iSkysoft Toolbox - Transfer (iOS)

1-Click to Transfer Files between iOS and Computer

iSkysoft Toolbox - Transfer (iOS) Product Reviews

  • by Yayyy | 2017-11-23 19:09:15

    it helps me move my songs to my mac. recommend this one!

    Time saver for me
  • by Oze karshing | 2017-01-27 23:00:12

    Sometimes it is not just about the money but it is about the time and for me this phone manager has saved lot of it till today.

    Takes care of library
  • by Peter | 2017-01-27 03:06:00

    Virus attack and system crash is part of my routine life now. But good that this phone manager is there to look after my library and take care of files.

    A lot of potential
  • by Joey billings | 2017-01-26 07:03:41

    Very few software in market possess a potential to transform your messy work life into a well organized one and this phone manager has given me that.

    Tested my skills
  • by Paris b Shalo | 2017-01-25 02:24:45

    This phone manager has also tested my skills as far as technical knowledge is concerned. I gain lot of it over the time.

  • by Carin shallow | 2017-01-24 02:17:11

    I used this phone manager as a part of my internship and while using it I learned several technical things that will be useful for me in future.

    Get me out of problem
  • by Ryan willis | 2017-01-23 03:00:39

    Thank you iSkysoft for resolving lot of issues in my device and getting me out of the problems in such a quick span of time.

    It is best
  • by Wilton peri | 2017-01-22 02:37:24

    The difference between using an updated phone manager and old tool is quite large. You can make comparison and come to know why this one is best.

    Things were never so easy
  • by Parker marine | 2017-01-21 03:02:53

    Good do see that building iTunes library has become so easy with everything intact and at right place. Things were never so easy for me.

    Hepful guides
  • by Simaran hopes | 2017-01-20 02:49:47

    Good job done by this product. I am also looking forward to read some more how to articles on different technical topics in coming time on this site.

    Use it wisely
  • by Karina | 2017-01-19 04:19:27

    It is all about utilizing the features of this phone manager wisely because there is unlimited potential to explore out of it in limited price.

    iTransfer for Mac Review
  • by Hope Riesling | 2017-01-17 17:22:28

    The hard work and time put by the developers of this tool can be experienced when we actually use the tool. It is really a great application for me.

    Will use for long time
  • by Wills marine | 2017-01-17 01:02:34

    There is long way to go with this product as I have figured out it can give me plenty if I keep it using for longer time.

    Choose trusted player
  • by Morgan kale | 2017-01-16 02:26:32

    As per my thinking, when a user purchase any software from a seller he gives him lot of accessibility on the device. That’s why I chose trusted sellers like iSkysoft.

  • by Leena parker | 2017-01-15 08:30:13

    It is so nice to have a product that can give you versatile experience at budget cost. This one is one of them.

  • by Jamini | 2017-01-14 05:17:05

    If you want to see miracles happening then here is a magic tool for you. I have experienced several of those with it and now your turn.

    Review about it
  • by charlie hofstater | 2017-01-13 02:37:18

    One or other day I would really need this kind of tool to look after my device so I went for it as I heard so many good things about it.

    Peerless phone manager
  • by Geo warne | 2017-01-12 07:50:13

    A peerless phone manager from a reputed seller. From software to user guides, from tutorial to how to articles, you will get everything at one place here.

    Easy file transfer
  • by Gonsalvis willis | 2017-01-11 03:37:58

    If I have to transfer bulk number of files between two mac devices, then I only need to connect those and see my files getting transfer within few minutes.

    iTransfer for Mac Review
  • by Joe cutting | 2017-01-10 09:58:18

    If you give importance to quality to over quantity then this tool is for you. iSkysoft always make sure quality and performance is not compromised.

    Things become simplistic
  • by Loren panah | 2017-01-08 22:11:49

    I found mac quite complicated to use but since I have started using this phone manager in my device things have become very simplistic.

    A lot to offer
  • by Adam john | 2017-01-08 08:52:19

    If you are on low budget and looking for an outstanding phone managing tool then you should not miss this one. It has a lot to offer.

    Redeem everything
  • by Garo milane | 2017-01-06 02:32:14

    I didn’t know how I miss this outstanding phone manager when I was using some other faulty products. I redeem everything using this one.

    Free from malware
  • by Joe cutting | 2017-01-05 02:04:10

    Every product I downloaded from this site was free from any kinds of virus or malware. They are very safe to download, install and use on your device.

    Meets the criteria
  • by Parick molon | 2017-01-04 01:59:16

    The crucial thing when it comes to using any phone manager in your device is that it should be compatible and smooth to use. This one meets the criteria.

    Manages my image gallery
  • by Ravi k | 2017-01-03 01:55:56

    I am a professional image editor and for me managing my image gallery is tedious task. Thankfully this tool allows me to manage all my images intuitively.

    5 stars for it
  • by Romi garrett | 2017-01-02 01:05:48

    I really appreciate the way this phone manager tool has taken over things to look after very small things of device. 5 STARS FOR IT!!!!!

    Everything looks good
  • by Simarn pulkit | 2017-01-01 02:38:16

    I would be very pleased and excited to see what the updated version of this product comes with. So for everything looks good.

    Works exceptionally well
  • by Ryan kotle | 2016-12-31 03:45:05

    I never thought tracking the entire data in my device will be so easy using this product. It works exceptionally well on any device.

    Fully contented
  • by Jefry kori | 2016-12-30 02:22:10

    It is a very tricky tool that lets you to achieve maximum output in minimal efforts. I have a total contentment over it.

    Take my 5 stars
  • by Revati | 2016-12-29 07:15:46

    After being such a loyal user of this product, if I don’t give positive review to it then it will bit unfair. So here are my 5 stars.

    Givng general feedback
  • by Susha willis | 2016-12-12 21:40:48

    I am giving a general feedback on this tool rather than sticking to any specific feature. Overall it looks very ideal and satisfies all the parameters of user.

    Making comfortable
  • by Shamak | 2016-12-12 05:12:29

    I figured out the secret behind the success of this product, it is about making users very comfortable with its plethora of offerings.

    Got rid of issues
  • by Wills karting | 2016-12-11 06:59:36

    This phone manager not only addressed common problems that I was facing with my device but it also allowed me to get rid of unexpected issues.

    Lot to say about it
  • by Keneddy varne | 2016-12-10 05:43:21

    There is a lot to say about this product but the words are not enough. So I will show my appreciation by downloading some more tools from this site.

    Nice flow
  • by Raymond koi | 2016-12-09 02:46:51

    After few uses I got nice flow on this phone management tool. There are very few areas where I see a scope of improvement in this product.

    Saw turnaround
  • by Plumkeet joy | 2016-12-08 02:43:55

    If you want to see an absolute turnaround in the way you manage your phone then here is an all in one tool for you.

    Out of panic immediately
  • by alia k | 2016-12-07 00:06:53

    When I read the description of this product, I was out of panic immediately. Because I can speculate what change it can bring to me.

    Resolved many problems
  • by Guruv | 2016-12-06 02:56:44

    I occasionally face one problem which is of not getting my iPhone connected to the PC. But this problem has resolved using this product.

    Safe and sound
  • by leonordo peter | 2016-12-05 02:35:12

    Think twice before making decision of any technology device because it may hamper your system. This one is very safe and sound to use.

    Confidence is key
  • by Vincian lore | 2016-12-04 02:59:43

    When it comes to using any product for your device, confidence is the key and it will only come if you have outstanding features like these in hand.

    Get rid of panic
  • by Gishma ryan | 2016-12-03 03:08:54

    Using this product I came to know how to get rid of panic because things can be managed well and kept organized if you have solution like this.

    Honest work
  • by Leonardo | 2016-12-02 01:36:09

    To start with, you can try this tool because everyone needs to manage files in his phone and this one does the specified work very honestly.

    Ideal software
  • by Henley morgan | 2016-11-30 23:33:37

    The definition of an ideal software is that it makes you comfortable while using it and gives you best possible results. This tool meets this definition.

    Managing my media
  • by Rotin | 2016-11-30 03:00:12

    I mainly purchased this product to manage my media files because the other products were not doing it well when it comes to perfection.

    Never disappointed
  • by Rimi mitche | 2016-11-28 21:29:52

    I always keep very high expectations from iskysoft because they are going to deliver. It is a seller that will never disappoint you at any point of time.

    Deserves accolade
  • by kevin downy | 2016-11-28 02:38:31

    If I give less than 5 stars to this kind of tool with utmost perfection then it will be unfair to the creators. It deserves all admiration.

    You get everything here
  • by Mitchell lion | 2016-11-27 03:46:15

    Sometimes mere downloading tool is not enough because you needs a systematic method and guidelines to get most of the product and you get everything here.

    Worked great for me
  • by Siri menon | 2016-11-26 03:31:41

    If you are thinking of any phone manager for your mac then make sure you take the trial. This product worked great for me after trial and actual purchase.

    No restrictions
  • by Ambati | 2016-11-25 01:21:47

    My general observation is that if there is a limitation put on to user then he can’t work freely. This tool never puts any restrictions on users.

    5 starts for everything
  • by Rotella indico | 2016-11-24 01:40:51

    5 stars for developers and great feedback for all the staff who has offered me a quick and useful after sales service to clear my doubts.

    Very creative to explore
  • by J B waugh | 2016-11-23 03:48:08

    This is one of those tools from iSkysoft with whom I would like to spend more and more time. It is so creative and wide to discover.

    Great opportunity
  • by Ross morgan | 2016-11-22 04:24:48

    If you want to enjoy without any limitations then here is a product for you. The opportunity is really limitless after having it.

    Have it
  • by Redick langer | 2016-11-21 02:27:08

    If you are a regular mac user and if you don’t have this phone manager in your device then there is something you are definitely missing. Have it!!!!!

    Simple plan
  • by Larsen haydin | 2016-11-20 01:41:04

    My plan was quite simple. First to have this awesome phone manager product in my device and then trying some other products as well.

    Came down to this
  • by Jerico liam | 2016-11-19 07:28:32

    After using so many phone management tools, it all came down to this product. It has everything what a user like me can expect.

    Tempted to try both versions
  • by Willey cooper | 2016-11-18 04:22:00

    I am sure if you try mac version even for a single time you will get temped to try its other version as well.

    Keep images safe
  • by Lorren patrick | 2016-11-17 08:39:32

    It is a nice product that has helped me to keep images safe and also boost my device as I have a large photo library to maintain.

    Keep things organized
  • by Namita | 2016-11-16 05:12:40

    Operating a device without having a nice phone manager is too risky these days. It all comes down to keeping things organized in your device.

    GIF images easy
  • by Decose | 2016-11-15 05:38:42

    Creating some of the very interesting GIF images has become so easy with this tool that now I can impress my boss with my improved performance.

    Game changer
  • by Kevin shamak | 2016-11-14 07:31:35

    This is a real game changer for me because I can observe the difference when my life before and since I started using this phone manager.

    Very economical product
  • by Caron Rocky | 2016-11-09 01:55:23

    The good thing about all the tools of iSkysoft is that you can purchase both the mac and windows version at the price of one.

    Very reliable
  • by Chahil paes | 2016-11-08 02:53:34

    This is a whole different level when it comes to managing your phone data. Whether it is messages, contacts or anything I can rely on it without any worry.

  • by Cherlan | 2016-11-07 03:38:00

    The bad experience of using other phone managers has made me very cautious while using this one but now I am very confident about it.

    Flawless tool
  • by Jason mari | 2016-11-03 22:58:32

    Enjoying music without having any restrictions is part of my life and I could do it very easily with the help of this flawless product.

  • by Jacob | 2016-11-03 04:02:19

    I don’t have anything against this product but it is just that I has something else in mind but end up purchasing this one.

    Best of all
  • by Jimmy warner | 2016-11-02 03:11:34

    I was no in hurry in buying a phone manager for my device and that’s why I did thorough research on different products. Out of the lot I purchased this one.

    Will recommend
  • by July parker | 2016-11-01 03:33:54

    Now I can enjoy unlimited music and manage my image nicely with this all in one phone manager. Will recommend to my husband as well.

    Basic tool
  • by Simaran jala | 2016-10-31 07:48:37

    I would say if you are searching for a basic tool to meet your primary requirement then this software can suit your all the specific needs.

    Sense of confidence
  • by Hooper | 2016-10-30 05:30:59

    Since I started having this software in my device, I feel sense of confidence in my work activities because I know the things are safe now.

  • by andy loren | 2016-10-29 09:36:46

    For such premium level software, I definitely won’t mind spending some extra bucks but I had to pay very less to get such product.

    Absolute worth
  • by Roger milane | 2016-10-28 20:33:05

    If you really want to make value for your money and don’t want to spend your time on some useless product then go for this one.

    Fair deal
  • by Leena shion | 2016-10-27 09:41:46

    I am on my way to try out other version of this product because it was a fair deal for me to buy this product at such price.

    Quick result
  • by Shefali core | 2016-10-26 03:58:58

    That was very quick result. The performance of this product is better than what I was expected. Lot of efforts put by the developers to make it.

    Fabulous from iSkysoft
  • by Walsh cort | 2016-10-25 04:19:42

    Never thought there can be a tool available that will allow me to rebuild my iTunes library only with a single click. Fabulous from iSkysoft.

    Nice and ogranized
  • by Chris malone | 2016-10-24 07:50:06

    An ultimate beauty from iSkysoft for mac users. It works very well in my device and I can keep things well organized for longer time.

  • by Gary bolt | 2016-10-23 04:56:16

    It is hard to point anything bad about this phone management but still I found there are few things that can be done better.

    Strong inspiration
  • by Jassy atlkin | 2016-10-22 04:03:07

    This phone manager has given me an exact idea about how the other products of iSkysoft will be. I am really taking inspiration from it.

    So smooth
  • by Alan lopez | 2016-10-21 06:06:55

    Now rebuilding iTunes library has become extremely easy within one click. This tool makes job extremely easy for you. Never thought it is going to be so smooth.

    Exceptional tool
  • by Kane nissan | 2016-10-20 02:56:18

    From creating GIF images to keeping back up of photos, this exceptional tool worked great on my MAC. Soon I will try for windows version.

    One stop solution
  • by wisse ran | 2016-10-19 07:30:35

    Whether it is sharing files with other device or managing your important data, this phone manger app can definitely become your one stop solution.

  • by Korey milane | 2016-10-18 05:32:43

    What a nice way to offer so many functions in one compact product and that too at a cost which even students can afford.

    No worries
  • by Shefali | 2016-10-17 05:28:33

    A phone manager is something every user wants have to run his device smoothly and if you have product like this then no worries.

    undefined Review
  • by Mitali pure | 2016-10-16 05:35:44

    I had an average experience using this product so I am leaving an average feedback. But it is very useful if you want genuine product.

    Good specifications
  • by maria | 2016-10-15 00:20:03

    What I like most is the specifications of this product. Just glance through it and you will come to know what is so unique about it.

    Liked it
  • by J anderson | 2016-10-13 22:17:38

    Even while using the windows version, I made my mind that I will go for a mac version as well. I am leaving positive feedback even before buying it.

    Very reliable
  • by stanley kory | 2016-10-12 22:26:18

    The only reason for me to go for this product is the brand name iSkysoft. It is highly reliable and that is what users expect these days.

    No trouble using it
  • by sonia | 2016-10-12 07:35:05

    The funny thing is that since I started carrying this software in my device, I never faced any trouble in managing my device and files in it.

    Check out
  • by Patrick | 2016-10-09 07:40:47

    No need to worry about managing minute things of your phone because this one is really there to keep everything perfect for you. Check out.

  • by Seth | 2016-08-21 06:00:45

    fairly easy to use, and transfers well, but constantly crashes and ends up damaged

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by stepheny cakes | 2016-07-20 22:08:03

    I will welcome this tool with open hand considering its diverse range of features and above all everything provided at such an economical price.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Tiffany cakes | 2016-07-19 19:41:44

    I have been using a tunesover software but that was quiet outdated. This one I found very advanced and very competitive with other products.

    One click backup
  • by David khamba | 2016-07-18 20:48:44

    This tunesover not only takes care of common things but it also has some advance features such as one click backup option of files to iTunes.

    Nice job done
  • by Hemlata | 2016-07-17 21:32:24

    In this tunesover, developers have taken every single step to make the process simple and smooth for users. Really a nice job done by them.

    Forty percent discount
  • by shiny | 2016-07-16 22:23:58

    The forty percent discount means I felt like this product is available at free. It is an offer no user wants to miss at any cost.

    Result in time
  • by Grishma wabe | 2016-07-15 23:03:31

    This is the tunesover that comes with lot of benefits. You only need to follow all the steps properly and you will get the end results in time.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Riena pischer | 2016-07-14 22:44:09

    Some hidden tools like these can’t remain hidden for much time because they are real treasures with great potential to make difference in your project.

    Full ratings
  • by jordon | 2016-07-13 21:40:49

    Just like other users I found some unique features in this tunesover that other products don’t have. Giving full rating to it like others.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Genelia goms | 2016-07-12 18:34:58

    This site not only offers you valuable products like these but it also acts like your most reliable technology guide to look after your other issues as well.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Baby | 2016-07-11 21:42:37

    While using this tunesover for its main purpose I have also got other alternatives such as transferring music from your device to itunes Library.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Marlon | 2016-07-10 21:33:19

    Look at the list of features this software provides and after that just check out its price. There is no need to tell anything after that.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Roxie Layne | 2016-07-08 17:56:21

    I have downloaded a whole list of tools from this site. They are all in different categories and I use them whenever I find any relevant task.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Tishara | 2016-07-07 21:13:45

    It feels great when everything goes just the way you thought. Things are going smooth and very fast since I have started spending some time on this product.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Henna lee | 2016-07-06 18:03:06

    Just look at the features of this tunesover and then see its price, you will immediately come to know that it is a great deal.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Russell | 2016-07-05 21:28:13

    There are very few software like this tunesover that is available at such a high discount price. It is like buying product at half price.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Walton kate | 2016-07-04 18:05:42

    Even though I am giving 4 out of 5 rating for this product, it has met all my expectations. It is just that I don’t give full ratings to any product.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Tessy john | 2016-07-03 22:05:07

    Now rebuilding iTunes library has become extremely easy with this product as it can take back up of pictures, songs and videos very quickly.

    Got strong motivation
  • by Sandrea | 2016-07-02 21:57:01

    This tunesover software not only assisting on the task but I am also getting strong motivation about managing some other things which I thought were difficult.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Adam | 2016-07-01 21:35:17

    I have been using this tunesover since few months and I have started getting lot of projects because of having mastery over using it.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Anae | 2016-06-29 17:25:19

    My experience with this particular version of tool was so fascinating that I went for other version of it even without checking the price.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Sophia adleide | 2016-06-28 21:59:54

    My experience of using other data recovery software has helped to recognize an important fact that I should not compromise with quality and that’s why I purchase this one.

    Supports everything
  • by Monti hopes | 2016-06-27 21:50:43

    It is not just songs but I was looking for product that can support audiobooks, podcasts and much more. This software possesses all those capabilities.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Akansha suraj | 2016-06-26 21:52:16

    Buying this tunesover product was one of the stepping stone towards my success in the project. I will also search for some more compatible products.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Lindsay bravo | 2016-06-25 21:44:37

    There were many repeated files in my device and I could easily filter them out using this tunesover software. Really a great feature.

    Ideal tunesover software
  • by Walton morre | 2016-06-24 21:42:38

    Here I not only got an ideal tunesover but I also got all the information related with this topic here. It is really an all inclusive site.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Shimy cari | 2016-06-23 22:06:21

    I will give 50 percent of the credit to the features of this product and other 50 percent goes to hard work put why developers while creating such a product with finesse.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Elaine | 2016-06-22 21:44:30

    There are varied numbers of reasons why I am leaving comments here and its discounted price is something I highly appreciate at this time.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Lisa bueyty | 2016-06-21 21:44:28

    Everything is very systematic in this tunesover software. It takes you through all the functionality very smoothly so you can utilize everything efficiently.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Sophie wade | 2016-06-20 21:46:42

    The price I have paid for this product has been already recovered because I could acquire so many new clients because of my mastery over this product.

    Great help
  • by Polina | 2016-06-19 23:24:08

    I like this feature of converting the images and videos in different formats into the GIF images too. It is great help in my project.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Shimona | 2016-06-18 22:27:39

    When I decided to select any tunesover, I wished to opt for a product which is result oriented and nothing else is better than this one.

    Nice discount offer
  • by John wade | 2016-06-17 21:53:59

    This is a high end solution for all my problems related with media files. Now the process of transferring, converting and sharing music files is very easy.

    Nice discount offer
  • by Jahan | 2016-06-17 21:51:09

    No more waste of money on data loss problems when such a great android data recovery software is available at discount as high as 40%.

    Usability is high
  • by Ross munro | 2016-06-15 21:44:33

    Apart from the features offered in this tool, the style of iSkysoft on how to use it for best is something I admire most.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Phillips john | 2016-06-14 21:41:26

    When I came to know that this tunesover is available at forty percent discount then I immediately told my friends to buy it because it is rare offer to get.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Marcos jordon | 2016-06-13 21:35:14

    Only after reading the product descriptions on this site I have got a feeling that they will deliver and yes it really happened the way I wanted.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Debashish | 2016-06-12 21:41:51

    I think every tool of iSkysoft is unique in its own. They have several features that I always found useful in my project to satisfy my client base.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Emily karter | 2016-06-11 21:38:46

    I am leaving this product 4 star rating because I am really not generous in giving all the ratings of any product. It is definitely a above average software.

    Interesting using it
  • by Mortin | 2016-06-10 21:44:27

    When I used this tool I feel like not working on it but playing with it. This is how this software has made the task interesting for me.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Anae cotcher | 2016-06-09 21:48:55

    What is so special about product of iSkysoft is that they can do few things so easily which other tools struggle to do even after much efforts.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Henry cutting | 2016-06-09 04:09:13

    All the features and overall functionality of this tuneosver is great but liked most is its user interface which runs very smoothly.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Dishu pulgar | 2016-06-08 21:27:05

    After reading the description of this product I was totally convinced to buy it and the discount offer made me to make a transaction immediately.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Lori brooks | 2016-06-07 18:22:36

    Some of the greatest tools on web can’t remain hidden because they have got lot of positive reviews and users. This is exactly a product of same potential.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Nikkie saldana | 2016-06-06 21:15:00

    If I have to rate all the popular tunesover software of today’s time then this one will definitely win all the appreciation from me.

    Great offer to snatch
  • by Melissa auntic | 2016-06-05 19:06:14

    Getting a forty percent discount is like having two products of iSkysoft at a price of single product. Really a great offer to snatch.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Tessa Rosane | 2016-06-04 18:48:53

    For some of the products mere description is not enough to understand but a video tutorial is necessary. Here I found both the things to make things simple.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Bruce atkin | 2016-06-03 18:36:01

    It is very surprising for me to know that how iSkysoft has merged so many features such a compact product. They really did an amazing task.

    Became fan of it
  • by Mica hudson | 2016-06-02 20:53:45

    After few hours of its use, I became fan of this tunesover software for mac. The similar feeling goes with other tools of iSkysoft.

    Wont mind paying high price
  • by Maria langer | 2016-06-01 20:23:09

    Whenever I come across such an amazing software while researching, I definitely won’t mind paying high price. But this one I got in quite affordable price.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Jeniffer karter | 2016-05-31 21:40:22

    The satisfaction I achieved with other products of iSkysoft has pursued me to opt for some more of its tools like this tunesover for my mac.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Jackie milane | 2016-05-30 21:13:44

    40% discount on this tunesover is definitely more than what I have expected. The most important thing is that it is worth more than what I have paid.

    Video tutorial was great help
  • by Istanbell | 2016-05-29 21:41:24

    The video tutorial was up to the point and guided me through the special features of this tunesover software to get maximum result in less time.

    Total brilliance
  • by Garry brunet | 2016-05-28 21:55:49

    While downloading any tunesover software, don’t just check the product but also check the credibility of service provider. iSkysoft is total brilliance.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
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    Forty percent discount on such a top quality product is like a cherry on cake. I would also go for its windows version and check offer.

    Hefty discount
  • by Gemini lorre | 2016-05-26 21:41:09

    Usually products of such high quality don’t come with such high discounts. It is good that iskysoft is offering attractive discount for users.

    Managing files is easy
  • by Matt moura | 2016-05-25 21:41:03

    Now managing my photo albums, videos and song list has become extremely easy as this tunesover allows me to track everything in organized way.

    Preview feature is great
  • by Jacob pagni | 2016-05-24 21:58:17

    The preview feature is extremely handy while using this tunesover for mac. It made sure that I am transferring the proper files to device.

    Smooth and easy
  • by Peter hastings | 2016-05-23 21:22:53

    Using this tunesover for mac to transfer media files means there is no cluttering and complications in data. Everything goes very smooth and easy.

    video tutorial is great
  • by Emily jackson | 2016-05-22 20:47:37

    First I was bit struggling while using this tunesover for mac but then I have gone through the video tutorial and then everything was very easy.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Mitch pollard | 2016-05-21 19:59:55

    Forty percent discount on such a featured oriented product? I still can’t believe I have purchased such a fabulous product at tremendous discount.

  • by Ryan nissom | 2016-05-20 21:35:59

    It is awesome that now I con covert images and videos in MOV or MP4 formats into highly animated image format. It helped me for my recent project.

    It is comprehensive
  • by Brandon warne | 2016-05-19 18:16:22

    Earlier I was not very confident of going for a paid version, so I went for a trial one and guess what I end up buying a comprehensive one.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Jasmin chinmay | 2016-05-18 19:32:00

    The MEDIA FILES FORMAT DETECTION of this software helped me to convert my media files into the format which is compatible with my iDevice.

    User guide is helpful
  • by Sunny daniels | 2016-05-17 21:09:05

    Very few service providers give video tutorial to guide us while using their products. I think all products of iSkysoft are coming user guide and tutorial.

    Video tutorial is helpful
  • by Rebecca taylor | 2016-05-16 19:01:49

    The video tutorial made available along with this software has really allowed me to check every feature of this product and utilize it to achieve my objective.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Martin | 2016-05-15 21:06:46

    The nice thing about this tunesover for mac is that videos as well as images in different formats can be easily transformed to animated GIF images.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Jim Bartha | 2016-05-14 21:13:36

    When I have this tunesover for mac in hand, I don’t have to worry about incompatibility of files as it takes care of everything.

    Fabulous software
  • by Melissa carter | 2016-05-13 20:31:27

    The reason that this software is available at twenty percent discount is well enough to persuade you and buy this product. Very low price considering its quality.

    Back up on signle click
  • by Rudra | 2016-05-12 21:02:35

    The single click back up feature is very helpful in case the PC crashed or we accidentally deleted any of the important files from our computer.

    Automatic filter feature is great
  • by Mitali parekh | 2016-05-11 21:48:26

    The automatic filter feature of this tunesover has allowed me to get rid of existing media files on my iTunes library thereby avoiding any duplication.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Jenne more | 2016-05-10 18:54:32

    There is very long term relationship between the tools of iskysoft and me. I have been using several products of this site since long time.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Lisa morgan | 2016-05-09 21:54:01

    Now transferring a bulk batch of media files such as movies, images and videos from and to iPod or iPhone is extremely easy with this software.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Joe paes | 2016-05-08 18:28:10

    I have never experience any software working at such a perfection and giving me immediate results. It works so smooth on my mac.

  • by James gale | 2016-05-07 18:55:33

    I think when it comes to reviewing this product, all the positive adjectives are applicable to it. This is because it is really a praiseworthy software.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Mike waugh | 2016-05-06 21:40:56

    Recently, I have mistakenly deleted the entire folder of my photos, movies, audio books, tv shows but I recovered everything with this device within few clicks.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Andy miller | 2016-05-05 21:53:07

    This software is not only helpful when you lost your files but it also useful when your PC has crashed and you want to reset it.

    More than my expectations
  • by Darrel bravo | 2016-05-04 21:18:40

    I can not only copy files between my devices but I can also rename or edit them. That is definitely more than my expectations.

    Not to worry about file format
  • by Usman | 2016-05-03 21:56:35

    Whenever I use this software, I don’t have to worry about the file format at the transfer process. This is because it converts files in compatible format.

    Nice discount
  • by Luke cleaver | 2016-05-02 21:44:33

    I think 20% discount on this software is like a real bonus and great savings for you. Everyone should grab it, just like me.

    Better results
  • by Simaran wisse | 2016-05-01 21:42:02

    When I use any of the tools of iSkysoft, the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘no hard work and better results’.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Duglus rao | 2016-04-30 21:37:50

    Even if the files you want to transform are not compatible your device, this software takes care of it and makes your job extremely easy.

    Quality product
  • by Kerran | 2016-04-29 21:29:15

    A quality product like this not only gets positive review but also gets some referral users. I am definitely going to refer it to my friends and relatives.

    Compatible format
  • by Joseph | 2016-04-28 21:20:19

    The amazing thing about this product is that when any incompatible file is detected at the time of transferring process, this software automatically converts it to the compatible format.

    great deal
  • by John helsing | 2016-04-27 21:38:04

    40% discount on this product? Oh!!!! That is just awesome. I couldn’t stop myself grabbing such an attractive offer on this much have product.

    Filters data
  • by Sam decoste | 2016-04-26 21:15:01

    The best thing about this tool is that it filters existing media files available on your iTunes Library thereby reduce the possibility of any duplicate content.

    I am proud user of it
  • by Mitch marsh | 2016-04-26 07:01:09

    Apart from copying files between your device, computer or iTunes Library, it allowed me to create and rename new playlists as well as photo albums.

    Recommended product
  • by Chris wisse | 2016-04-25 21:34:59

    I was totally amazed with the number of files this software supports. It covers almost everything. I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

    Apt product for me
  • by Dave magii | 2016-04-24 21:52:48

    Now I can easily take backup and manage my all important media files with just single click using this software. It is apt product for me.

    Nice work
  • by Jimy walker | 2016-04-23 21:49:44

    This software not only allowed me to transfer downloaded pictures from the internet but I can also synchronized files from iTunes to Mac. Nice work.

    IT WORKED!!!!!
  • by Danielle | 2016-04-23 13:40:34

    Woo!!!!! I no longer need to use my mom''s laptop to buy music. I can just use my own laptop and add songs without them going onto her iPod by mistake either. Arguably the best money I''ve spent in a long time. So glad I found this. Did I mention that it worked?

    Supports range of files
  • by Alia helsing | 2016-04-22 21:13:18

    What I liked about this product is that, it supports wide range of files including voice memos, tv shows, toolkit and the list keeps increasing.

    Quick results
  • by Amanda williamson | 2016-04-21 21:30:37

    I decided to go for this product because I had some emergency and I wanted quick results. Eventually, I end up becoming long term user of this tool.

    Top rated site
  • by Gary brone | 2016-04-21 07:39:47

    I think this site should be listed in one of the top platforms that offer quality tools to resolve your any technical problems. Really top rated site.

    This company is very underrated
  • by Julie | 2016-03-24 18:07:37

    iSkySoft has beautiful products. Definitely should be more mainstream definitely deserving.

    Recommending to my friends.
  • by Emily | 2016-03-23 20:09:21

    My friends and I have both been fustrated with iTunes performance. A very nice alternative!

    I love it!
  • by Carl | 2016-03-22 20:03:52

    I don’t have to worry about quality or anything! Never going back to iTunes this does exactly what I need.

    Good for an emergency!
  • by Shelly | 2016-03-22 02:01:34

    My iTunes crash and I needed a software fast. I''ll probably stick with this!

    Integrate with Spotify?
  • by Louis | 2016-03-16 18:44:20

    Could you integrate with Spotify. Like a built-in sign-in or something….

    Miss iTunes radio tho
  • by Amanda | 2016-03-15 19:31:25

    I did like having iTunes radio. If that could be added then this app would be perfect!!

    Sound quality is great!
  • by Katharine | 2016-03-14 19:26:35

    Sound quality is just as good as iTunes! 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

    Video playback was a little wonky
  • by Doris | 2016-03-13 19:37:27

    The movie playback on my iPhone 4 was a little slow and kept buffering. Not going back to iTunes but would love an update.

    It''s definitely not ugly!
  • by Diana | 2016-03-10 23:07:49

    I love the UI! Very user friendly and easy to use. Even my grandma uses it lol

    Nice alternative to iTunes
  • by Martin | 2016-03-09 18:55:24

    I was very used to working with iTunes. Due to computer troubles I had to find TunesOver. Not disappointed

    Nice alternative to iTunes
  • by Martin | 2016-03-08 18:30:21

    I was very used to working with iTunes. Due to computer troubles I had to find TunesOver. Not disappointed

    No Worry!
  • by Henry | 2016-03-07 19:28:18

    I''ve heard horror stories of lost music on iTunes. Finally found an alternative and I''m happy with the results.

  • by Vincent | 2016-03-06 18:41:22

    Itunes still doesn''t have gif capabilities. But TunesOver does. Recommending this to all of my friends.

    I can watch movies anywhere!
  • by Vincent | 2016-03-04 00:25:31

    YAY! I bought movies off of iTunes on an iTunes gift card and can now watch them on Android. Who knew!

    It''s easy to buy iTunes music and import here
  • by Mark | 2016-03-02 22:03:23

    I''ve always felt an obligation to buy music from iTunes. I hated the actual app though. It''s not too hard to move music over.

    Itunes Cloud took my music!
  • by Fred | 2016-03-01 17:34:15

    I lost all of the music on my computer. Upload it to the cloud and BAM. My computer restarted and lost everything. So happy this exists.

    Uploads all of my music quickly!
  • by Gary | 2016-02-29 18:34:54

    The last time I had to move my library it took days! It only took 30 minutes today! Beyond awed.

    Artwork is clear
  • by James | 2016-02-28 23:01:37

    The one thing that iTunes did welll was display album artwork clearly. Thankful that this iPhone app has the same quality!

    Can sync both Android and Apple
  • by Vincent | 2016-02-23 18:37:09

    Finally! A software that will let me sync both my tablet and my phone! Had to have two separate music libraries before.

    Easy upload
  • by Bill | 2016-02-22 18:16:15

    Very easy upload. Moved about 3,000 songs in under 10 minutes. Thanks!

    Way better than iTunes
  • by Charles | 2016-02-21 19:50:01

    I love this product wayy more than iTunes. I''ve always hated that I couldn''t move music with iTunes. Love this!

    Converting files from one format to another has now been made easy
  • by Udell | 2015-12-11 22:41:43

    Converting files from one format to another has now been made easy with Tunesover. I needed to convert my media files to a phone compatible format and Tunesover did this effortlessly and in a matter of minutes. I was pleasantly surprised. None of the other apps I''ve tried have converted files with such ease.

    This is the perfect app
  • by Whitney | 2015-12-04 01:37:15

    This is the perfect app for the transfer of media files form one device to another. And the best thing about Tunesover is that once you connect your device, there is no issue of file duplication. Tunesover makes sure none of your files are duplicated when transferring files from devices. You will not be disappointed!

    Great for converting and sharing my music
  • by Linda | 2015-12-04 01:36:56

    I''m an aspiring dj, so ive been creating beats for the passed couple years and couldn''t find the perfect software to help convert and share my music. Now I can copy complete playlists and share them from my itunes library to any other device without any issues.

    I highly recommend this software
  • by Harriet | 2015-11-19 18:51:02

    I highly recommend this software. It has made converting music so easy and there is no fuss when sharing with other people. As it is compatible with so many devices I don''t have to worry about compatibility when it comes to sharing music. Start using Tunesover. It''s worth it I promise.

    Tunesover makes it so easy to share tracks with friends
  • by Ford | 2015-11-12 01:54:13

    I like creating my own music and sharing my tracks with my friends. And now, with Tunesover its so easy. Just create the track, convert the file and share my music. And what I love most is that it takes no time at all. Its quick, simple and compatible with so many devices. I can share with all my friends, no matter what device they own.

    Fantastic for all my file sharing needs
  • by Barry | 2015-11-10 20:12:01

    I have found Tunesover to be fantastic for all my file sharing needs. I can now share files of all formats with my friends straight from my iTunes library. Back up is so easy, with just a touch of a button.

    recommended from a friend
  • by Hobart | 2015-11-08 18:23:00

    iTunes is good in managing files, but bad in transferring files to and from Apple device back and forth. My friend recommended this software to me. it''s a small but great tool to help me do the transfer.

    songs are backed up to iTunes, great
  • by Cyril | 2015-11-05 18:37:15

    I have kids, and anyone who has them will understand that none of your devices are safe in their hands. They have a way of destroying technology in ways we can''t even imagine. I came home day to find my laptop wasn''t working. They crashed it! I was so worried that I had lost all my files, but thanks to the one click back up, all my files are safe on my iTunes. thank goodness!

    perfect in managing media files
  • by Blair | 2015-11-05 18:35:30

    I''m someone who loves taking lots of videos and my phone has thousands of songs stored on it. Tunesover has given me a solution for the management of all my media files. I can now easily create playlists, albums and I can easily edit them whenever I want to. Finally I can transfer my media files to all my other apple devices.

    I love this app!
  • by Johnny | 2015-11-04 18:16:23

    I love this app! It allows me to transfer all my music, videos, playlists and photos from my iPhone to my MacBook. It''s so easy and it only takes two minutes. I can now easily export videos from my iPhone to my MackBook which is great. I had been looking for a software to help me, now I''ve found it!

    share music with friends
  • by Lacy | 2015-11-03 19:39:57

    I love now I can use Tunesover to share music with my friends, regardless of whether they own an android device or an apple device. It also does an automatic back up onto my itunes with a click of a button.

    used this software to share music with my friends
  • by Bethany | 2015-11-03 01:30:23

    I love how I can use Tunesover to share music with my friends, regardless of whether they own an android device or an apple device. It also does an automatic back up onto my itunes with a click of a button.

    Transfer photos from Apple device back to Macbook
  • by Channing | 2015-11-01 17:43:13

    This has worked wonders when my MacBook began messing up and I lost all my photos. I tried to recover the photos with four other programs, this was the only one that worked - transferring photos from my iPhone, my families'' iPhones and iPad to my computer

    Copying music from my iPhone to my laptop
  • by Irene | 2015-10-29 22:42:57

    Copying music from my iPhone to my laptop has never been so easy. Turnsover has made the transfer of files from all devices so easy and has solved all my issues.

    a lifesaver
  • by Stephen | 2015-10-28 19:35:45

    Tunesover is a lifesaver! A while back, I lost loads of music from my itunes library. I love how I was able to copy music from my iPod to iTunes. In addition to this, while transferring the music, the program made sure no duplications were generated. A must have for music lovers

    best itunes companion i think it is
  • by Eden | 2015-10-16 03:03:32

    i use itunes to manage my songs, but this software is great in helping me to get songs from my ipod, ipad and iphone back to itunes library as well as to each apple device, like it

    Works perfectly on my iPad Pro
  • by Eleanore | 2015-10-13 03:07:18

    I bought a new iPad Pro, but don''t know how to use it with 2 computers: 1 at home and 1 at work. This software solved my problem. Thank you.

    the best tool for iphone 6s
  • by Lilith | 2015-10-07 19:26:07

    Wow, can''t believe it that this tools can replace itunes for me to transfer songs directly from any computer to my brand new iphone 6s.

    Works great for iPhone 6s
  • by Jean | 2015-09-25 02:45:15

    Got a brand new rose golden iPhone 6s and have tried to put songs on it with the tunesover. it works great.

    Amazing! support ios 9 fully
  • by Dell | 2015-09-21 03:12:22

    have paid the full version because i have tried it, it''s easy to use and fully compatible with the iOS 9 on my iPhone 6

    Thank you for saving my precious pictures
  • by Kevin | 2015-09-15 23:00:52

    my mac crashed and lost all my photos on it. I have tried this tool to save some of the lost pictures from my iPhone. It really works.

    Amazing! haven''t thought it is so easy to get everything done in 2 minute
  • by Aries | 2015-09-14 21:03:18

    the voice memo from my grandma stuck in the old iphone which can''t be synced with my new computer for the erasing issue. this tool help me to get them out to my computer so easy!!!! thanks

    a must tool for sharing songs
  • by Camille | 2015-09-13 19:05:16

    i like to share songs with my friends. in the past, it''s very convenient to do so in Android smartphone. but since i switched to iphone, everything changes. this tool has solved my problem. like it

    works great for iOS 9
  • by Abel | 2015-09-09 23:20:22

    Tested it in my iPhone, running in iOS 9 beta version. it works great!

    Did exactly what I wanted.
  • by Kevin | 2015-09-08 02:28:42

    Did exactly what I wanted. No more explain, just try it. It''s worth

    Was extremely easy to use
  • by Janette | 2015-09-06 02:39:30

    it was extremely easy to use. just 1 click, all songs lost due to computer crash were copied from old ipod to the itunes library. and it filtered out the existing ones.

    fast and accurate
  • by Travis | 2015-09-02 02:19:49

    Transfer from iPod to computer was fast and accurate. Just what I was looking for.

    the best software i have purchased
  • by Kama | 2015-08-31 20:08:43

    I bought TunesOver for Mac and it is so easy to use! Within minutes all of my songs was in my iTunes account on my new pc. Its the best software I have purchased in a long time. I highly recommend this to everyone!

  • by Addison | 2015-08-28 00:36:37

    I was taken aback by how simple and painless the whole thing was. I only click the to itunes button, then all songs on my ipad are there in itunes library. Fantastic

    Very easy to use
  • by Norma | 2015-08-27 02:35:57

    Very easy to use, worked first time & cheaper than most other companies

    Got music from old iphone 4 to itunes library again
  • by Anastasia | 2015-08-25 23:14:29

    Had an old iPhone 4 I thought i would never be able to sync again because it contained a music library from a PC that crashed years ago, and sync it will erase all the content. iSkysoft TunesOver pulled all my music back onto my iTunes library completly

    I just want to say thanks!
  • by Gigi | 2015-08-24 00:24:24

    The fantastic app helps me connect my phone to my Mac PC easily. I could manage my photos, songs and videos on the computer which is very convenient to me!

    Helped transferred songs purchased from another iTunes to my iTunes library
  • by Allan | 2015-08-20 22:43:49

    I was totally frustrated as I had downloaded music to my new iPhone 6 Plus from my daughters iTunes account, of course, I paid for all the songs. However, I can''t copy them to my iTunes account from my iPhone 6 Plus. My friends recommended me iSkysoft TunesOver for Mac. It really solved my problem

    it''s the easiest tool
  • by Gail | 2015-08-20 02:02:32

    I read several ways of retrieving my music from my ipod back to my computer before purchasing this product. I found it very easy to use, and the whole library was restored with one click.

    Works smoothly
  • by Daisy | 2015-08-18 20:32:28

    Works smoothly and fullfils my expectations fully

    It performed as advertised. Worked like a charm.
  • by Antonia | 2015-08-17 02:15:27

    It performed as advertised. Worked like a charm.

    Got my music library back! bravo
  • by George | 2015-08-12 20:48:15

    My computer had suddenly died and with my iTunes music. I thought I would lose my music library forever until a friend recommended TunesOver. It helped me to get my music library back from my old ipod.

    Excellent!! Worth the money
  • by Helen | 2015-08-12 00:44:11

    Excellent!! Worth the money

    super. saved me a lot of time and effort.
  • by Frank | 2015-08-09 22:45:24

    super. saved me a lot of time and effort.

    works amazing!
  • by Eartha | 2015-08-07 02:58:59

    amazing! like it very much. I used it to share my songs on my iphone with my friends.

    It''s the best itunes companion
  • by Beryl | 2015-08-05 21:20:29

    It''s the best itunes companion. It helps me to import all playlists from my iPhone to my itunes with songs. It''s perfect.

    Wow, perfect!
  • by Yvette | 2015-08-04 18:22:21

    I tried this tunesover to share my songs with my friend. It''s great! By using this tool, i''m never afraid of data erasing any while connected to a new computer.

    Excellent! Like it very much
  • by Emily | 2015-08-02 22:54:57

    I tried it to copy songs from my old ipod to my new itunes library on macbook pro. Excellent

    best iOS sync app I have used ...
  • by topeerz | 2015-03-18 16:15:04

    I wish the Apple incorporate you and add this as standard OSX app. Great Job! Maybe you can write xcodeover ;) ?

    Fast and Easy
  • by ashok | 2015-02-06 23:56:58

    Amzing fast and easy to use this software

    Best Product Ever
  • by Laddi | 2015-02-06 17:46:21

    I am really impressed how easy software is to use. Quality is really good as well. Its hard

    Before you get all excited and assumptive, remember it doesn''t work on NANO
  • by Chris kapuscinski, Grande Prai | 2014-09-02 15:15:19

    Excellent job on on everything else. This software makes your apple stuff (MINUS the NANO) work like you thought Apple was gonna make it work when you bought it in the first place. Those Dicks at apple won''t actually let you use your own hardware even after paying top industry dollar without them milking you dry for the rest of your life through iTunes. Thank god there''s a program out there to undo their contemptuous magic. Dicks. This program saved me from throwing out my new apple purchases. Well I still threw out that stupid NaNO into the neighbours lawn for their lawn mower to find. A suiting death for that piece of crap.

    TunesOver for Mac Review
  • by Lino | 2014-05-27 06:08:22

    I love this App. However I have a Question regarding the App and Itunes. Every Time I use ISkysoft for sync Songs to my I Phone I get the following Problem after Using the App: When I'm finished with sync and try to open Itunes. I tunes tells me that he can't recognize my I-Phone because the Itunes Library ist locked. and then when i try to sync files with Iskysoft again i gewt the advice taht I have to reset the phon first into itunes. And the only way to fix the Problem is to reset my I phone. But after all reseting all my files are deleted. Can anybody comfirm this Problem? and can you give me a Way to fix this without reseting my phone averytime? sincerely

    Better than itunes
  • by Ziggy | 2014-03-19 12:12:46

    The easiest way to tranfer music, photos and videos from mac to Iphone. I like it.

    best programs
  • by thanasis krispis | 2014-02-15 14:00:14

    this is the very best program to copy itunes library iphone

    Super easy music transfer
  • by Kelsy | 2013-12-28 11:04:16

    Super easy music transfer for all my Apple devices including iPhone, ipod and iPad. Love how they let me copy entire playlists. That's a real time saver. Super easy back up, ensures I never lose my favorite songs or TV shows due to accidental deletion. Really good to have that preview feature, so I can always be sure the right files are being transferred over. Would say to anyone that you need this iSkysoft Tunesover for Mac. So get it.

    A must have for every iTunes lover
  • by Lillian | 2013-12-26 13:50:55

    I love iSkysoft TunesOver for Mac as it allows me to transfer iPhone songs, movies, TV shows, playlist, photos to Mac or iTunes quickly and easily. It copies my music, playlists with rating and play counts, and updates to iTunes. Easy one click back up for even ebooks! Simply export the videos or music from iSkysoft TunesOver to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and this intelligent software will automatically convert each into an Apple friendly format for your chosen device. Can't say enough good things about it.

    Great product
  • by John | 2013-12-18 22:34:51

    This was really fast and easy to work with! Excellent product, well recommended!

    Easy to Use
  • by Constance | 2013-12-02 23:03:24

    I can backup to my iTunes library with just one click now.

    Safely to use
  • by Samen | 2013-10-31 06:38:38

    Fast to transfer my iPhone music to my iTunes library, and the price it cheap. I like it.

    Great item
  • by Lily | 2013-10-31 06:32:42

    Safely transfer my music from iPhone

    Perfect backup to iTunes
  • by Leah Jill | 2013-10-31 06:27:56

    I really enjoyed using this software especially when sharing my files from iTunes library to my friends. It's amazing because it can backup to my iTunes in a single click.

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