What is the Best and Most Reliable Canon Photo Recovery Software?

Lost important photos from Canon camera? Try to follow this guide to complete Canon photo recovery and get photos back safely and quickly.

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Canon receives the highest marks in digital cameras across the globe. From the cheapest Powershot series to the latest point and shoots, Canon has come a long way in providing equipment that fulfills the requirement of a photographic enthusiast. The solid construction of the device, the features, ease of use, and high picture quality are the important reasons behind the significant growth of the company for more than three decades. Canon Photo Recovery Software is a simple solution to retrieve lost pictures from a digital camera. The reason behind the loss could be due to accidental deletion, format of the SD card, or change in the file system from RAW to jpeg. With the help of a photo recovery program, you will achieve the solution to resolve the troubles.

Part 1. What is the Best and Most Reliable Canon Photo Recovery Software?

A reliable software that is innovative and affordable that assists you in the recovery of pictures from your Canon digital device is Recoverit (IS) for Mac (or Recoverit (IS) for Windows). With the help of this program, you can easily search for the lost/deleted photos from an SD card of your Canon camera and extract them to your computer/Mac. The major advantage of using the software is its ability to penetrate into the sectors of the corrupted tracks residing on the hard disk. Due to this, it is able to analyze sector by sector and gather information related to a particular file/folder. It will then collectively get a hold of the information about the overall data and helps in the preparation of a list of files that are easily recoverable.

The data recovery tool from Recoverit not only recognizes the partitions of a Windows PC/Mac but also other mass storage devices, CF cards, and digital photo cards such as the Canon digital cameras. You can simply plug in a digital camera to your Mac, scan the system, and retrieve the maximum content of files than others.

Recoverit (IS)

Why Choose This Canon Photo Recovery Software:

  • Innovative recovery modes for retrieving lost data, raw data, and partition retrieval.
  • Functions efficiently on mac os running on 10.5 and above.
  • Identifies NTFS, exFAT, FAT16, and FAT32 file systems.
  • Recovers images, audio, videos, email, documents, and others from computers, players, USB sticks, hard drive/SSD, digital camera, and memory cards.
  • Flexible settings that allow greater command and control in the program.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Canon Photos

Step 1. Download Canon Photo Recovery Software

Install the Recoverit (IS) for Mac from the official website. Installation is a simple procedure and similar to that of other programs. Move the installation file to the Applications folder, complete the process, and launch it by clicking the icon. 

Step 2. Search for Lost Photos

The recovery mode excels in the field of retrieving accidentally deleted data on a hard disk, SSD card, memory cards, flash drives, and digital cameras. Choosing this option will open a new window that will show you the partitions on the Mac hard disk. However, you have to navigate to the memory card of the Canon digital camera, which the Mac will display as a driver. You can highlight it, press the "Start" button from the menu bar, and wait for the program to begin the search for digital photos containing within the drive.

scan the drive

Step 3. Recover Lost Photos from Mac

The program requires some time in completing the scan. It could be from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of the memory card and the total volume of the pictures. It is preferable to wait until Recoverit Canon Photo Recovery Software completes a thorough scan of the driver. After it ends the process, it will display the files according to the archive format arranged in order.

From the same screen, you can click on a particular file to see its content in the preview window. The preview window will help you choose all the necessary files that you wish to recover from the Canon digital camera. Make the selection of the records using the checkboxes provided against the files. After completion, press the "Recover" button from the menu bar to save the files to your Mac. You can generate a new folder or choose an existing one using the navigation option provided within the prompt message.

canon photo recovery

Wait for the program to extract the selected images to the destination file. After successful completion, you can open the folder to view the pictures. Recoverit (IS) will retrieve the images in their original quality, with unique names and properties.

Part 2. What Happens When You Delete Images from Canon and Why Deleted Pictures are Still Recoverable?

An important question that a photo enthusiast or a beginner would ask is whether it is possible to retrieve accidentally deleted photos. It is important to understand this question deeply because it plays a significant role in retrieving content once you lost it from your digital camera. The only way you can recover the deleted content from your camera is when you did not use it after noticing the loss of images.

When you deleted a file or an image from a memory card of the Canon digital equipment, it does not eliminate the data but erases the file system pointers that make it easy for the system to display the content. It is the space where the system stores the data for the images. Once you delete the picture from the space, the system works it is free space and makes it once again available for the system to write additional files.

Once you begin to write additional for on the space available, then it becomes difficult to retrieve deleted pictures. Consequently, it is imperative that you do not perform any operation or write any data onto the memory card if you identify that you lost a particular set of pictures from your Canon digital camera.

As we said earlier, the system only deletes the content from the file system but not the complete data. Due to this, it is possible to recover the deleted images. With the help of a Canon photo recovery tool, it is possible to retrieve the data in a few simple steps. However, it is only valid when you did not save additional files on your memory card. The recovery tool penetrates into the sectors of the hard disk and retrieves the information. That is why many of the leading recovery tools are capable of recovering lost/stolen/deleted content with ease. However, when you save additional files onto the memory card, the action becomes reversible because you are writing additional files on the sectors that already contain information.

Part 3. Top 10 Canon Photography Tips on How to Control Your Canon Camera

1. Formatting the Memory Card

It is a good habit of formatting the memory card to free up space before each use. It is preferable to do it in the camera that you are using. You will find the option in the setup menu. You can likewise see it under the My Menu option on EOS cameras.

canon photo recovery

2. Choosing AF Points

By default, the AF system is automatic. You will notice the AF button, and pressing it will pop-up the focus points on the screen. The camera will automatically lock to the closest AF depending on the subject. You can set the option to manual by scrolling through the main dial and take control of the camera.

canon photo recovery

3. Setting Raw Image Quality

Canon stores photos in JPEG and RAW formats. JPEG is smaller in size and usually the preferable choice because the memory card can save a number of pictures. RAW format is larger and can hold only a few pictures. If you are a professional, use RAW format as they offer superior quality. If you are a beginner or a photography enthusiast, it is preferable to use JPEG.

canon photo recovery

4. Extending Battery Life

Canon uses lithium/iron battery, which needs charging before you use it. Approximately, a single charge will provide you with 200 shots based on the settings and circumstances. However, you can increase it by carrying an additional battery that is at full charge.

canon photo recovery

5. Switching Lenses

The important thing while changing the lenses is protecting the sensor from dust and dirt. Make sure that you do not switch the lenses in windy conditions. To switch the lens of the camera, position the camera down and replace the lens swiftly. Use the sensor cleaning option within the menu before using the camera.

canon photo recovery

6. Fully automatic

You can arrange the camera to full auto or scene intelligent auto mode depending on your model. The camera will analyze the scene and condition automatically and selects the best settings to capture the image. You can directly aim at the subject or scene and press the shutter button. The camera will perform automatic AF focus, set the aperture, shutter speed, ISO metering, and other critical aspects to give you the best image.

canon photo recovery

7. No Flash Photography

No flash photography is useful if you are shooting in indoors or if there is plenty of light. You can set the flash to off mode, which ensures that it does not pop up each time you press the shutter button. The camera will then use high ISO setting to prevent camera shake.

8. Program Shift

Program AE (P) is a set up that consists of basic zone modes. With the help of it, it is possible to set aperture value, and shutter speed. However, you cannot shift the combination that you generally do by turning the main dial.

canon photo recovery

9. Creative Auto Mode

The creative auto mode available on EOS 500D and above models is a great addition to enthusiast photograph was looking out to break free from the traditional auto modes. With the help of the creative auto mode, it is possible for a change in the key settings including the ambiance and flash. To get into the creative auto mode, press the Q button, and then use the dial to change the depth of field or blur the background according to the need by looking at the scene in the rear LCD.

canon photo recovery

10. Aperture Priority

Aperture priority is one of the three factors that control the depth of field. A better way to utilize the maximum capability of the Canon system is by using the semi-auto Av mode. With this setting, you receive the ability to set the aperture according to the scene. The camera will set the appropriate shutter speed based on the value automatically. It is preferable to set the wired aperture of f/4 for a shallow depth of field and f/16 for narrow/maximum depth of field. As the shutter speed changes according to the aperture priority, use the settings in daylight to ensure that the lens receives appropriate light, and the system is capable of providing high-quality image.

canon photo recovery


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