Undelete Your Videos with the Best Windows Phone Recovery

Learn the best way on how to recover deleted videos from Windows phone. Also, get to know how to use the best recovery tool to prevent your videos from getting erased.

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“I am not as conversant with Windows phone as I am with Android and iPhone OS. I accidentally formatted all my videos as I was upgrading it to a newer version. What software will I use to recover my videos?”

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It is only Android by Google and iPhone operating systems by Apple that have been around for quite a considerable amount of time. Though not until recently when Microsoft expanded its wings from computers to venture into the world of smartphones. This then gave way to Microsoft OS phones in 2012, which are still trending like hot cakes. Being fresh and powerful, everyone wants to have a feel of the same. The only limit is that its features are quite advanced, making it difficult for some users to navigate through. The biggest leeway is when videos get lost and how to recover deleted videos from Windows phone becomes the next in line. The buck stops here!

Part 1. When You Lose Your Videos from Windows Phone

The most devastating thing is when you lose your important videos or other data types. When this happens, stop further saving of data on your Windows phone to prevent overwriting of the previous data.

The best way is to look for third-party data recovery software that has been re-compiled for Windows phone. Other normal Windows software may not perform on your phone. Various types of Windows phones that you can recover using such software include Nokia Lumia, Microsoft Lumia, Surface 2, Kin TWOm, Kin ONEm, etc.

Then remove the Windows phone SD card and connect it to the computer using a card reader in order to retrieve the data. Alternatively, you can jailbreak your phone if the storage access cannot be achieved.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Videos from Windows Phone with the Best Software – Recoverit

Popularly known as a lifesaver that solves all data loss problems, Recoverit has the potential to successfully recover lost videos from your Windows phone. Note that it can only recover videos from a phone with a storage memory such as from SD card or micro SD card. It is easy to use and will recover data lost in any scenario. Furthermore, it can perform a system recovery whenever your computer fails to restart.


A Life Saver to Solve Your Windows Phone Data Loss Problems!

  • To undelete videos with Recoverit is as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Use it to recover data from any storage devices like Camera, Macintosh, Micro SD card, Music Player, Hard drive and many more.
  • It is All-in-one recovery software capable of extracting data from the recycle bin, formatted disk, external devices and other scenarios.
  • It also lets you recover more than 1000 data types such as graphics, audio, emails, videos, and other files.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Recover Windows Phone Videos Using Recoverit:

Step 1 Launch the program and select recovery mode

Download Recoverit and install it on your computer. Then connect your Windows phone via a USB cable and wait for the computer to detect the device. Remember your videos will be recovered from your phone’s SD card.

Step 2 Scan your videos

The program will automatically scan your Windows phone to find your deleted videos.

Step 3 Preview the scanned videos

A list of your recoverable videos will be populated. Click on the ones you need to recover by checking the box against each of them.

Step 4 Recover your videos from Windows phone

Click on the ‘Recover’ button in order to recover deleted videos from Windows phone. You can then save your videos on the computer or transfer them to your phone.


Part 3. OneDrive Backup, a Saver for Your Windows Phone Data

OneDrive is a file hosting service that Microsoft has introduced to aid in backing up of data in the cloud. You can retrieve at a later date via any other device as long as you are connected to the internet. It is therefore recommended that you regularly back up your data using these simple steps.


The Bottom Line

You now know how to recover deleted video from Windows phone within the shortest time possible. The great news is that you can store your videos plus other data types on an SD card within your phone. This is a plus because not all your data will be stored within the phone’s internal memory. This also makes it easy to retrieve them using the best recovery software, Recoverit, which has the potential to successfully recover all your videos from any of the external drives.


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