How to Recover MP4 Videos

Recovery software can recover your data but Recoverit allows you to recover particular formats easily such as mp4, mp3, .rar, .zip and much more.

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“Yesterday I was shocked to see that my mp4 videos are not playing and few of them are delete automatically, What can I do now?”

- a question from Quora

Part 1: What is a mp4 format?

MP4 is a multimedia format that is digitally used to store audio and video files. It’s also a video format that we stream on our social channels like YouTube. MP4 is also commonly known as MPEG-4 that is an advanced level video coding language. There is only one official file extension for MP4 file format that is mp4. However, there are other unofficial file extensions such as .m4A and .m4p.

Part 2: How to recover mp4 videos with Recoverit.

Talking about the video format is great but this guide is created to help you with the recovery of your mp4 video files that you cannot play or lost. We are going to introduce you with the best mp4 video recovery software that is Recoverit.


Features of Recoverit

  • It can recover all your files in scenarios such as accidental deletion, virus attack, formatted, system crash and lost partition.
  • It supports over 1k+ file formats so be it your audio, video, pdf, email or zip file, it would scan for all your lost files.
  • Recoverit can recover your data from any kind of storage device that is supported with NTFS, FAT32, exFAT or FAT16 file system.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

Step by step guide to recover mp4 videos.

Step 1 Download and install Recoverit
Step 2 Choose the location where your video files are located

Choose the drive where your videos are located and then click Start to scan for your corrupted or lost files.

Step 3 Preview your files to recover and save them successfully

Now after the scan you will get all your lost files in a categorized format. Here you need to select your video files and click on Recover to save them on your computer.


Caution: Always save your recovered files on a different drive other than the one you have recovered from.

Coming to the scan results, if still you haven’t got your video files as this was a quick scan. You can go for All Around Recovery mode that would run a deep scan and extract all your archived files on your screen. It might take a few moments but it would definitely recover your files.


Part 3: How to recover mp4 video files with backup and recycle bin recovery

1. Recover from recycle bin

2. Recover from backup

Part 4. How to recover a corrupted mp4 video file with Stellar Phoenix video repair toolbox

Step 1 Upload the corrupted MP4 video files on the Stellar Phoenix video repair tool and click on Repair.


Step 2 When you click the Repair button the program will start repairing your video files and would fix their duration, slider, header, sound and movement.


Step 3 Preview and recover your video files.


Step 4 When you are done selecting your repaired files choose a location and click the Save option to store them on a different drive that is virus free.



Eventhough there are several ways to get your files back and repaired but Recoverit is a one stop solution to all your bad times. You can get everything covered under one roof if you have this software on your system.

Now, its your time to share happiness and being helpful to others is a sign of prosperous person. Share this ultimate piece of tool with your friends and families and make their day pleasant.


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