This Card Recovery Software Makes Fixing Corrupted SD Card 10x Easier

If you are looking for ways to fix sd card errors, we’ve got all it takes. Learn the possible causes of SD card error and possible solutions.

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Have you ever been in a state where fixing your SD card is the only option left? The current rate of technology is slowly driving users to the paperless era. Apart from hard drives and flash disks, SD cards are also a good form of portable data storage gadgets. They are actually high in storage capacity and faster in speed. Despite being used in many devices like smartphones, music players, tablets and digital cameras, SD cards are prone to damages as well. If you are wondering whether can a corrupted SD card be fixed, worry no more because the below solutions have all you need for your damaged SD card to work as perfectly as before.

Part 1. Ways to know that your SD card is corrupted

All about the alarms that will show you need an SD card fix.


Part 2. 5 alarming causes of SD card damaged error

Interruption during SD card formatting

A formatting process is a very crucial moment for your SD card. If there happens to be power interruption then your SD card may be damaged in the process. In such a case, you will need an immediate SD card fix.

Improper removal of your SD card.

Whenever you don't safe-remove your SD card from your gadget, know that chances are high for it to become corrupted.

Physical damages

Even though SD cards are water-proof, they can still be damaged via excessive water or breakages. If such exposures are met, then you will have to fix SD card errors before your files get destroyed.

Virus infection

Viruses such as Trojan-horse are very destructive. They can eat up your entire files in the event that your SD card picks them up during a download process.

A corrupted operating system

The operating system of your gadget carries a lot of weight. If it malfunctions then you will have to look for a reliable SD card fix tool to prevent further damage.


Part 3. How to fix damaged SD card

Format the SD card

Formatting is a clear way of eradicating all the bad sectors from your SD card. It is the best way to fix SD card errors without needing a third-party tool. You should, however, remember that once your SD card is formatted, you will not be able to get any data afterward because they will be permanently erased. It is therefore ideal to backup your important data before you do complete formatting.


Try chkdsk command solution

If formatting your SD card does not help, you can try chkdsk command solution. However, you can only use this solution via your computer.


Some cards could have an in-built solution

Have you ever had a problem with your new SD card? If yes, there are some problems that are brought about from the manufacture's end. This scenario is common with Android OS devices. It could be because they don't have advanced features on the user's end as iOS devices. This is the best option especially if it is SD card corrupted Android fix. After a few trials and fixes, you can just send your SD card back for repair at the local store.

Part 4. I need to repair data from corrupted SD card. Any likely chances?

Yes! There are times when you try to fix bad SD card but it doesn't work. Don't worry if this happens to your SD card. Just search for a reliable data recovery software that can salvage your data in very few steps. Recoverit (IS) is a lifesaver that will solve your data loss problems from device formatting, accidental deletion, system error among other issues.

Recoverit (IS)

Why Choose This Hard Drive Data Recovery Software:/ A Life Saver to Solve Your Data Loss Problems!

  • Easy Data Recovery: Recoverit (IS) is easy to use, with only three steps to the recovery.
  • All-in-one Data Recovery: Whether you need to fix SD card Mac or any other external drive, this tool has the capacity to solve the problem. It can recover data from the recycle bin, lost partition or data lost due to virus attack, among other scenarios.
  • 1000 and above file types recovery: This tool is capable of retrieving numerous types of data such as attachments, audio files, videos, emails and other data like Zip files.
  • Recovery from the computer and other storage devices: It is very easy to recover your data from both internal and external storage devices using Recoverit (IS).
2,526,067 people have downloaded it

A step-by-step guide on how to repair data from corrupted SD card using Recoverit (IS).

Step 1. Launch program

Step 2. Connect the corrupted SD card to computer.

You can use a card reader to connect your SD card to the computer. Ensure you fix the card well such that your computer automatically recognizes it.

connect devices to pc

Step 3. Select the connected card for scanning.

The computer will scan the SD card so as to retrieve data. However, if you don't find the desired data, select "All-Around Recovery" mode alternatively. This is for a deep scan that will ensure that every data type is retrieved.

recover data from external drives

Step 4. Preview and Recover

Go to the "Preview" section and check all the data you need to be recovered. Then click "Recover" to get them back. You can then save the recovered data to your computer or any other device of choice.

best data recovery software


Fixing a corrupted SD card requires some adequate information. There are some situations which may make it difficult for even reliable software to fix errors. Such question like "can you fix a broken SD card?" may be difficult to handle. SD cards that have gone through mechanical damages cannot be repaired using Recoverit (IS) software. However, it can still recover data lost through numerous situations including formatting, deletion, virus attack and much more. Remember to take good care of your SD card by avoiding situations that can cause data loss.


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