[Solved] Why Are My Videos Blurry on Facebook?

Many people often complain on Facebook about blurry videos. This article focuses on providing you with practical solutions to fix blurry videos.

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Videos can often be quite stressful to upload onto different social media platforms without getting them blurred or pixelated. While believing that the associated technology has developed itself into contemporary and competitive designs and structure, we are left with a situation where high-quality results lose their effect after being uploaded on different websites and platforms especially when we face Facebook video blurry, that's really annoyed.

facebook videos blurry

Facebook has developed into a social platform that leads all kinds of markets, where people utilize it for all kinds of official and personal communication. The platform is not only a ground for communication but an area where people of different cultures and different tastes share their own experiences to laugh or ponder upon.

Many people have often complained over Facebook admonishing the quality among the videos. This article focuses on providing you effective mechanisms and solutions that would help you understand the methods on how to fix blurry videos on Facebook.

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Part 1: Why Are My Videos Blurry on Facebook?

If we consider the fact that why Facebook blurs out your uploaded video, regardless of its impressive quality output, it might hit your with surprise that Facebook intentionally changes your video resolutions and lowers it.

While many users complain over blurry Facebook videos, it should be kept under notice that there are many solutions available that can help you preserve the quality of the video even after having it uploaded.

why are my videos blurry on facebook

Along with taking notes on how to fix blurry videos on Facebook, you should be aware of the facts that would guide you as the major reasons why your Facebook video gets blurry.

Among the many reasons that change the video quality on Facebook, the major reasons are stated as follows:

Part 2: How to Fix Blurry Videos on Facebook?

There are many methodologies that can be adopted for fixing the blurry videos that are being uploaded on Facebook.

These methods can be primarily covered for all or specific devices. While there are contemporary methods for desktops existing in the books, you can also make a few amendments in your smartphones to fix the problem of blurry Facebook videos.

1. How to Repair Facebook Video Blurry iPhone

For understanding the mechanisms involving how to fix blurry Facebook videos using an iPhone, you need to follow the steps defined below.

Step 1: Open your Facebook app, tap on the menu option present on the main screen, followed by the option of "Settings" from the list.

Step 2: A new window opens on the front. Select the option of "Videos and Photos" from the list and toggle the "Upload HD" option.

how to make videos on facebook not blurry

2. How to Fix Facebook Videos Blurry Android

While considering the steps for changing the blurry videos on Facebook using Android, consider the following steps, as stated below.

Step 1: Open the application, followed by the menu screen on the right to select from the list. Open "App Settings" under the Help and Settings section.

Step 2: Locate the options of 'Upload photos in HD' and 'Upload videos in HD' to turn them on. This may fix the issues with blurry videos.

how to fix blurry videos on facebook on android

3. Using Recoverit – Video Repair [Best Way]

There is a range of different third-party video repairing software that provide you with repairing solutions. Out of many impressive applications, Recoverit provides you with impressive results with a high success rate.


A Life Saver in Repairing Corrupted Facebook Video and Providing High Quality Video Files

  • Fixing All Kinds of Issues: Provides a perfect environment for fixing all kinds of issues with Facebook videos.
  • Variant Modes: The application provides its users with different scenarios (Quick and Advanced Repair) over fixing videos.
  • Impressive Recovery: Recoverit evolves out of many strenuous recovery conditions where it repairs videos damaged through malware and faulty applications.
  • Supports all kinds of Formats: This platform supports all kinds of videos recorded from any device with any extension.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

For understanding the method of how to fix blurry videos on Facebook, you need to follow the guide provided below.

Step 1 Add Video Files

You need to add the blurry videos that are being uploaded on the social media platform. These videos will show their details once they are added to Recoverit.

download and import video

Step 2 Use Quick Repair

After adding the blurry videos, you need to initiate the procedure by tapping "Repair" on the screen.

how to fix videos not playing on facebook

Step 3 Use Advanced Repair

After previewing the results, you can opt for Advanced Repair if you are not satisfied with the output. Add a reference file on the platform and initiate "Advanced Repair." Save your video in a local directory.

save and view the video

Part 3: Can I Fix Facebook Video Call Blurry on Computer?

While looking over the various mechanisms that are available for fixing the issue related to blurry videos on Facebook, you can utilize various traditional and conventional methods that might resolve the issue.

Part 4: How to Fix Blurry Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook provides its users with a live video streaming feature where it uses the camera attached with your associated device to display a real-time clip of your camera on Facebook.

how to make videos on facebook not blurry

This tool is usually used by various broadcasters to engage their audience. These video streams are a large commemoration of small information packets. If your device fails to display a proper video, latency in data packets receival can be a major reason for the device is failing to process them and having a smooth display in the result.

Following this, you can also alter the video stream settings on Facebook to fix blurry Facebook video steaming. For this you need to:

Step 1: Open "Live Stream" Facebook settings and tap on "Create Live Stream." The server URL and stream key can be accessed.

Step 2: Open Encoder Settings and change the 'Rate Control' to CBR, 'Keyframe Interval' to 2, and 'B-frames' to 3.

Step 3: Experiment a live stream to observe the optimal bitrate for 1080p resolution.

While understanding the significance of these methods, you need to have a detailed look over the upload speed available for live broadcasting. For effective results, you need to have sufficient speeds for high-quality resolution.


This article has focused on providing you a robust solution on how to fix blurry videos on Facebook by following a series of steps and mechanisms.

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