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An online emulator enables the one system to run applications of other platform. You can run software or secondary devices which are designed for other systems on your own system. Emulation gives the access to one computer program or an electronic device to simulate or behave like another program or device. From online emulators, you can play a game designed for one platform or operating system games in other operating system in addition one can experience every new released game. One such example of emulator is that on the Windows platform you get the option to enjoy PlayStation.

The online emulators come as those programs added on definite sites which enable computers to assist in playing your favorite games. Through emulators, one can switch between programs of one platform without changing its respective hardware. Every passionate gamer must be well aware about the benefits of an emulator and its respective working. Gaming consoles are devices which allow you to enjoy Play Station games. These emulators are specifically designed to play games.

What does online emulator used for?

  • Multiplayer Mode: With the help of online emulator, one can play numerous games with their buddies with multiplayer mode.
  • Unlimited access to games: Every user now has the opportunity to enjoy their favorite online classics games from various online emulators available on internet.
  • Easy saving and uploading of the games: it allow you to save an ongoing game and load from after a time. It also assists fast forward to skip the videos and other slow parts.

Part 1: Top 8 Online Emulators for Games

1. ManyMo

If you want to use such emulators for to add the applications in website, then ManyMo is your best option. Thousands of people worldwide have tried the Manymo emulator.

  • Fast and easy to connect as well as download and installation.
  • Supports every game for all kinds of operating systems.

best online emulator

2. The Free Web Arcade

Engaging with Freewebarcade.com these dynamic games cannot experience any words while spending too much time playing. Moreover, zero fees are necessary for membership in their online emulator. Other important reason for this is that the reproduction of the earlier games which are successful in the gaming industry.

  • From this emulator you can save and also resume the game at any spot.
  • The best feature of this emulator is its ability as a User-friendly emulator.
  • Its ability of walking through the trap of the evidence videos, and this explains enough about the chosen games.

online emulators

3. Addicting Games

Being the best emulators in the industry, the Addicting Games provides variety in online game industry. There are numerous games which may include shooting, arcade, word and funny games and a way lot more then you might than think of.

  • The particular online emulator provides various gaming platforms with different categories of games.
  • They offer numerous exciting and interesting levels which keeps your cravings. The best feature of addicting games is a supportive internet connection, which allows you to access the same while playing games.

online classic games

4. The Game Oldies

Engaging with this specific online emulator assists allows playing all the retro games or the old-fashioned games in the best possible manner. Now playing the online classic games is mere fun with this emulator. Being based on the Adobe based technologies which make them compatible with every computer system.

  • With this emulator you can play loads of online classic games available on the various Sega cd, Nintendo NES, Sega Genesis, game boy color and lots more.
  • It is based on adobe flash player and it’s compatibility with computers is better than other online emulators. Here, you are able to play online retro games without any interruption of net connection whether it is weak or strong.

top online emulator

5. The Emulator Zone

Listed as popular and the best online emulators is emulator zone. This emulator provides information about ROMs, emulator scams, updates, ratings and downloads links.

  • It avails you both with the necessary information and also plays various games with ease.
  • The current online emulator is very easy to deal with. This particular emulator allows you to play different operating system games on computers and laptops.

online classic games

6. Gamespot

Being one of the top online emulator, Gamespot offers different and exclusive features with exiting experience for gamers. It allows the user to play favorite video games from their online emulator which supports all computer systems and gadgets. From the website itself, one can see the upcoming games, reviews, and demos of the latest contents etc.

  • Working as the best online emulators, it provides numerous games with different categories. In addition to the upcoming game videos with demos and customer reviews.
  • They provide a ranking feature on games which assists the users give a review of their experience. It is also termed as a masterpiece for the gamers archives.

best online emulator

7. DopeRoms

Doperoms emulator is another leading online archive or repository for the famous old games. Now play online games both on Smartphone’s and computer through the assistance of this online emulator. Beginners may use the tutorial provided at the website to learn more about the basics of emulation.

  • Provided with a guide to help every beginners.
  • Easy to install and download from the official website.

best online emulator for games

8. The Games.com

As per the likings of the gamers, the Game.com is leading online emulator. It provides with more than hundreds of games enlisted in various categories. Every game is based on Flash technology which supports all computers and relating devices. These are some of the governing reasons which make it as the best online emulators.

  • It provides numerous games featuring different and unique categories like family, puzzles, board, card and casino games.
  • One of the best features of this game it works with respect to the Flash player. This allows it to play on your favorite web browser and on any computer and other devices like Smartphone’s.

best online game emulator

Part 2: How to Record Phone Games on Computer

dr.fone - iOS Screen Recorder is an application that helps to record any iOS device’ screen in high definition and also you can stream your iOS device screen on a computer without any insulate. This software supports iOS 7 to iOS 11. dr.fone - Android Screen Recorder is the game recorder software for Android devices.

  • Screen Recorder: From record screen feature which is the main feature of this application, you can record every screen activities of your iOS device such as games, Snapchat etc. You can enable and finish the recording process of the screen with just one click.
  • Wirelessly Connect: You can use AirPlay feature in the application, it helps share your iOS device data such as music, photos and videos etc to your computer without any USB Cable.
  • Real-time: From this application you can share game play, tutorial demonstration and make presentation on the big screen efficiently, the mirror feature helps you to do it.
  • Record HD videos and export to PC: From this application, you can record screen of your iOS device in HD and MP4 format to computer and after recording and save it to your desired location you can easily upload to social media websites and can share with your friends.
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