Toolbox - Android Screen Recorder Product Reviews

2017-03-11 10:29:25
Snapchat vids by China

For a Snapchat addict like me, this app comes in handy for recording videos and Snapchat pictures at any time.

2017-03-11 10:28:52
Amazing by Cedrick

Amazing! I was looking for a screen recorder and coming across this made be gobsmacked. It’s the best recorder I’ve seen recently.

2017-03-10 04:25:58
Helped my eyesight by Luann

Sometimes I need a larger screen because my eyesight is not currently the best. This android screen recorder has filled that need.

2017-03-10 04:25:23
Game mirror by Seth

I used this application to mirror my favourite game onto the larger screen of my laptop. It worked really well.

2017-03-10 04:24:56
No drop in quality by Mahalia

Was really worried that there would be a drop in picture quality between the phone and my PC. There was absolutely none!

2017-03-10 04:24:03
Presentation aid by Tomoko

I’ve been using this application to make presentations to my bosses for the last couple of weeks. It’s been absolutely magnificent.

2017-03-10 04:23:27
Not a hoax by Dudley

I came across this app and read the reviews, thought it was a hoax till I used it myself. I’m a believer now!

2017-03-10 01:45:25
Enjoy my phone more by Maria

With this screen recorder feature on my Android, I love it more.

2017-03-05 18:20:14
Nice sharing by Sally

I can record my game playing process on my Android phone. This is so great since I can share it with my friends. Brilliant tool

2017-03-02 23:39:54
Nice tool by Jerry

Thanks iSkysoft, I can watch my android videos on my PC now! What's more, I can reply WhatsApp messages or SMS directly on computer!

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