Top 10 Video Recovery Software for PC

Read this comparison for top 10 video recovery software for PC, and choose the most suitable one for yourself to get lost video back.

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It's quite distressing that with one or the other reason you have lost your videos that you have collected since many years back. There are various situations available when you need video recovery software for PC to recover your lost video back to your external drives. The situation such as data loss, data crashed, formatted accidentally and data lost due to unnecessary transferring the data. You may lost the data due to sudden power outage, or else hit the delete button instead of save. But you do not need to worry about your lost data, you will get your videos files back if somehow you have emptied your trash. Here we have list of the software which we will are going to provide as these software works best in the market and supports all latest versions of windows OS.

Part 1. Top 10 Video Recovery Software for PC

1# Recoverit (IS) for Windows

Recoverit (IS) is one of the best video recovery software for PC. It has a robust construction of the algorithm and the layout of the program will ensure you to scan all the sectors within hard drive to recover the maximum content than any other program. With using the Recoverit Video Recovery program you will be able to get the optimum recovery mode.

The software can recover the files from all formatted disk drives, image, video, music, emails and also games can be recovered using the data recovery software. With a few simple mouse clicks you will be able to recover your data very easily. It works very smoothly with windows and also Mac. So users now no need to worry about losing the data anymore, whenever you have lost your data while formatting or data crashed.

Recoverit (IS)

Why Choose This Video Recovery Software for PC:

  • It can recover almost everything on Windows such as images, videos, email, audio files and more.
  • Before recovery you can also check the preview as it consists of deep scan feature which can scan your drive completely.
  • This program comes with Flexible recovery operations that can pause and resume the scanning whenever you want.
  • It has capability to support the data recovery for local Mac drive and external hard drive.
  • It supports the data loss scenarios and can restore the lost files which you have lost due to system error, virus infected, or deleted accidentally.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

Step-By-Step Guide to Recover Lost Videos on PC

You can also restore all the deleted videos from your Windows and a formatted SD card on windows using Recoverit video recovery software for PC. Firstly you need to download the Recoverit (IS) for Windows from the official website and later install and run on your PC. Follow the steps to know how this programs works actually.

Step 1 Double click on the icon and launch the program. 

Step 2 A new window will be opened which will display the partitions of the hard drive. Choose your drive where you usually store the data. Press the "Start" button as soon as you select your drive.

choose recovery mode

Step 3 Recoverit (IS) for Windows will begin scanning your files from the partition as soon as you have choose your drive. It will show all the recoverable videos inside the folder tree. Select the videos that you want to and hit the "Recover" button that you will see on the top of the window screen. Later the software will show the dialog box which will ask for choosing the destination. Make sure you have selected the destination on an external drive. Later the program will start saving your files and videos to the folder.

video recovery software for pc

Following are some other popular and powerful video recovery softwares that you can try.



DMDE is powerful video recovery software for PC which helps in restoring the content from any hard disk. It has capability to recover the directory structure and files in the complex cases. It also offers the important features such as file recovery, disk editor, RAID constructor, cloning, partition manager and also disk imaging.


  • It comes with the simple and easy layout
  • DMDE offers additional freeware and works on both Windows and DOS versions
  • It supports NTFS, exFAT, EXT3 and EXT4.


  • It will be better to mention the error message

3# Recuva

Recuva is a cloud based an online file which needs very less space on your device. It works very fast and is totally free of cost. The scanning is done very speedily and can recover the data from a formatted drive also. Recuva can also recover the deleted mails and can support Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird or Windows live Mail. It has the free download utility and has capability to retrieve deleted files from virtual disk. It can support NTFS, exFAT and FAT filesystem along with USB sticks and mass storage cards.


  • Free and Easy to use program and secure your delete feature
  • It has portable version and is capable of running USB stick


  • When came in comparison with paid version it failed
  • There is a report which says unable to recover the still existent files from hard disk

4# PhotoRec

PhotoRec is video Recovery software for PC that is completely safe to use and help in recovery the files from your windows and PC. This software is portable and can save and run the files according to the destination drive. PhotoRec uses the command prompt to initiate the scan and recovery process.


  • It has fast and efficient in finding files and is also freeware


  • It command prompt user interface will keep away many users
  • Also the scanning and recovery will take very long time to process
Puran File Recovery

5# Puran File Recovery

Puran file recovery software is a free file recovery program which need not to restore and lost the deleted files. There is a tree view option available that is capable enough to navigate through the deleted files and find the exact ones you have wished to restore.


  • It can work with every latest window OS
  • There are portable versions available for both 32 bit and 64 bit version window
  • The downloaded size of the file is very small


  • It is only free for home use
Disk Drill

6# Disk Drill

Disk Drill is awesome and free video recovery software for PC that features the best software and has the simple to use interface. The files can be recovered back from the internal and external hard drives. It can scan FAT, exFAT, NTFS, HFS and EXT2/3/4 formatted drives. There are several corrupted files which you can recover back easily with using Disk Drill software.


  • It's simple and easy to use
  • It can work with all latest versions of windows, plus mac OS
  • It can recover the files from many different file systems


  • There is limit recovery of up to 500 MB only
  • It doesn't show a file condition before recovering it
Glary Undelete

7# Glary Undelete

Glary is a program has the free recovery tool options available which can give a clean and logical interface. Using this app can give excellent file undelete solutions. If you have accidentally deleted the files and videos not to worry, Glary is video recovery software for PC available so you can make use of it.


  • It is very small in size so easy to download
  • It has the simple and logical folders with file type's views
  • The programs includes advanced filter which allows searching by date, size and with cards
  • It supports most windows OS


  • Portable version is not available yet
  • While installing setup other program may also get installed with it
Pandora Recovery

8# Pandora Recovery

Pandora is excellent video recovery software for PC available for free. The Pandora interface is little completed by the program wizard is very easy to understand and to use. This program uses the unique ability to free the undelete software programs. You can recover your videos easily using this program.


  • Very small in size so can be installed easily
  • Easy to use wizard and can recover the data from almost any connected storage devices
  • It has the colour coded and percentage indicators used for recovery likelihood


  • Portable version is not installed
  • Prompt to install browser toolbar during the program installation
SoftPerfect File Recovery

9# SoftPerfect File Recovery

SoftPerfect File Recovery is the perfect video recovery software for PC as it’s very easy and can search the recoverable files within very less time. This software will allow recovering the deleted files from hard drives, memory cards and many other devices. It is very small in size near about 500 KB and is standalone file making program very portable. It can run from a USB drive or a floppy disk. It is supported in windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 & 2003, 2000, NT and ME etc.


  • It's portable so no need to install
  • Easy to use and works very well on all versions of Windows
  • It can recover files from NTFS and FAT drives
  • It has capability to restore multiple files at a time


  • It do not support previewing image files
  • It doesn’t indicate the health of the deleted files
EaseUS Data Recovery

10# EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS video Recovery software for PC is a perfect for retrieving the lost photos and videos. Its compatibility goes with many devices. It can be easily operable and at a same time fast enough to process the data recovery.


  • The operations are very easy while you are recovering the data
  • It can be compatible with many windows devices and can be used to take the backup tool for it


  • The price is very high

Part 2. Comparison Between the 10 Video Recovery Software for PC

Software Save Scan Information File Validity Attribute One-Click Button Operation Supports All Windows OS Versions Supports exFAT, NTFS, FAT16, FAT32
Recoverit (IS) for Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DMDE No No No Yes No
RECUVA No No No Yes Yes
PhotoRec No No No Yes Yes
Puran File Recovery No No No Yes No
Disk Drill No No No Yes Yes
Glary Undelete No No No Yes Yes
Pandora Recovery No No No Yes No
SoftPerfect No No No Yes Yes
EaseUS Data Recovery No No No Yes No


This way you can also get the information regarding all different tools that are used to recover the lost data. So the above software is explained with a clear understanding. Choice is you’re which to choose as we strongly recommend Recoverit Video Recovery for PC software to recover all your videos file back to your folder. Hope you enjoyed the article and stay connected.


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