How to Recover Lost PDF Files: The PDF Recovery Guide!

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Losing the PDF files on your files either by mistake or by some external factors can really mess up your whole day. You might have prepared a report or wrote something of executive value and saved it as a PDF, only to realize that you can’t find it anywhere now.

PDF recovery is your only hope now, but the question remains, where will you find a PDF recovery tool that actually does the Job?

Part 1: Overview of a PDF file

We are in a time where the concept of Modern Workspace is being embraced. Files have become digital, and the age of paper-based files are slowly coming to end.

And the latest standard in office-based files is undoubtedly PDF or Portable Document format. Basically, a PDF file is a file that has a .pdf extension. They are usually used as read-only files that are very different from Word files, which can be edited.

PDF files have gained vast popularity recently because of their application in creating manuals, Ebooks, guides, etc. The best part is that these files are very lightweight. You can have an eBook that has more than a thousand pages in a PDF format and it will only be a few megabytes of data. Hence they used by large and small companies alike, using the file format to carry important reports, forms, etc.


Part 2. The Best PDF Files Recovery Software - Recoverit (IS)

The Recoverit (IS) software is a goal-oriented creation that is designed to do just one thing – Recover lost files from computer and external drives! And it does that job brilliantly.

Even though your computer may show some files to be deleted, they may not be removed by the storage devices. You might not see any trace of them on screen, but they remain present in your storage devices unless they are overwritten.

The Recoverit (IS) software digs deep beneath the exterior and brings such lost files into light when you need them. Lost files or accidental deletion will not worry you anymore!

Recoverit (IS)

A Life Saver to Solve Your Data Loss Problems!

  • Data Recovery: The most obvious feature of iSkysoft, but nevertheless impressive! The PDF recovery capability of this software is amazing.
  • Formatted Disk Recovery: Even if you have formatted the disks, Recoverit (IS) can bring the files back with ease.
  • External Device Recovery: Be it Pen drives, hard disks, or memory cards, there is nothing that iSkysoft can’t handle!
  • System Crash Recovery: Unexpected power loss or system crash caused deletion of your PDF file, the software can still help you.
  • File Preview: The user can preview the PDF files before it is restored.
  • Deep Scanning: Surface level scanning has a limit to the extent it can search. With Deep scanning, the software can go even further and recover long lost PDF files.
3,165,867 people have downloaded it

Another aspect of iSkysoft Recovery Software that needs much praise is the ease of which it can be operated. Even a beginner will learn the ropes of using the software within seconds.

Part 3. How to Recover Lost PDF Files: Recoverit (IS) user guide

There are no hard steps or risky installs, using dr.fone is easy. The following guide will you familiarize the process even faster!

Step 1 Download the latest version of the Recoverit (IS) Tool for your operating system. You can find the download link here.

Step 2 Install and launch the program. In the home window, click the option “Deleted Files Recovery”.


Step 3 The next window will ask you the preferred location to scan for deleted PDF files. After you set the location, click “Start”.


Step 4 The software will show you a list of files that it has found.


Step 5 You can click the files to preview them. After you have selected the right files, click on “Recover”.


Now the software will recover the files that you have selected. In essence, this is the only recovery Toolbox for PDF that you ever need!

The added features for supporting multiple file types are also very handy. Sometimes, you might end up deleting a photo or a video that you hold dear, and the same tool can be used for recovering such files too.

With iSkysoft, PDF recovery isn’t hard anymore! Download the software and try it out for yourself, accidental deletion or file loss will never be a bother again!

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Part 4. How to Protect PDF Files from Getting Lost Or Corrupted

Even though digital files are susceptible to many risks, doing your part will greatly improve their security. Let us discuss some of the ways in which you can protect PDF files from accidental deletion and corruption.

1 Backup your data: The best way to protect your files is to create more than one copy of it so that even if you lose one, you will have a backup in place. There are many backup services available today that you can use to backup your data safely.

2 Check you Drive health: Checking the health of your disk drives is a great way to forecast disk errors. There are softwares available on the internet that will check your storage disks for any errors and help you fix them or take necessary precautions.

3 Keep the computer virus free: If your computer is infected with viruses or malware, it can lead to file corruption or deletion. Make sure that your system is running safe and secure.

4 Keep a good internet connection: Any errors that happen when you download files can damage the file. Maintaining a good internet connection will help you download PDF files without corruption.


Now you know that PDF file recovery is not as hard as you thought it to be. With the right tool like Recoverit (IS), files can be recovered even if they have been deleted from the storage. Now you can handle all the PDFs you want without the fear of losing them!


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