPhone and new iPhone to your pc.

Step 2 Click on the "Phone Transfer" menu.

transfer safari bookmarks with dr.fone

Step 3 Make sure that the old iPhone is located in the "Source" section and the new iPhone is located in the "Target" section. If they are located in the wrong sections, simply click the "Flip" icon.

transfer bookmarks to iphone

Step 4 Choose the "Safari history" option, and start the transfer.

switch safari boomarks to iphone

Now, all your Safari history, including bookmarks, are already copyed from your old iPhone to the new iPhone.

dr.fone tollbox

dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android)

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Transferring Bookmarks with iCloud

Another method of sending Safari bookmarks to your iPhone is using iCloud. This is Apple's cloud service that you can use to copy your data across devices, including all of your bookmarks. To initiate the bookmark switch, first you need to change the settings on your Mac. Here are the steps:

Step 1 Click the "Apple menu" and select the "System Preferences" option.

Step 2 Choose the "iCloud" menu, and tick the "Safari" option is it is unticked.

transfer safari bookmarks with icloud

After setting up iCloud on Mac, now you need to set up the iCloud on your iPhone:

Step 1 Click the "Settings" menu and tap the "Apple ID" option.

switch bookmarks with icloud

Step 2 Go to the "iCloud" menu.

transfer bookmarks on iphone

Step 3 Turn on the "Safari" option if it is still turned off.

transfer safari bookmarks with itunes

There you go. Now, all your Safari bookmarks are transferred already to your iPhone.

Transferring Bookmarks with iTunes

When you want to send data across iOS devices, iTunes might be the first thing that comes to your mind. iTunes indeed has been known as one of the most popular tools for iOS data management. This includes transferring data and bookmarks from Mac to your iPhone.

To copy your bookmarks using iTunes, here are the steps that you need to do:

Step 1 Connect your iPhone with pc and launch iTunes.

connect iphone with pc

Step 2 Click on your device and choose the "Info" tab.

Step 3Tick the "Sync Safari Bookmarks" option and click the "Sync" icon.

Step 4All your bookmarks are transferred to your iPhone now.

What to Do if Safari Bookmarks Fail to Sync

So you have already done all the steps above but your bookmarks are still not transferred properly. What to do?

Well, there are cases where the outcomes of the methods are not as you expected. To overcome these issues, here are several things that you could do:

    • Update your iPhone to the latest version. Sometimes this makes one of your devices incompatible with the other, which hampers the transferring process.

    • Make sure that you have a good connection. This may also affect how smooth the transferring process is.

    • Check whether you sign in to both devices with the same Apple ID or not. Data copy across devices can only be done if the devices are logged into the same ID.

  • Restart your device.

Importing all Bookmarks as a Single File

There is an easy way to send your bookmarks from one device to another, which is to copy and paste a file named the "Bookmarks.plist". First, we will show you how to find that file:

Step 1 Open a "Finder" window and choose "Go" then select the "Go to Folder" option

Step 2 In the popup, paste the "~/Library/Safari" code and click "Go". Then, you can locate your "Bookmarks.plist" file.

Step 3 Click the file by holding down the option key and drag it into a new location. This allows you to create a copy of the file.

After creating a copy of your "Bookmarks.plist" file, here are the steps to import it to a new Safari:

Step 1 Open a "Finder" window and choose "Go" then select the "Go to Folder" option.

Step 2 Paste the "~/Library/Safari" code in a popup and click "Go".

Step 3 Drag the file that you had copied and drag it into this folder.

Backup and Restore Safari Bookmarks Safely

There is an easy and safe way to backup and restore all your Safari bookmarks. With dr.fone, you can do all that only in simple clicks. Here is how you could carry out the procedure:

Step 1 Download and Install dr.fone, then Connect your iPhone to your pc.

Step 2 Click the "Phone Backup" menu on the screen.

backup safari bookmarks with dr.fone

Step 3 Click the "Backup" icon to backup your selected data, or the "Restore" icon to restore all your data from the backup location.

transfer photos from goole photos


Transferring bookmarks can be a challenge in itself, especially when you do not have any clue on what to do. Hopefully the methods that we present in this article may help you get through the process swiftly. You can try dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) first, Good luck!


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