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iSkysoft Toolbox - Backup&Restore (Android) Product Reviews

best tool to backup and restore
  • by Tracey | 2017-07-24 05:23:30

    it so quick in performing back, I recommend

    A reasonable software
  • by Margaret | 2017-07-23 02:55:54

    Worthy and supported my both android phones.

    Fully amazing!
  • by Colten | 2017-07-22 09:17:44

    Backup in less than a minute. Really recommended.

    quickly backups everything
  • by Kimber | 2017-07-21 13:41:55

    it saves a lot of my time as it backups my data so quickly.

  • by Jessica | 2017-07-20 03:58:00

    making backup of my device or my husbands or anyone in the family, this supports them all, thank you for such amazing software!

    Wonderful as always
  • by Sophia | 2017-07-19 04:30:58

    Backup is easy, restoring is easy. What's more needed! Flawlwess!

    Mind-blowing tool
  • by Neila | 2017-07-18 10:24:50

    No fear of malware or virus attacks. Cool tool and saved everything I needed.

    cool program
  • by Ella | 2017-07-17 04:25:27

    good helping hand for those who are not much tech savvy

  • by Brianna | 2017-07-16 10:56:30

    data is protected with this. A good tool.

    must have tool!
  • by Luke | 2017-07-13 11:47:44

    using it from a couple of years, and is the best one so far!

    pretty fast!
  • by James | 2017-07-12 02:11:05

    best one to backup my data with such fast speed.

    fantastic tool!
  • by Charlie | 2017-07-10 11:27:14

    I'm not a techie but it actually made a backup of everything I wanted!

    Hey, it's awesome!
  • by Nolan | 2017-07-09 14:17:14

    Everything is saved now. This is awesomest.

  • by Jessica | 2017-07-08 03:19:16

    A perfect program for storing data to avoid future loss.

  • by Donald | 2017-07-07 11:13:11

    Allowed restoring from one phone to other.

    The tool is satisfactory
  • by Jim | 2017-07-05 09:36:42

    Good features and it supported my device. Everything is backup now.

    Trustworthy and fast
  • by Stephen | 2017-07-04 10:33:33

    All the important files backup in few minutes.

  • by Sohail | 2017-07-04 02:16:48


    Always works!
  • by Mason | 2017-07-02 02:03:27

    Full safety, full backup, no data loss. I’ve used it many times.

  • by Molly | 2017-07-01 02:12:03

    provided help in my Moto E2 backup.

  • by Brian | 2017-06-30 12:57:13

    A nice tool to backup Android data.

    sooo easy
  • by Stuart | 2017-06-29 13:30:38

    tried it for the the first time around 5 months ago and it is the my favourite tool to backup and restore data

    Totally compatible!
  • by Noah | 2017-06-28 10:36:15

    What I like the most about this tool is its compatibility. Fully works with all ANDROID devices. Wonderful!

    Smart one!
  • by Jason | 2017-06-27 03:11:09

    I could backup what I wanted. It is a very nice software.

    Veryy simple
  • by Crystal | 2017-06-26 10:47:25

    Backup done effortlessly and flexibly. Highly recommended!

    This is good app
  • by Jennifer | 2017-06-25 05:02:30

    Backup and restore become easy now. Good work by iskysoft.

    Simple to use!
  • by Evan | 2017-06-24 14:59:49

    This software allowed me to restore my backup data from one android device to another.

  • by Joe | 2017-06-23 10:09:53

    Recommended tool. Easy to use, secure backup and provided amazing results.

    good enough
  • by Andrea | 2017-06-22 19:40:16

    helped me backing up data with so much ease!

    Saved data from virus attack
  • by Shriya | 2017-06-21 06:17:54

    My Android phone was not protected and had a virus attack. However, I could backup and restore the data successfully using this software.

  • by Carlos | 2017-06-21 01:20:26

    A perfect application that allows backing up and restoring data with such ease.

    Quite Easy and Fast!
  • by Mike | 2017-06-20 11:35:53

    My favourite app to backup all my data and restore it back, that too with just a few clicks!

  • by sieera | 2017-06-20 07:01:46

    My was hanged and then not working. But the data was safe as it was backed up using this software.

    Android backup is enjoyable.
  • by Malone | 2017-06-19 05:40:35

    This software has made the entire process very enjoyable and tension free.

    Backup and restore is easy now
  • by reeves | 2017-06-15 05:45:58

    Backup and restore is easy now with the great ease because of its kind of features.

    amazing features
  • by daniel | 2017-06-13 03:59:29

    This software is loaded with amazing features like no other app or software.

    Backup is fun
  • by Kenz | 2017-06-12 03:38:55

    With so many useful features data backup is no more a problem. It is always a fun.

    Android data backup and restore
  • by Shenz | 2017-06-10 11:09:43

    This software is installed and used by all the clients and no one has ever complained about it.

    secure backup
  • by Will | 2017-06-09 10:22:46

    This software is worth to be used as it has backedup so much of the data securely.

    A software for everyone
  • by Henry | 2017-06-08 03:16:09

    Android backup and restore process are very much needed by all and this software is for all.

    Smartly designed software
  • by Alvarez | 2017-06-07 03:29:23

    Very easy backup and restore processes are developed. The features are smart enough for the user.

    Data backup selectively
  • by Jen | 2017-06-05 03:46:33

    Backup only what is required at the time. Also you can preview the data before restoration. It has all the features required by the user.

    iSkysoft Toolbox - Android Data Backup & Restore Review
  • by mark | 2017-06-03 03:13:17

    This software backsup and restores the data very securely. I have many times backed up my very sensitive data there without any problem.

    Selective backup
  • by bailey | 2017-06-02 09:02:20

    The files that I needed to be backed up and restored, can now be selected by me and hence it is very easy and fast.

    restore and backup processes made easy
  • by nyasa | 2017-06-01 07:12:59

    The backup and restore processes are made very easy than ever before. It has already changed the epic process.

    doesnot replace old files
  • by TORRES | 2017-05-30 00:33:10

    Once you restore the files it will never replace the old files hence user can decide what to do with the 2 versions.

    view backup files before restoring
  • by perez | 2017-05-29 04:34:41

    The software allowed me to view the already backed up files and restore only the required ones.

    Exports data
  • by martinez | 2017-05-27 03:16:26

    Apart from backing and restoring, it allows to export the data in the required format.

    backup and restore review
  • by geone | 2017-05-26 03:28:00

    It has many additional features required for backup and restore.

    Preview and export the data
  • by David | 2017-05-25 02:04:16

    I can now preview and export the data that I have backedup and also I could export it to the required format.

    Very important for Android phone
  • by Sienna | 2017-05-24 09:43:38

    This software is must for all Android devices where data can be washed off due to so many reasons.

    backup and restore are simplified
  • by Karla | 2017-05-23 07:38:04

    The backup and restore process have been simplified by adding so many features to it.

    best recovery ever seen
  • by charlotte | 2017-05-22 06:41:49

    I urgently required a data and I got it very quickly by this software. Thanks

    Combo package
  • by Agnew | 2017-05-18 23:26:25

    It is nice to get both the processes i one software. I uninstalled all the other softwares and I am suing only this one.

    usability defined!
  • by Richmond | 2017-05-18 00:29:00

    I can now backup and restore my files whenever needed. Thanks for such good usability

    A software that relaxes you
  • by urla | 2017-05-16 23:43:29

    Using this software is like relieving yourself from all the pain and worry related to backup and restore.

    Smooth working
  • by Filch | 2017-05-16 04:20:27

    The entire process is made smoother and simpler. Also there is no threat to data at all.

    Good software
  • by fiesta | 2017-05-15 04:43:05

    This is truly a good software with all features needed to backup and restore the data.

    Customized software
  • by Jeniffer | 2017-05-11 05:39:50

    I can now backup and restore the files only which I want. Thanks for this unique feature.

    Both the processes at their best
  • by Partha | 2017-05-01 21:10:17

    It gave me an additional option to preview the files and also made me to restore the data that was required by me urgently.

    Preview is the best feature
  • by Raymond | 2017-05-01 21:09:23

    I had to restore the 5 files only. But I was not remembering the names of the files. It allowed me to preview the files before I could restore them.

    Works nicely
  • by Vinci | 2017-05-01 21:08:33

    I could restore the data only which I required. I had no more time to restore other data. It worked well.

    Selective backup
  • by Leo | 2017-05-01 21:07:54

    I had GBs of data and I wanted to backup only 3 files which were only in MBs. It did this taking considerably lesser time.

    Recommended for all
  • by Erick | 2017-05-01 00:29:33

    Hi all. I recommend this to all as it has made backup and restore process easier than ever. Thanks to iSkySoft.

    Helped me in urgency
  • by Raucher | 2017-05-01 00:28:50

    I had really very less time and backup was to be taken urgently. I used this software and could do my work quicker than expected.

    Changed my misconception
  • by Fiesta | 2017-05-01 00:28:02

    Backup and restore are very time consuming processes and require very less time. But this was a myth until I used this software.

    Faster than expected
  • by Seneta | 2017-05-01 00:27:07

    I could backup data in very less time. Also it made me do the job of backup very fast. After that even restoration was easily done.

    No need to backup entire data
  • by Siemen | 2017-05-01 00:26:21

    I liked this app mainly because you don’t need to backup entire data. Also considering the size of data it took very less time.

    Selective backup and restore
  • by Riya | 2017-04-29 02:33:16

    I liked this app mainly because you don’t need to backup entire data. Also considering the size of data it took very less time.

    Unique features!
  • by Sagi | 2017-04-29 02:32:26

    It allowed me to preview the data before I could restore it back. That helps save time

    Nice one!
  • by Gemini | 2017-04-29 02:31:37

    I loved this app as backup and restore process is pretty frustrating. But this software has made it very easy.

  • by paulos | 2017-04-29 02:31:04

    The process is made interesting and easier. It is fully developed taking into consideration the user needs.

    Amazing app
  • by Schona | 2017-04-25 23:36:38

    Amazing app! I would recommend this app to many. I have already recommended it to many and those who have used it are all satisfied with it.

    Has many unique features
  • by Jackie | 2017-04-25 23:35:43

    The app is quicker than many. Also they have provided unique features like previewing od data, backup and restore of only selected data

    Process made faster
  • by Gesty | 2017-04-25 23:34:55

    I could restore the data that I wanted. This made the process faster. Also, I could backup only required data. Totally under my control!!

  • by Veena | 2017-04-25 23:34:04

    Best app that I have used till date. I can find no app better than this. Its simplicity and efficiency is incomparable.

  • by Tara | 2017-04-25 00:35:18

    I could backup more data than I thought. It has always performed beyond my expectations. I liked this app.

  • by Paul | 2017-04-25 00:34:25

    I used this app to backup lot of data and it did it very efficiently. I liked the way it completed the entire process.

    Best feature
  • by yomit | 2017-04-25 00:31:44

    It helps me preview the files before restoration. It helped me and saved my time much. This is the most preferred app.

    Best in comparison with other similar apps
  • by Louis | 2017-04-24 01:03:14

    It has many features which are not there in the other apps. It is outstanding in all respects. I recommend this to everyone!

    Nice to use
  • by Sam | 2017-04-24 01:01:28

    It is designed at its best. It has a very user friendly GUI and best approach to simplify the long process of backup and restore.

    Faster and easier to use
  • by Schone | 2017-04-24 00:59:31

    It made my work easier and faster. It is the best time saving app. The longest process of data backup is made very faster.

    My favourite app
  • by Schone | 2017-04-24 00:58:44

    Thanks to this app. It works exactly the way the user wants. It helps me preview and selectively do restore and backup.

    Nice innovation
  • by Kate | 2017-04-22 01:35:42

    It helps me preview data and makes me do customize backup and restore. Hence, it takes time accordingly. Nice innovative feature!

    Extensive and easy
  • by Ketie | 2017-04-22 01:33:04

    It backs up your files on one click and also makes the process very easy and user friendly.

    Easy to understand
  • by Paul | 2017-04-20 03:26:26

    It is so easy to use and understand that even a layman can make it work. The entire process is simplified.

    Best one click app
  • by Lucky | 2017-04-20 03:25:38

    It backs up your files on one click and also makes the process very easy and user friendly. Best app ever used.

    Lot of features!!
  • by Bieber | 2017-04-19 03:24:03

    I wanted to restore the data. This app gave me an opportunity to preview the data before restore. This feature is just what I expected but is absent in many apps

    High in Qualtiy
  • by Austy | 2017-04-19 03:19:45

    I would strongly recommend this app as it is very efficient in terms of time and quality of process.

    Efficient than other apps
  • by Jim | 2017-04-18 03:34:32

    The best feature of this app is selective backup and restore. This makes the process more efficient than other apps

    Data backup is no more tiring
  • by Kim | 2017-04-18 03:33:13

    Data backup is such a tiring process but iSkysoft.made it so easy for me. It happened at just one click.

    Price caught my eye
  • by Fernando | 2017-03-20 14:58:53

    The price of this android backup and restore app is what caught my eye. So cheap but yet so effective.

    Trial should be convincing
  • by Shayla | 2017-03-20 14:58:20

    Try the trial version. That should be enough to convince you that this android data backup & restore app is worth every single penny.

    Not many like it
  • by Lindy | 2017-03-20 14:57:28

    There aren’t that many data backup & restore apps on the market that back up your contacts like this one does. Backed up and restored how I wanted.

    Easy to understand
  • by Tammi | 2017-03-20 14:56:45

    iSkysoft’s android backup and restore was so easy to understand. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to grasp it.

    Thumbs up
  • by Yelena | 2017-03-20 14:56:15

    I backed up the data on my old HTC phone and restored it on my new Samsung effortlessly. Thumbs up for this data backup & restore app.

    Easy on the eye
  • by Joey | 2017-03-16 15:26:40

    Really well designed backup and restore app for all levels of android knowledge. Easy on the eye and navigation is not complicated either.

    Ease of delivery
  • by Rosanne | 2017-03-16 15:25:52

    This is the first iSkysoft app I’ve used and I must say, I’ve become a fan. The ease of delivery with this backup and restore app was awesome.

    Well done
  • by Anthony | 2017-03-16 15:25:06

    Had some old wedding videos I backed up with this app. When I restored them, they were just as I remembered.

    Go to app
  • by Roxann | 2017-03-16 15:24:23

    This has become my go to app for backups and restorations. Haven’t seen a need for others since this came along.

  • by Pierre | 2017-03-16 15:23:47

    The backup and restore app was made with clearly one thing in mind: functionality. It definitely delivers on that and a lot more.

    My choice
  • by Kassie | 2017-03-15 14:29:56

    Was able to choose which data I wanted to restore to my new Galaxy Tab. I backed up a lot of junk…lol

    In minutes
  • by Stacia | 2017-03-15 14:29:29

    In minutes, I was able to back up data that would have taken some other applications hours. Really impressive stuff here!

    Range of compatibility
  • by Brant | 2017-03-15 14:29:00

    I’ve used this backup and restore app on 3 android phones now. I just love the wide range of compatibility it offers across android brands.

  • by Donte | 2017-03-15 14:27:39

    The ease of transferring backed up data from one android phone to another is what gets me. Kudos to you guys.

    Much quality
  • by Keren | 2017-03-15 14:27:04

    So much quality for such a token fee. Actually feels like I’m stealing this backup and restore app because it’s that good compared to other high end ones.

    Important tool
  • by Veola | 2017-03-13 03:16:14

    This is one of the most important tools in iSkysoft’s tool box. The android data backup and restore does what it says.

    Small amazing package
  • by Domenic | 2017-03-13 03:15:39

    I thought this app would take more memory space than it did on my phone. All this in such a small package? Amazing!

    Restored pics
  • by Flossie | 2017-03-13 03:14:49

    The pictures on my phone were backed up some months ago. I was still able to restore them last week using this app.

    Good looking app
  • by Nada | 2017-03-13 03:14:18

    It’s really a good looking app once you have it installed. Designed to grasp easily with great functionality all through.

    iSkysoft keeps rolling
  • by Laquita | 2017-03-13 03:13:50

    iSkysoft have been on a roll recently. This app just adds to that recent success. Watch out for this developer.

    Backed up videos
  • by Bradford | 2017-03-11 10:25:06

    Backed up some large videos 2 days ago to free up space. It was just so easy with this backup and restore application

    Amazing fee
  • by Juanita | 2017-03-11 10:24:24

    What amazes me about this backup and restore application is the price. It just feels like a token fee to pay.

    Backed up songs
  • by Edison | 2017-03-11 10:23:52

    Started running out of space to backup my songs. I used this application to put them on my computer for whenever I want them restored.

    One click
  • by Mindi | 2017-03-11 10:23:23

    With just the click of a button, I was able to backup all my data without previous backup files being replaced.

    Saved calendar
  • by Aurea | 2017-03-11 10:22:56

    My calendar has some really important dates to remember. I backed them up with this app so that I’ll never forget.

    Back up data
  • by Fallon | 2017-03-10 04:18:08

    Backing up my data has never been this easy and pain free. iSkysoft has done it again with this application.

    Back up messages
  • by Ryan | 2017-03-10 04:17:40

    I like how this app allows me to back up my messages whenever I want to free up some space.

    Trial version worth it
  • by Tierra | 2017-03-10 04:17:01

    The trial version worked so well, I immediately purchased the paid version the next day. There was no time to waste!

    No data loss
  • by Dolores | 2017-03-10 04:16:27

    I backed up my data using this application without worry about losing any data, which was what worried me the most.

    Easy to follow
  • by Tyson | 2017-03-10 04:15:57

    Easy to follow instructions are just one of the many things I love about this application. The interface is user friendly.

    Brilliant Backup tool
  • by mary | 2017-03-10 01:36:04

    I have tried to backup my Android with Nandroid before. But this backup and restore tool is so powerful that I have no worried about data losing any more.

    iSkysoft Toolbox - Android Data Backup & Restore Review
  • by Charles | 2017-03-05 18:05:57

    Just like iOS iTunes & iCloud backup function, I found the best alternative in Android now. With Android data backup and restore product, I can easily backup and restore from it. No worries about the data losing problem now.

    Complete backup
  • by Sasha | 2017-03-02 23:36:12

    This wonderful tool just gave me a complete copy of my files and data in my One Plus T3. I don't need other Android backup tools any more. Thanks.

    Best alternative to Titanium
  • by Rick Gram | 2017-03-02 23:35:29

    Best alternative to Titanium Backup! Besides, I can enjoy so many tools inside this tool. Bravo!

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