How Can I Improve Instagram Video Quality?

This article provides you with effective metrics and methods that guide you in repairing Instagram video quality or have it amended for providing viewers with impressive video quality as an output.

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"My Instagram is down, how to fix instagram videos not playing? btw is there someone know how to fix instagram video quality?

Please Help!!"

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms that is being used throughout the world and is considered one of the leading applications that have the most traffic. People post their daily stories and share their experiences through the platform.

However, they can either share a picture or post a video displaying their experience to their viewers.

While considering the videos that can be uploaded on Instagram, there are several complaints that have been filed from different users questioning the quality of these uploaded videos. If we look over the platform normally, we might not discover the reason that led to the quality of the video to decrease.

fix instagram video quality

However, over a deepened analysis, you can discover the reason and fix Instagram video quality by covering it properly.

This article provides you with effective metrics and methods that would guide you in repairing your Instagram video quality or have it amended for providing viewers with impressive video quality as an output.

Part 1: What's the Best Instagram Video Formats?

Whenever we use Instagram for posting our content, it should be kept in mind that the platform looks forward to a standard of metrics that are to be followed for defining the video format of the Instagram video.

how to fix instagram video quality

While understanding that the best video format for Instagram is MP4, you need to cover up the following specifications before uploading the video on Instagram:

The dimensions that should be considered while uploading the video files on Instagram is 864 x 1080 pixels over an aspect ratio of 4:5. This will help you optimize your Instagram video and even fix the video quality before having it posted.

Part 2: How to Fix Instagram Video Quality?

There are various mechanisms that can be followed to ensure that you develop a good ground to fix Instagram video quality.

However, while understanding that different video editors and converters could be handy in giving us appropriate results, there are a few techniques that can be adopted to ensure that the Instagram video quality is maintained even after having it uploaded on the platform.

Along with considering different conventional methods that would allow you to understand how to fix Instagram video quality, you need to look over different video editing tools that would help you save the quality of the video in an appropriate format.

For fixing such Instagram videos that are left blurry, you can follow the guidelines provided below to fix the Instagram video quality using Recoverit.


Best Tool to Help You Save Instagram Video Quality in An Appropriate Format

  • Repairing Instagram video files that are left blurry to their original high-quality and impressive file.
  • Saving the quality of the Instagram video in an appropriate format
  • Ultimate solution of video repairing while ensuring ease-of-use for the masses
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Step 1 Add Appropriate Files

After downloading and installing the application, you need to add all the important files in the platform that are to be repaired from scratch.

fix instagram video quality using recoverit

Step 2 Use Quick Repair

With all the videos added, you can observe their details on the screen, which can then be led to a quick repair from Recoverit. Preview the results.

fix instagram video quality

Step 3 Advanced Repairing

If you have failed to get a result out of the quick repair option, Recoverit provides its users the ability to recover their videos using the Advanced repairing tool. For that, you just need to add a reference file, followed by the advanced instant repair.

how to fix instagram video quality

Step 4 Preview and Save

Have a good look over the results and have it shared on a local directory.

Part 3: How to Fix Instagram Video Not Uploading

Over the question of how to fix Instagram video not uploading on the platform, you need to have a look over the following reasons that could be the hard-line for the video failing to upload on Instagram.

While answering the question of how to fix the Instagram video uploading system, you need to look over the following tips to get an idea of the factors that are important to be considered before concluding an absolute fault with the application or the device.

how to fix instagram video upload

Part 4: Steps to Fix Stretched Video on Instagram

While covering all the aspects of the Instagram videos to make them look perfect for posting, you can always look over the fact of fixing the video size with ease and simplicity.

There are several methods that can be adopted for the purpose; however, UniConverter provides you with the explicit feature set that allows you to manage the stretching of the video to make it effectively cover the screen with no unnecessary cropping.

You need to look over the steps provided below to get a knowledge of fixing a stretched video on Instagram.

Step 1 Launch the Software

You need to launch the software on the desktop after installing it and open the 'Video Converter' section to upload all the necessary videos and files that are to be amended according to the standards of the platform.

how to fix stretched video on instagram

Step 2 Change the Aspect Ratio of the Video

From the "Crop" Section, you need to locate the options of aspect ratio and have it changed from 3:4 to 9:16. This will provide you better and improved results that before.

how to repair avi video files

Step 3 Set the Video Resolution and Other Things

Select the output of the video file like MP4, along with all the necessary video settings that are important while setting up an Instagram video. This includes resolution, frame rate, and bitrate.


This article has provided you with various methods and mechanisms that can be looked over and confirmed to devise how to fix Instagram video quality. You need to look over these numbers and guidelines to have a better understanding of it.

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