Toolbox - Android Root Product Reviews

2017-07-13 11:53:22
Brilliant by Lisa

greatest software found yet and is very clean in rooting, no adware no additional stuff!

2017-07-12 02:21:27
Rooted successfully by Jose

took a bit of time but I got root access to my device, that's all that matters. Thanks.

2017-07-10 08:58:04
Best among all by Harald

Rooting was so easy with this tool. Surely great this tool is.

2017-07-08 03:15:01
Greatest by Kayla

This is just fabulous. Loved it and recommend

2017-07-07 11:20:32
Gained root access by maddy

Happy with this tool. It fully helpd me in getting root access to my Samsung galaxy. Loving it.

2017-07-05 11:14:21
Proper work! by Victor

Fully compatible with my Samsung galaxy. I have rooted it successfully.

2017-07-04 10:37:34
Effective Work by Geoffrey

A nice tool that helped me in getting root access.

2017-07-02 01:59:49
Awesome features! by Lillian

Features are sooo good and it completely supported my device.

2017-06-30 22:49:54
User-friendly tool by Sara

Helped in customizing my phone in my way

2017-06-30 12:53:37
Highlyyy recommended! by Christopher

I wanted to remove some pre-installed apps from my device and this helped me a lot. Thanks!

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