How Can I Get My Damaged PDF Recovery Online - Online PDF Repair Tool

This article is going to recommend some online pdf recovery tools are available that can recover your lost PDF files, and what's the best PDF recovery software to accomplish the task successfully.

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Because PDF files are so common that most organizations and individuals used PDF files on a daily basis, so they can sometimes be accidentally lost or deleted.

This is unfortunate when it occurs but if it happens to you, don’t need to panic. Because there are many online pdf recovery tools are available that can recover your lost PDF files.

Part 1: Benefits to Use online PDF Recovery Tools

Yes, PDF files can easily recover, but you need to use the best PDF recovery software to accomplish the task successfully. You also need to understand the complete method and functions of the online pdf recovery tool to make your PDF recovery better.

There are plenty of benefits to using online pdf recovery tools.

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Part 2: PDF Recovery Online Tools Recommendation

Next, we are going to introduce 3 great online recover tools for you to review. Besides, we have listed their Pros and Cons, you can pick which is best for you.

1. SysInfo PDF Recovery

pdf recovery online

The PDF Recovery Tool by SysInfoTools is a standalone software that can easily recover your PDF files. This tool is capable of fixing all the PDF errors in an efficient way. It is one of the best damaged pdf recovery online tool.

It can repair unlimited PDF files present on the system without leaking any form of data. Let’s have a look at some of its exclusive features:


2. EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS PDF Recovery tool is another very good data recovery tool. Its free version offers you about the limit of two GB of recovered data and the pro version with unlimited data recovery.

EaseUS Data Recovery tool allows you to easily recover your lost data from a wide range of storage media. It also has a straightforward user-friendly interface to ensure an efficient and smoothies for the most novice user.

pdf recovery free online

You can recover your PDF files caused by accidental deletion, reformatted discs empty in the recycle bin, lost of partitions hard disk damaged windows crashes viruses. It has a 95% success rate.

EaseUS Data Recovery tool can detect over 200 file types/formats of videos, music, documents. Emails and pictures. It can recover data from desktop or a laptop hard drive, external hard drives, solid-state drives flash, memory cards, Android devices, digital cameras, digital camcorders, and iPods, etc.


3. Advanced Disk Recovery Tool

Some times when we trying to get rid of unwanted stuff on our computers or mobile devices. Suddenly realize that we've deleted some important PDF files by mistake. Thankfully these lost PDF files can be easily recovered with the right software such as Advanced Disk Recovery.

You can easily retrieve deleted PDF files and media without hassle. Its interface is quite clean and guides viewers through a step-by-step process to find recover lost PDF files.

damaged pdf recovery online

This tool recognizes a variety of formats including documents, images, audio, and video files. Whether you have lost data due to human error or drive failure or lost partitions this tool will recover files from hard drives and Android devices.

To begin with quick recovery - launch the application and click start scan. Click scan now option will sort through all the data in few seconds and will display the complete list of deleted or lost PDF files. Choose the desired location and press ok all your files and folders have been successfully restored. Thanks to Advanced Disk Recovery for being an effective solution.


Part 3: Recoverit Can be A Great Tool to Recover Your PDF Files

Most organizations and individuals rely on the PDF file format when sending or transferring documents, but they seldom know how to recover PDF files that got accidentally deleted. Now PDF recovery isn’t as complicated as it may seems, until unless you have the right software or tool and know-how to use it.

Yes, I’m talking about a powerful data recovery tool called Recoverit. So basically Recoverit allows you to recover any type of deleted files including photos, videos, documents, etc.

Recoverit is one of the best tools that can recover your deleted PDF files. Its trial version available free for both PC and Mac. It will recover accidentally deleted PDF files from your main hard drive of PC and Android devices. It is the most powerful data recovery tool with unique features.

Recoverit (IS)

A Life Saver to Restore Deleted or Losted PDF Files!

  • Trial version available free for both PC and Mac
  • Recover accidentally deleted PDF files from your main hard drive of PC and Android devices
  • It works for all kinds of different scenarios, such as deleted file recovery, recycle bin recovery, all-around recovery and more.
  • You can preview the files before you recover them to your hard drive or PC.
3,165,867 people have downloaded it

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Step 1 Please plug in your Android device to your desktop/PC, and click on "recover" option.

how to recover pdf file in mobile

Step 2 Select what you want to recover, it lists contacts, gallery, message, audio, videos, call history, WhatsApp messages, and documents. You can check the "Document" Option.

pdf recovery app

Step 3 When you click the start button, it automatically starts the scanning process which is amazingly quick.

pdf recovery android

Step 4 After completion of the scanning process, it will show your deleted PDF file or documents on the screen. That's it!


PDF format is the best format when you want to transfer or send the file to other. Because it maintains the originality of the documents as compared to the other file formats.

There are so many formats like Word, Excel, PPT, etc. But when it comes to formatting, PDF is the best option. But Recoverit is the best tool to recover or repair your deleted or fix corrupted PDF files. It’s an amazing tool with plenty of unique features. When you unintentionally deleted or lost your PDF files, you should use Recoverit.

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