How to Recover OnePlus 7 Data after a Factory Reset

This article shows you how to recover crucial data, after a factory reset on any OnePlus device.

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Not all Factory resets are accidental. Sometimes, they are done to improve the performance of a device or remove malicious malware on phones. However, a factory reset comes with dire consequences in that you lose all your data.

Nowadays, technological advances have made it possible to recover data lost through factory reset on OnePlus 7, 7Plus and many others. Tools like Recoverit (IS) have been a blessing to people who intentionally or accidentally reset their devices since they can quickly come back to normal, by recovering important data.

This article shows you how to recover crucial data, after a factory reset on any OnePlus device.


Part 1: Can I Recover Data from OnePlus after Factory Reset?

The answer to this question is – Yes, you can recover data after a factory reset.

A factory reset deletes all data and leaves the device like it was when you first purchased it from the stores. However, the data is never really lost. It is compressed into smaller files, and then made inaccessible to apps on your device.

This means that the files are still physically on your device and you need a special tool like Recoverit (IS) to identify them and recover them for you.

Alternatively, if you had created a backup copy of your files on Google Drive, then you can quickly recover the data using the “Restore” feature.

Part 2: How to Recover Lost Data from OnePlus 7/ Pro?

Solution 1: Recover OnePlus Data via Google Backup

Using Google Backup services is a wonderful way of ensuring that you have a synced backup of your device ready, should you ever need it. Here are the steps to follow when restoring data from a Google Backup.

First ensure that you have a backup of your files. This is a requirement if you want to recover files from Google, so make sure that you regularly manually backup your device, or keep the syncing to Automatic mode.

Step 1 Click on the Menu Icon and go to Settings.

Step 2 Go to Backup and Restore, and tap on it.

Step 3 Choose Google Sync and then decide on whether you want it to be automatic or not.

Step 4 Fine tune the backup channel, and then click on backup to have a backup copy of your device.

Once you have a backup of you device, you can then do a factory reset and then restore the device from the backup. Follow these steps to restore the OnePlus 7:

Step 1 Click on the Menu icon and access Settings.

Step 2 Scroll down to Backup and Restore and tap on it.

Step 3 Tap the “restore option” after which you will be prompted to enter your Google ID and Password.

Step 4 Scroll for your latest backup and select it.

Step 5 Click on restore, and wait for the restoration process to be completed.

Step 6 Once you get a “Restore Completed” notification, you can restart your OnePlus 7 and access the deleted data once more.


Solution 2: Recover OnePlus Data with Recoverit (IS)

You can always rely on the powerful iSkysoft Data recovery tool to restore data on your OnePlus 7 after a factory reset. The tool comes with easy-to-use but powerful features that scan your device and restore data from the deleted files.

Here you get to know more about these powerful features and how to use them to recover the important deleted data after a factory reset on your OnePlus device.

Recoverit (IS)

Best OnePlus Data Recovery Software

  • Simple 3-step recovery process – Follow three very simple steps to recover your precious data.
  • Save time – since you can select the files to recover, you save a lot of time as opposed to recovering your full data set.
  • Recover 1000+ file types – this tool can recover more than 1,000 mobile and computer file types.
  • High versatility – you can easily recover data from many storage devices, such as USB Flash disks, Hard disks, External Drives and SD Cards.
  • Full Quality preservation – the recovered files are not corrupted in any way, whether they are music, videos, images or others
icon_security 3,165,867 people have downloaded it

Recoverit (IS) comes with powerful, but easy-to-comprehend features. Simply follow the guide below to recover data on your OnePlus device:

Step-by-step guide how to recover deleted OnePlus data using Recoverit (IS):

Step 1 Install Recoverit (IS) and launch it

Go to the official Recoverit (IS) download page and download the installer. Double click on it and then select “Install”.

Once the program has been installed, connect the OnePlus to your computer using the original USB cable that came with it. Now click on “Start Now” in order to get access to the home screen.

Step 2 Scan for lost files on the Android device

Once you are on the home screen, you will see a list of all the connected devices that are recognized by the tool. Select the OnePlus device and then click on “Scan” to start the recovery process. Wait for a while as the tool scans your device for recoverable files. You will then be able to preview the recovered files before you recover them to your device.

You may make the scanning faster by using inbuilt filters and defining certain selection parameters. For example, you can direct the tool to scan for particular files only, or a certain part of your internal or SD Card storage devices.

You can pause, restart or stop the scanning process at any time, once you have recovered the files that you need.

Step 3 Preview and recover files from the Android device

Before you recover the data, you will be presented with a preview of those found. This way, you can go through the file, before you hit the final “recover” button.

When you are satisfied with the files you have selected, click on “Recover” and then wait for Recoverit (IS) to restore them and you can access them like you did before.


By going through these three simple steps, you will have recovered files that were deleted during a factory reset.

In conclusion

You may perform a factory reset on your OnePlus 7 when you need it to be faster and here are two methods that you can use to restore important files to the device after resetting it. Google Backup will not allow you to select the data that you want to restore to the device, and will restore all data. Recoverit (IS) allows you to have a preview of the data that is important, and ignore the rest. This makes it a faster, surefire way of getting just what you want. This way, you can easily eliminate bloatware that would once again infect your device, if you run a full backup.


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