Can I Restore WhatsApp Contacts?

How can I restore my deleted WhatsApp contacts? Well, if you are looking for a way to get back your WhatsApp contacts, this article can help, for iPhone and Android device!


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"Is it possible to recover WhatsApp contacts?"

Well, it is indeed possible to recover WhatsApp contacts but first you should understand how WhatsApp contacts work. The WhatsApp actively syncs with your 'Contacts' stored over your device and then automatically detect the registered WhatsApp contacts to add them in your WhatsApp Address book.

Therefore, when it comes to how to get WhatsApp contacts back (which got deleted due accidental deletion or any other data loss scenario) you should try to retrieve the original Contacts of your device in first place. For this purpose, we have brought to you the best way to restore WhatsApp contacts in just a few simple steps. Let's explore!

Part 1: How to Retrieve WhatsApp Contacts on iPhone

In order to recover WhatsApp contacts, you are simply required to restore the contacts that your phone contains. This is because the contacts that are in your iPhone will be automatically detected by WhatsApp and then you'll be able to get them back easily. For this, all you need is dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery which is one of the most reliable programs to recover lost data from an iOS device. Coming with a wide range of feature, this software is powerful enough to work with Mac as well as Windows computer.


dr.fone - Data Recovery (iOS)

Key Features of dr.fone - Data Recovery (iOS)

  • Support over 20 data types for recovering when deleted.
  • Three professional recovery modes help in iTunes Backup Recovery, iCloud Backup Recovery and iPhone device recovery.
  • Allow scanning and preview your data before restoring it.
  • Support multiple data loss scenarios such as data loss due to iOS system crash, water damage, factory reset and more.
  • Handy Preview Feature – You get to see all your voicemail, images, videos and more, before you restore them to the iPhone.
4,290,481 people have downloaded it

How to Recover WhatsApp Contacts via dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery

Step 1. Launch dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery

Get the latest iTunes version on your PC. Now download and open the toolbox in your PC. Connect your iPhone to it and select 'Trust' when you get 'Trust This Computer' pop-up. On successful connection, proceed to click on 'Data Recovery' from the main window.

restore WhatsApp contacts

Step 2. Let the iPhone get scanned.

Now it's time to scan the deleted contacts. You can either click on 'Deleted Data from the Device' or 'Existing Data on the Device' depending on your choice. Check the 'Contacts' and hit on 'Start Scan' option and leave the rest on the software for scanning.

WhatsApp restore contacts

Step 3. Preview and Restore WhatsApp Contacts.

When you notice the scanning is over, you will get the results displayed on the screen. From the left panel, you can click on the 'Contacts' and the program will let you preview your contacts you lost. While previewing, you can tick the boxes beside each contact. This will select the contacts you want to recover. Lastly, click on 'Restore to Device' followed by clicking on 'OK'.

WhatsApp restore deleted contacts

Congrats! You have get back your contacts on your iPhone. And your WhatsApp account should now detect your recovered contacts. You can communicate with them again! However, to avoid contacts lost next time, you should know how to Backup WhatsApp Contacts properly.

Part 2: How to Restore WhatsApp Contacts on Android

When having an Android device and the need to retrieve back WhatsApp contacts, iSkysoft can also help you there with its prominent Android Data Recovery software. If you have questions like "how to recover WhatsApp contacts" from the Android device, dr.fone – Android Data Recovery can resolve this problem of yours and serve this purpose. With a high success rate, you should not doubt its safety and performance. Moreover, there are 6000+ Android devices that can be supported with this tool.

Again, as WhatsApp detects the contacts on your device to show in WhatsApp, to recover WhatsApp contacts needs you to recover contacts on your Android device first. All in all, here is where you can learn how to recover Android contacts.


Now we can get the conclusion that with dr.fone, a powerful data recovery tool, you are able to quickly get back your WhatsApp Contacts with three simple steps.


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