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Android mobile games are a very important phenomenon and have one of the largest fan bases in the world. The Android mobile games have many genres and the one that is liked the most is action genre and therefore it is highly regarded. The best action games for Android are the ones which are action related. The best part of such games is that they are very captivating and players can spend hours playing such games which is highly motivating for such game development teams. Following are the 15 best action games for Android which makes playing a lot more fun than the traditional games.

1. Injustice 2

It is one of the new action games for Android and has gained widespread popularity. From graphics to game control the major issues that other action games face are completely eliminated by the developers of this masterpiece. If you have the guts to be a hero then prove it by downloading one of the top action games for Android.

Rating: 4.3

Review: It has lost control and this is the only flaw it has.

android mobile games

2. DC Legends: Battle for Justice

Make the teams ensure that you get to the top of others. It is also one of the new action games which take the idea to next level.

Rating: 4.5

Review: It is amazing and hours of entertainment provided to the fullest. The game is simply superb.

best action games for android

3. MARVEL future fight

It is one of the top action games for Android which makes a gamer play more and more. Collect the heroes or be a villain in collecting the similar team.

Rating: 4.6

Review: It is just a gamble where the user gets the boxes which never have intended characters at all.

android 3D games

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4. Star Wars: Force Arena

Lead you to star wars army and defeat the enemy. You can only do this if you collect enough characters. It is one of the free action games for Android.

Rating: 4.4

Review: This game has high-quality graphics and therefore it should be downloaded by all action games enthusiasts.

fighting games for android

5. X-Wing Fight

Conquer the space by building you star wars based teams. Defeat the foes to claim supremacy and ultimate power. It is one of the top action games for Android with scores of downloads.

Rating: 4.2

Review: It is fantastic and gets the users the nostalgic about the old X-wing game developed for the PC.

android mobile action games

6. Dark Side

You are surrounded by rebels in one of the new action games for Android. Unleash the dark force that is hidden under your soul and makes sure to destroy your enemy.

Rating: 4.3

Review: The dogfights of the game are awesome and the most intriguing part of it.

best android action games

7. Frontline Commando 2017

Fight the gun battle and lose your anger over your enemy. You never know where your enemy is hidden and you need to be extra cautious. Make your skills your ultimate strength.

Rating: 4.3

Review: This game shows a lot of ads and therefore it is not recommended to download it.

top action games

8. Counter-Terrorist 2017

Fight the terrorists that are planning to kill hostages and plant bombs. Make sure that you always use the best weaponry to get over the terror and kill it completely.

Rating: 4.3

Review: The FPS does not work at all and hence this game is a waste of time.

new action games

9. Elite Killer SWAT

It is one of the best fighting games for Android as the graphics are the awesome and high end. So if you can shoot kill your enemies and get ahead of their minds.

Rating: 4.3

Review: The game is awesome and provides a perfect time-killing opportunity.

free action games for android

10. Gunship Strike 3D

So you think you can fly. Never say Mayday as it is not acceptable for your allies. Obliterate your enemies in one of the best Android 3D games.

Rating: 4.2

Review: The progress cannot be saved so he calls the game a piece of crap.

free action games for android

11. Modern Combat 5

Answer the calls and step ahead of others. Make sure that your enemy cannot track your movements or you’re gone for sure. Allow your enemies to get closer and take them by surprise.

Rating: 4.3

Review: The user Cammy Risktaker got her account closed by the game developers so she thinks of being robbed.

top action games for android

12. Sniper 3D Gun Shooting

All you need is to take on assignments and kill the enemies in one of the best action games for Android. Kill the targets and make your territory safe.

Rating: 3.8

Review: Not happy with the latest update and accuses that the developers are after money rather than user experience.

android mobile action games

13. Shadow Fight 2

Plunge deeper to reveal your enemies and battle them out in a sequence that is not ignorable at all. You must use your skills and strength to ensure that you outclass others completely.

Rating: 4.6

Review: It is awesome and can only be mastered by continuous play.

android top action games

14. N.O.V.A Legacy

You are the last hope of your planet. Kill your enemies that have annihilated your species and now are after your group. You must retaliate to give a befitting response. Make your team comprising of top players to take revenge.

Rating: 4.5

Review: The user Steve Winnett has been playing this game for the only couple of days and as per him, the game is simply superb.

top android action games

15. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Syndicate knows where you are and what you are up to. Don’t let them track your movements or you are dead. Instead, track the organization and obliterate their members one by one.

Rating: 4.3

Review: It is awesome and the only issue which a user faces is huge data consumption.

top action games for android

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