Remove iPhone & Android Lock Screen In Any Scenarios!

Professional screen lock remover for iOS and Android, no matter what type of lock screen you get or what scenario you get it. With easy clicks, dr.fone supports to turn off lock screen without passcode with 5 unlock modes.

Part 1. Bypass iPhone & Android Lock Screen in Any Scenarios Anytime !

No matter you get phone screen locked due to which reason, forget your passcode, phone is disabled by wrong attempts, or get a second-hand
phone without knowing the passcode, Dr. Fone - Screen Unlock enables you to easily bypass iPhone &Android lock screen in any scenarios!

How to Bypass iOS & Android Lock Screen Caused by Different Scenarios?

Forgot/Unknown Passcode

How to remove screen lock if forgot passcode?
Forgot passcode or the passcode was set by your kids or others without your permission. Now you need to unlock phone without passcode.

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iPhone/ Android Disabled

iPhone/ Android is completely locked and disabled after too many wrong attempts.

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Physical Damaged

Can't enter the password due to the phone screen is broken after physical damage.

Proven Ways:

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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock(iOS)
Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

Key Features of dr.fone - Screen Unlock

  • Unlock all types of lock screen on iOS & Android without data loss.
  • Unlock lock screen caused in any scenarios.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 15 and lower, and more than 500+ Android devices
  • Grants full privacy, high-quality result, and a free trial.
  • Supports many kinds of windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Part 2. Remove All Types of Lock Screen on iOS & Android

Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock enables you to easily unlock almost all types of iPhone and Android lock screen on your iPhone/iPad/Android.
No matter it is touch ID, face ID, iCloud activation lock, MDM, or fingerprint, pattern, PIN, you can get rid of your lock screen
with this lock screen removal tool. For part of Samsung and LG phones, you can unlock phone screen Without Data Loss.

Supported Types of Lock Screen
iOS 4-digit
iPhone Touch ID iPhone Face ID Apple ID iCloud
Activation Lock
MDM Lock
Andioid Phone
Fingerprint Phone PIN Phone Pattern

Simple Steps to Bypass Lock Screen on iOS & Android

Steps to Remove iPhone Lock Screen

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone and connect your iPhone, choose a unlock type.

Step 2: Download firmware to start the unlocking process.

Step 3: Click Unlock and the iPhone will be unlocked.

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Steps to Remove Android Lock Screen

Step 1: Connect your Android to PC.

Step 2: Specify your Andriod model details.

Step 3: Remove the lock screen of Android.

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Supported iOS & Android Screen Unlock Types


1. Dr.Fone removes your iPhone lock screen in just minutes and helps you to regain full access to your device. Please remember that it will delete the data on your iPhone/iPad. Currently, Dr. Fone just can remove MDM without data loss, and there is no solution at all to bypass other types of iPhone lock screen without data loss on the market.

2. Dr.Fone supports to remove all types of Android lock screen without data loss on all mainstream Android models including Samsung/ LG/ Huawei/ Lenovo/ Xiaomi and many other Android phones.

Past 3. Tips & Tricks on Screen Unlock

If you want to know more tricks about screen unlocking, here provides some useful tips and tricks like the time limit of unlocking, tips about buying a second-hand phone,
data recovery after screen unlocking, etc, to help you make screen unlocking without worry.