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2017-06-05 03:51:53
make your device work on your terms by Georgia

After rooting I can install and update whichever apps I want. Now a literally own my phone. Thanks iSkysoft.

2017-06-03 03:05:11
Quick simple and secure by wright

This software can be described by just three words: quick, simple and secure.

2017-06-02 09:07:55
Rooter that makes you own your phone by Lewis

The phone was rooted and thus makes me install the softwares that earlier was very difficult.

2017-06-01 07:06:48
Rooting for all by MORRIS

You need not be a techno savy to do rooting. This software makes possible rooting for all.

2017-05-30 00:40:11
100% secure by EDWARD

The rooting bu this software is 100% secure causing no harm to the device as well apps and data in the device.

2017-05-29 04:40:12
secure and safe by allen

It makes rooting more secure and safer and also it is compatible with a wide range of phones.

2017-05-27 03:23:31
Rooting is now on one click by Lopez

All the softwares boast to be one click rooters but they are not. This one is a real one click rooter.

2017-05-26 04:26:57
best software for rooting by seves

This is the best software for rooting and many features make it so.

2017-05-25 02:10:52
Great rooter by Molly

This software rooted my device and now I can do anything using it.

2017-05-24 09:50:06
smart rooting by Max

It does the rooting very smartly than other similar softwares.

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