Straightforward & Reliable Ways to Perform iCloud to Android Transfer

Do you wish to learn how to get data from iCloud to Android? Read this extensive guide as we have included different stepwise solutions to do iCloud sync to Android.

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If you think performing an iCloud to Android transfer is a tedious job, then you have come to the right place. Since iCloud and Android are two different platforms, users often face unexpected issues while doing an iCloud sync to Android. The reason is pretty simple.

Unlike iPhone, there is no iCloud app for Android that you can use to sync your data. Don't worry – you can still learn how to sync iCloud to Android by following numerous third-party solutions. In this guide, we will explore different easy solutions to transfer iCloud data to Android.

Part 1: One-click Device to Device Transfer with dr.fone

If you want to transfer the entire data from your existing iPhone to the target Android device, then this would be a perfect solution. The dr.fone – Phone Switch (iOS & Android) application is a part of the iSkysoft toolkit.

It is compatible with every popular Android and iOS device. This includes Samsung, Motorola, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Apple, and all the other leading smartphone manufacturers.


dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android)

Best iPhone to iPhone Transfer Sotware on Mac/PC

  • With just one click, it can transfer data from one phone to another.
  • This includes data transfer between similar platforms (like Android to Android/iOS to iOS) or a cross-platform transfer between Operating Systems.
  • It can transfer of all the important data types like photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, and so on.
  • No data is lost or compromised in the process. The quality of the data stays intact.
  • Extremely user-friendly and secure solution that won't access your data in between as well.
3,990,885 people have downloaded it

Since we need to import iCloud data to Android, we need to first sync it with the source iPhone. Once it is done, you can directly move your data from the source iOS device to the target Android phone.

Step 1: Sync iCloud data with iPhone

To start with, you need to make sure the iCloud data is present on your iPhone. To do this, go to its settings and make sure you are signed-in to the correct iCloud account. Now, turn the iCloud sync option for various data types like photos, mails, contacts, calendar, etc.

Sync iCloud data with iPhone

Step 2: Launch dr.fone – Switch

After making sure that the needed data is on your iPhone, connect it and the target Android device to the system. Launch the iSkysoft toolkit and visit the Switch section.

Launch dr.fone

Step 3: Prepare for data transfer

The application will automatically detect both the devices and mark them as either source or destination. If you want, you can also flip their positions from here. Also, you can mark the type of data that you wish to transfer. Simply select the category of data that you want to move.

Prepare for data transfer

Step 4: Start the transfer process

To begin the process, simply click on the "Start Transfer" button. Sit back and wait for a while as the application would move your data. In the end, when the process gets completed, safely remove your phones and access your data.

Start the transfer process

That's it! In this way, you can learn how to get data from iCloud to Android all at once and that too with a single click.

Part 2: Selectively Transfer Data from iCloud to Android

With dr.fone – Switch (iOS & Android), an entire iCloud sync to Android would be done. Though, there are times when users wish to selectively move their iCloud data to Android.

In this case, you can try dr.fone. The application can take a backup of your Android and restore data from different sources – including an iCloud or iTunes backup.

To learn how to sync iCloud to Android using this remarkable tool, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect your Android phone

Firstly, connect your Android device to the system using a USB cable and enable media transfer on it. Launch the dr.fone and from its home, go to the "Backup & Restore" option for Android.


Subsequently, your phone would automatically be detected by the toolkit. View its snapshot and click on the "Restore" button to proceed.


Step 2: Log-in to your iCloud account

On the interface, go to the "Restore from iCloud backup" from the left panel. In order to proceed, you need to sign-in to your iCloud account credentials. Just make sure that the entered account details are correct.


In case if you have enabled the two-factor authentication on your phone, then enter the code to verify yourself.


Step 3: Preview and Restore data from iCloud backup

The application will automatically detect all the previously stored iCloud backup files on the interface. You can view their details and just select a backup file of your choice.


Wait for a while as the backup content would be downloaded on the local system. The application will categorize it in different tabs. You can just preview and select the files you wish to retrieve. In the end, just restore the selected content to your connected Android device.


Once the data is saved on your Android, you can remove it safely and access the newly transferred content. This provides an extremely simple solution to import from iCloud to Android the selected data of your choice.

Part 3: How to use SD card to move iCloud data to Android?

If you want to follow a manual approach to move iCloud data to Android, then you can consider this technique. In this, we will first save all the data from iCloud to a local storage. Later, we will simply copy it to an SD card that would be mounted to our Android.

Needless to say, it is a very time-consuming solution. Also, you won't be able to transfer all kinds of data with this approach. It can only be used to transfer contacts, photos, etc. If you still want to try, then you can follow these steps to learn how to sync iCloud to Android manually.

Step 1 To start with, visit the official website of iCloud and log-in to your account. From its home, you can view various options to access your data. Let's suppose you wish to visit the Contacts tab.

login iCloud

Step 2 Here, you can view all the contacts that are saved on your iCloud account. Just select the contacts you wish to transfer. You can go to the settings (gear icon) to select all contacts at once.

Step 3 To save the selected contacts, go to the settings icon once again. From here, choose to export your contacts as a VCF file (that is, a vCard).

export your contacts as a VCF file

Step 4 Apart from that, you can also use the iCloud app on your Windows or Mac to sync your data as well. Just launch the app and enable the syncing of different types of content. This will let you access them on your local system.

iCloud app on your Windows

Step 5 In the end, simply connect your SD card to your system. Now, you need to manually import iCloud to Android data that is already saved on the local storage.

connect SD card to your system

Once it is done, just disconnect your SD card safely from the system and mount it to your Android. You can access your media files easily and can even export contacts from the transferred vCard to your Android as well. The solution will only support a limited transfer of data.

Part 4: Use your Google account to transfer iCloud to Android

As you know, all the Android devices are connected to a Google account by default. Therefore, you can also do iCloud sync to Android by taking the assistance of your Google account. Sadly, you can only sync your contacts, calendar, and other types of related content. The technique would not be able to perform a complete transfer of iCloud backup to Android phone.

Step 1 If you want to move your contacts, then you need to first export them to a vCard by visiting iCloud's website.

Step 2 Later, you can visit your Google contacts and import the same file. In this way, your iCloud contacts will be merged with your Google contacts.

import contact

Step 3 In addition to that, you can go to iPhone account settings and choose to add your Gmail account. Log-in to your account by entering the right credentials.

Step 4 Afterward, enable the option to sync your contacts, calendar, mails, and other data types to your Gmail account.

sync contacts

Step 5 Now, while setting up your Android, use the same Google account. In this way, the synced content will be reflected on your new Android phone.

The technique to do iCloud sync to Android will only work with contacts and other related types of content. That is why, it is not recommended if you wish to move your entire data from iCloud to Android.

Part 5: Samsung Smart Switch: Transfer iCloud to Samsung phones

If you don't want to use any desktop application to move iCloud data to Android, then you can simply use Samsung Smart Switch. As the name suggests, the application is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices and does not work for other Android models.

Ideally, the app is used to move data from any other iOS/Android device to a target Samsung phone. This makes it easier for Samsung users to make the switch without losing their data. To learn how to get data from iCloud to Android using Smart Switch, follow these steps:

Step 1 Firstly, download the Samsung Smart switch app on your phone if you haven't already. While setting up your new Samsung phone, choose to transfer content from an iOS device.

Step 2 Furthermore, choose to import content from the iCloud device instead of the iPhone storage.

Step 3 On the next screen, you need to sign-in to your iCloud account by entering the relevant credentials.

Step 4 Wait for a while as the application would automatically extract essential information from your iCloud account. Just select the category of data you wish to transfer and click on the "Import" button.

Transfer iCloud to Samsung phones

Maintain a stable internet connection as your important data would be moved from iCloud to the target Samsung phone. While the solution seems convenient, users often face compatibility issues with it. Also, it also supports the transfer of limited type of content.


From all the above-listed solutions, dr.fone provides the best solution to do iCloud sync to Android. The Switch application can be used to perform a direct transfer of data from one phone to another. On the other hand, the Backup & Restore (Android) tool can provide a preview of your iCloud content. This will let you perform selective iCloud sync to Android.

Compared to other options, dr.fone - Phone Switch seems like a clear winner. For instance, you can only sync limited content with your Google account. The manual method is extremely time-consuming while Samsung Smart Switch also has its limitations. Users often look for alternatives as these methods can't be used to perform an extensive transfer in less time.

That's a wrap, folks! I'm sure that after reading this informative guide, you would be able to move your iCloud data to Android without any trouble. If you really want to have a fast, secure, and hassle-free solution, then simply give dr.fone a try. The tool is available for every leading Windows and Mac version. Before getting its premium subscription, you can also get a hands-on experience of its free trial as well. It comes with numerous applications that will certainly meet every smartphone related need of yours. Keep the tool handy as it might end up saving the day during any unexpected situation.


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