[Guide] How to Recover PowerPoint from tmp File

The concept of tmp files and provides a guide on how to recover PowerPoint from tmp file efficiently, it allows you to access the temp file and retrieve all data without any difficulties.

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PowerPoint has been the highlight of major presentations and demonstrations in organizations throughout the world. As this platform has gained popularity, there are several schemes that have emerged, highlighting issues and problems that required circumstantial upgrades in the platform. Many users reported the issue of losing or accidentally deleting their files, which usually left them under the pressure of retrieving the files. These files, since significant, are required to be recovered perfectly. There are a series of mechanisms that can be practiced ensuring the recovery of the specific PowerPoint presentation.

This article introduces you to the concept of tmp files and provides a guide on how to recover PowerPoint from tmp file efficiently. This would allow you to access the temp file and ensure that all important data is retrieved without any difficulties.

Part 1. Where are Temporary PowerPoint Files Stored?

PowerPoint tmp file recover are one of the junk folders that are created in Windows OS for keeping up small backups of data to ensure its availability during the operation. This folder is usually known to keep files for a short period of time, which is left redundant as soon as the function of the file elapses.

These files temporarily hold the data when the specific file is either being created or processed for consumption. Windows users can easily locate the temporary files over two different directories, which are:

The files that are usually created as a temporary file are usually stored under the file format of .tmp that can be observed in these specific folders. You will also locate the PowerPoint files under a similar format in these folders if discovered.

Part 2. For Office 2010 and Higher: How to Recover PowerPoint from Tmp File

Microsoft Office developed into a stronger and compelling platform over the passage of time. It induced various updates and modifications in their features, out of which the 'Recover Unsaved Presentation' is one proficient addition in the characteristics of the platform that allowed users to maintain their file management to a better extent.

The files that are accidentally left unsaved due to a shutdown or a crash can be accessed with this feature. To cover this, you need to follow a few simple steps that would help you locate the unsaved PPT and recover it successfully.

Step 1 Launch PowerPoint and open the "File" tab from the top of the window.

Step 2 Tap "Recent" and locate the button of "Recover Unsaved Presentations" on the screen adjacent to it.

Step 3 A Saved Drafts folder opens up on the front, which displays the files that have not been saved. Select the appropriate file and save it.

The file folders for every important Windows OS can be discovered from the following directory locations.

  • For Windows8/Windows7/Windows Vista: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles

  • For Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles

Part 3. How to Recover PowerPoint Tmp File from Tmp Folder

As you all are aware of the Temp folder and the significance of its presence, it is important to understand the steps that would help you to recover PPT from the tmp folder. Regardless of the fact that the files present in the temp folder are quite temporary and redundant in nature, they can still be recovered as a .tmp file. With no specific confirmation over the quality of the file, it can be recovered from the temp folder with the steps defined below.

Step 1 Open Start and access the 'File Explorer' on the menu. The dialog box for "Search Results" present on the top-right of the screen is to be accessed.

Step 2 Type the name of your PPT file under the "Search for Files or Folders" section and tap on "Search Now" to initiate.

Step 3 If a file under a similar name is located and displayed in the results, right-click on it to have it renamed. Change the extension to .ppt for converting it into a PowerPoint presentation. Open the file to cross-check and save to conclude.

Part 4. Recover PowerPoint tmp File Using Microsoft Word

It might feel peculiar to recover your PowerPoint file with the aid of Microsoft Word; however, there are certain aspects that make it possible for users to retrieve their presentations with Microsoft Word. For that, they can follow two different scenarios, which are defined below.

1. Insert Word Document as an Object

Step 1 Tap the slide where you want to insert the specific Word file. Access the "Insert" tab and locate the "Object" button in the sub-menu.

recover powerpoint from tmp file

Step 2 For an existing Word document, select the option of "Create from file" in the new window. Browse the specific file and insert it successfully.

powerpoint tmp file recover

Step 3 Ensure that the "Link" and the "Display as Icon" checkboxes are filled before concluding the process.

how to recover powerpoint tmp file

2. Using a Word Document as An Outline to Build A Presentation

Step 1 Select the "Home" tab present on the top of the screen of your Word document. Format the content present in the document with the aid of the "Styles" section.

Step 2 Save your file with an appropriate name and close it down.

Step 3 Launch a new presentation on your PowerPoint and tap the arrow beside the "New Slide" to create one page of the presentation.

recover powerpoint tmp file

Step 4 In the options appearing in the drop-down menu, select the "Slides from Outline" to insert the Word document you have previously saved. The Styles format in Word would allow the slides to be perfectly set in proper order in PowerPoint.

recover powerpoint temporary files

Part 5. Recover Deleted PowerPoint Files with a Highly Efficient Tool – Recoverit

Third-party tools are another source of recovering important files that have been deleted from certain locations. Many dedicated recovery tools offer you the environment for recovering PowerPoint presentations when methods such as temporary file folders fail to offer you the solution to the issue.

Recoverit promises wonders in file recovery, where with its intuitive interface and balanced system, it offers the user the environment that would allow them to recover specific files with ease. To understand the reasons that make Recoverit the perfect option, you need to consider the following:

Recoverit (IS)

Great Tool to Restore PowerPoint Files from tmp File!

  • Supports all versions of common data loss scenarios.
  • It allows you to recover all kinds of important documents and media files.
  • It provides six different recovery modes to work on.
  • Offers a very simple process of recovery.
3,165,867 people have downloaded it

To understand the function of Recoverit, you need to look over the steps provided as follows.

Step 1 Select Mode

You need to consider a specific mode of recovery once you launch the platform.

select the drive to scan

Step 2 Select Location

Consider a specific drive or partition from the list that is provided to scan the specific choice for lost and deleted data.

select the drive to scan

Step 3 Recover File

Locate the file that appears on the list of discovered files. Select and tap "Recover" to conclude.

recover file


This article has provided a guide on how to efficiently utilize the temp folder to recover PowerPoint files from the pre-mentioned folder.


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