[Updated] 10 Most Popular Adventure Games for iPhone/iPad.

Want to play adventure games or change GPS location when playing games? Here 10 popular adventure games and tips to spoof games are introduced.

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The last few years have witnesses an exponential rise in the popularity of adventure games and why not! Who wouldn’t want to dive into the fantasy world and experience what’s it is like to be a superhero who fights “bad guys”? But it’s no easy to feat to narrow down the best multiplayer iPad games you should start playing from today – given not all adventure games are free. To help out our readers, this article will walk you through the 10 most sought-after adventure games for iPhone users. Without wasting any more words, let’s cut to the chase.

Part 1: 10 Most -Popular Adventure Games Played on iPhone/iPad.

There are many free and popular adventure games available on the internet. Here we will the top 10 best strategy games on iPhone in 2021.

1. Batman: Arkham City


If you love Superhero games, then this will excite you to the core. Batman: Arkham City brings a great deal of adventure and surprises for users. Batman is already the most famous superhero character and this game is worthy of its name. Just like in the movies, it present scenarios where you have to exhibit refined hand-to-hand skills and special classic Batman traits to take on the villains.

Adding on, it ultra-realistic graphics coupled with finest sound effects amplify the impending mysterious plots and keep you on the edge of your seat for the whole time.

2. Far Cry 5

far cry

A great mix of fierce gunfight and adventure, Far Cry 5 Park can bring a lot of fun into your gaming. Imagine being an ex-Special Forces who is stranded on a mysterious archipelago in Micronesia. It offers a unique opportunity to the users to roam around the map, meet new people, face and thwart the life-threatening scenarios - all it to get out alive.

This fifth installment of a popular game is full of surprise and action-filled encounters and you need to be at your best the whole time to see through them.

3. A Way Out

a way out

Developed by Hazelight Studios, A Way Out is an action-filled game that tests your mental skills and ability to get out of the 70s prison. Moretti is incarcerated and sent to the jail for fraud and murder, where he meets Leo.

Both the players have to work together efficiently to escape the prisoner. The game entails all the surprises and stressed-filled moments that you see in a classic show like Prison Break. To successfully complete the mission, both players must execute the plan smartly to deceive the jail guards and achieve their freedom.

4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

fallen order

Released in 2020, Star Wars Jodi is a dream come true for Star War fans. It is a single-player, adventure-filled game that gives you 19 hours of endless excitement and fun. Its plot is based on an original story about Cal Kestis, a surviving Jedi padawan. Thanks to its super-realistic graphics, it is a worthy game to play even if you’re not a fan.

The game introduces you to a Jedi padawan and you’re tapped in a never-ending galaxy where you’re chased by two Inquisitors while attempting to complete your training and escape the troubled past. It offers fans a gateway to live in their fantasies for better part of the day.

5. Marvel's Spider-Man

spider man

Are you a huge fan of Marvel movies or all-favorite Spiderman? Then, Marvel’s Spider man is the game you need to play to forget all the stress you’re having lately due to Covid-19 social restrictions. Its advanced graphics coupled with AI technology make you feel as if you are swinging between the high-rise buildings in reality.There’s no way you could ever get bored while playing this piece of art.

6. God of War

god of war

When it comes to fighting till death but never surrendering, Spartans is the first thing that comes to mind. This game plots a Spartan warrior who was deceived into killed his family by his mater. Now, the time for redemption begins as the warrior tore through beasts and gods to seek revenge.

Within just a few minutes of playing this marvelous game, you’ll find yourself lost in the excitement, adventure, and thrill that it brings.

7. The Last of Us

the last of us

One of the most popular adventure games ever made for iPhone or iPad users. This game brings you in a post-apocalyptic world where the two survivors, Joel and Ellie, have to work together to survive and find a possible cure for the disease that has almost decimated the entire human race.

The game brings everything you expect in an adventure-filled fiction movie. It depicts tragedy, human suffering and will to get through the toughest of times, as well as one of the greatest adventures of human history. Their quest is not for a hidden treasure, rather they run for their lives.

8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

wild hunt

Based on Slavonic mythology, it is about searching for the adopted daughter. You control a monster for hire, Geralt of Rivia, and tasked with finding the lost girl alive. The game enters you into a fiction world of bloodiest hunting across a vast unforgiving terrain.

The character face some of the toughest one on one combats and even mysterious murder solving scenarios to get to the little girl. Aside from adventure-filled moments, this game also presents an emotional touch during the quests of Rivia.

9. The Wolf Among Us

the wolf among us

Developed by Telltale Games, it is a mystery-drama adventure game reflecting what’s it is like to live in a “Big Bad City.” The fairytale characters in the game are murdered by the "wolf" and the player leading the murder investigation just like you see in 2000s TV shows.

While playing this game, you’ll not get bored even for one second nor can you take eyes off the screen. You’re tasked with unearthing the mysterious circumstances linked with the murders and apprehend the Wolf before the city witnesses another series of targeted murders.

10. Broken Age

broken age

This game has been a hot-favorite of avid game lovers for quite some time now. The plot is based on two teens having no direct connections, but want to break the traditions of their lives. The girl was chosen to be sacrificed before the god but she fights back and meets the boy living a solitary life. What happens next is a series of surprises to delight you to the core.

Part 2. How to Fake GPS Location When Playing Adventure Games Without Jailbreak?

Many users love to change their original location to a virtual position to access game missions that are geo-specific and not available in your country. If you ever want to fake GPS location in games, dr.fone - Virtual Location(iOS) is your ideal choice.

It empowers users to fake location on iPhone without jailbreaking their devices and play all location-based games without any technical hassle. What makes this software the #1 iOS spoofing tool the additional features it offers such as customize your moving speed, create a route, and save your important routes for future.

dr.fone tollbox

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location(iOS)

Download Dr.Fone - Virtual Location(iOS) to have a try!

  • Change iPhone GPS to anywhere you like.
  • Create routes on the map or simulate the moving like you're walking.
  • Cycling and driving within a few clicks.
  • Customize moving speeds to satisfy different location-changing needs.
  • Play LBS games without restrictions.
  • Just 1 click to change iPhone location by yourself.
  • 100% safe and no Jailbreak required.
3,132,659 people have downloaded it

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Dr.Fone-Virtual Location to spoof your location in games.

Step 1.Once installed, launch dr.fone on your computer. On the Home interface, hit on Virtual Location.

main interface

Step 2.Connect your iOS device to the program and click Get Started to start the process of changing location.

get started

Step 3.Change your location in the below virtual map.

Dr. Fone will display the world map on your screen. To change your location, simply click on the point on the map and it will take you to that position. Else, you can also search for the desired location or enter its coordinates in the top-left section and hit Go, dr.fone will spoof your location to that point.

Step 4.Use the slide bar on the bottom center of the screen to customize your moving speed.

Besides, you can use joystick on the right corner to make automatic marching and 360-degree directions, which help you get better experience when playing games.

automatic marching

360-degree directions


To sum it all, this article has outlined some of the best adventure games for iPhone users. What game you choose depends on your individual preferences and taste, but in this case, you can try any of them without getting bored. As far as our recommendation goes, we urge the readers to install dr.fone – Virtual Location and explore the unending traverse these games offer.


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