Toolbox - Android Root Product Reviews

2017-05-23 07:42:55
Fun by Sily

Rooting is now fun as it is made very easy.

2017-05-22 06:47:27
Device peroformance improved by Chloe

My phone performance improved after rooting the phone using this app.

2017-05-18 23:35:28
Always the best user experience by tori

It successfully rootes all devices on which I have tried rooting till date. It has always given a good user experience.

2017-05-18 00:34:52
Rooting and unrooting both are best by Walson

I used many rooting applications but this is hit. Even unrooting is well develped.

2017-05-16 23:52:37
Use my phone to its fullest capacity by Labston

This made me install and use so many apps that I was not able to use before rooting. It made me use my phone to its full capacity.

2017-05-16 02:34:48
Best at first impression by Michalle

I liked it at the first use. Simple, fast, efficient and safe are the adjectives that define this app.

2017-05-15 04:48:28
rooting made safe by Yionik

Rooting is very closely related to the entire phone. So I used this app as it is very safe and trustworthy.

2017-05-12 05:45:55
Saves time by Tella

Rooting is a very time consuming process but it is simplified by this software.

2017-05-11 06:03:24
Process simplified by Jewel

Rooting is a very cumbersome process but it is made really very easy by this software.

2017-05-01 21:00:10
Great at performance by Rudolf

I rooted and unrooted my phone very easily many times using this app. It performs all these processes very quickly than you can expect.

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