How to Reboot Samsung Galaxy S4/S3/S6/S7

This article highlights the issue of freezing smartphones along with a guide on how to reboot Samsung Galaxy S7 and other models.

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With the introduction to impressive Android smartphones such as the renowned Samsung Galaxy S Series, people have led to adopting this technology on a larger scale. The use of smartphones introduced a variety of issues, which included the freezing of these devices. This usually led to several grave consequences, which can be quite disastrous at times.

In such cases, it usually gets necessary to reboot your Samsung devices for making them functional again. Thus, it gets significant to understand the basic methods that explain to the user how to reboot Samsung Galaxy S7 and related models with ease.

Part 1. Things that May Cause Your Samsung S7 Frozen

When it comes to an understanding of the situations that may explain the basic reasons behind the freezing of your Samsung S7, these reasons and scenarios may feel quite elementary to you; however, they are commonly encountered by users throughout the world. This may include:

As you investigate these stated reasons, it should be kept in notice that the mentioned reasons are particularly encountered across the either of hardware or software of your Samsung S7 or other S Series model or in a few cases, both of them.

Part 2. How to Protect Your Samsung Galaxy being Frozen

Device crashes are one disruptive issue that cannot be controlled in total. You might fix your device to perfection; however, there always remains a loophole that leads to malware or an application to target your phone and freeze it. To avoid heavy losses due to these hindrances, you can always take precautions that would keep the data in your Samsung Galaxy safe.

Usually, devices require factory reboots in conditions where there is no other way left to turn on the device. Thus, you may need to have a proper backup of your data before allowing it to be removed all along in the revamp. To cater to this procedure, you can always consider using third-party software that provides impressive services in managing your device.

Dr.Fone – Phone Backup is a very impressive iteration in third-party platforms that prevents you from all associated hassles and keeps your data safe. To understand why Dr.Fone should be referred to as an option in keeping file backups, you need to consider the reasons mentioned as follows.

dr.fone - Phone Backup (Android)

Key Features of dr.fone - Phone Backup (Android):

  • The platform allows us to cover backup of all kinds of data.
  • It even restores an iCloud or iTunes backup that needs to be transferred from an iOS device to an Android device.
  • The platform provides you the ability to preview data.
  • Supported by all major Android smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S Series.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

To understand the operation of the platform, you need to cover the following steps in the order explained below.

Step 1. Successfully download and install Dr.Fone on your PC and launch it. Select "Phone Backup" from the available options on the home window and connect your Samsung with the PC through a USB connection.

backup iphone files

Step 2. Over the automatic detection of your device through the platform, you need to tap on the "Backup" button to start a backup of your Samsung smartphone.

choose the backup

Step 3. On the next screen, you need to check all the data that you wish to backup. Over selection, select the file location of the backup and tap "Backup" on the bottom right of the screen to proceed.

choose the backup files

Step 4. The backup process completes after a certain time. Following this, you can either view or open the Backup location to preview the data that has been saved.

Part 3. How to Reboot Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5

When you are done with taking all the necessary precautions, you can consider rebooting your Samsung device through a variety of approaches. One method that you may undertake while consider rebooting your Samsung device is to lead into the Recovery Mode of your device.

Before looking at a procedure for rebooting your Samsung Galaxy S7, you need to understand the sections that are involved in its basic Recovery Mode. Whenever you open the Recovery Mode of your Samsung, you will find the following options in the menu.

If you are looking forward to leading into the Recovery Mode with your Samsung S7, you need to follow the steps explained as follows.

Step 1 You need to turn off your device with the Power Button and press the "Volume Up," "Power," and "Menu" button simultaneously until the device vibrates and displays the Samsung logo.

how to reboot samsung galaxy s7

Step 2 The Recovery Mode has initiated and with the available options, select "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" from the available options that can be navigated through the Volume Up and Down key.

how to reboot samsung galaxy s8

Step 3 Select the option of "Delete All User Data," followed by "Yes" to continue with the reboot. Tap "Reboot System Now" for concluding the factory reset.

Another way to erase Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5 at ease

Apart from implementing the basic method of recovering and rebooting the device through the Recovery Mode, you can always consider going for other options. Another optimal mechanism that exists in the market is the use of third-party platforms for erasing the Samsung Galaxy S7 with ease.

For this, the article introduces you to Dr.Fone – Android Data Eraser that can offer you the best services in rebooting devices. To understand its feasibility, you need to look ahead of the reasons offered as follows.


dr.fone – Android Data Eraser

Key Features of dr.fone - Data Eraser (Android):

  • A very simple and executable process.
  • Erases all kinds of content from the device.
  • Supports all Android devices.
  • Wipes off all data permanently with no discrepancy.
4,290,481 people have downloaded it

Step 1Download and Launch

Download and launch the platform on your desktop and select the option of "Data Eraser" from the home window. Connect the device with the desktop through a USB cable with USB Debugging enabled on the device.

reboot samsung galaxy s10

Step 2Erase Data

With the successful connection, the toolkit displays the option of "Erase All Data" on the screen. Proceed on selecting the option.

how do you reboot a samsung galaxy

Step 3Confirm Process

You need to confirm the process with the available PIN code and proceed with the reboot.

how to hard reboot a samsung galaxy s7


Rebooting your device requires you to execute various procedures, which may also include using the Recovery Mode or a third-party service. To operate your device with ease, it is necessary to follow the guidelines, as mentioned in the article.


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