Every iPhone user must have, at some point of time, felt the need to transfer WhatsApp data from their iPhone to their PC, either for safekeeping important data or to increase effective free space on one’s iPhone. There are several ways of transferring WhatsApp messages, chat history, photos, videos, documents and other multimedia files from your iPhone to your Windows/ Mac PC.

In this article, we show you 3 methods on how to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to computer/PC/laptop. They are transfer WhatsApp using iTunes, iCloud and iSkysoft Toolbox software. Here are the advanteges and disadvantages among thess 3 methods. Let's see.

Methods Advantages Disadvantagegs


The official method
  • Time-consuming
  • Cannot allow selective restoration of data
  • App needs to be re-installed


The Official method
  • Time-consuming
  • Cannot allow selective restoration of data
  • App needs to be re-installed

iSkysoft Toolbox

  • Allows selective restoration of data
  • Time-efficient
  • Helps you transfer WhatsApp to computer and to iPhone/Android
  • Need to install the software on computer

Part 1: How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to PC/Mac using iTunes

If you want to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to laptop or computer, the most common way of accomplishing this task is by means of iTunes. The following step-by-step guide shall take you through the simplified process of how to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to PC using iTunes.

Note: Using iTunes to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to computer will NOT allow you to preview any messages stored on computer, unless you restore the iTunes backup to iPhone.

Connect the iPhone to your PC. Run the iTunes software. You must ensure that you have the latest version. Your device name will be displayed. Select it. You may choose to encrypt your device. For this, you may select the “Encrypt iPhone backup” box, and choose a password. Select "Back Up Now".

how to transfer whatsapp data from iphone to pc

In case you want to ensure that your backup has been completed successfully, go to ‘iTunes Preferences’, then select Devices. The name of your device should be displayed with the date and time the backup was created. Encrypted backups shall have a lock sign beside the device name.

how to transfer whatsapp messages to pc

Part 2: How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Computer using iCloud

iCloud is yet another good means of transferring all your WhatsApp messages and multimedia to your Windows or Mac PC. To create a backup of all your WhatsApp data, follow the step-by-step guide showing you how to transfer data from iPhone to PC described below.

The source iPhone must be connected to a WiFi network. Select “Settings”, then go to “iCloud”. Select “Storage & Backup”. Turn on backup by selecting “iCloud Backup”. Select “Back Up Now”.

Finially, On your PC, download iCloud and open the same iCloud ID as your source iPhone. You shall see the backed-up data on your PC.

Note: Also, there is no chance to preview your WhatsApp messages that backed up on iCloud using this methods. To preview and selectively backup or restore your WhatsApp messages, you need a smart tool iSkysoft Toolbox. Now let's get to know it below!

transfer whatsapp messages to pc

Part 3: How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to PC using iSkysoft Toolbox

Another very effective way of transferring all your WhatsApp data from your iPhone to the PC is by using the iSkysoft Toolbox - iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore. iSkysoft is a software for simple, efficient transfer, backup and restoring of all kinds of WhatsApp data. Some of the features of iSkysoft- iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore that make it one of the best tools are as enlisted:

  • It allows you to preview the WhatsApp messages or attachments that you are going to backup on your computer.
  • You can selectively export WhatsApp messages, videos, music and other multimedia to your computer.
  • Whenever you want to restore your WhatsApp data from computer to iPhone or Android phone, you have chances to view and select them.
  • You can read and print your messages in HTML or CSV format.

The following guide shall help you through the process describing how to transfer WhatsApp data to your PC.

Step 1: Run the iSkysoft Toolbox for iOS. Select ‘WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore’. Select the ‘Backup WhatsApp messages’ module. Connect your iPhone to the PC.

how to transfer whatsapp history to computer

Step 2: Select ‘Backup’. Your device must remain connected until the backup process is complete. When it is complete, select ‘View It’.

how to transfer whatsapp messages from iphone to laptop

Step 3: Select ‘WhatsApp’ or ‘WhatsApp Attachments’. This will let you preview the backed up data. You may selectively export your WhatsApp messages or media to your Windows PC or Mac.

transfer whatsapp data from iphone to pc

Part 4: Why We Need to Backup WhatsApp Messages to Computer

To conclude, we all have countless important text messages, videos and photos, documents and various other types of multimedia files which we would like to transfer to our PC for safekeeping. There are several possible reasons why this may be necessary:

  • To create a backup for all your files so that they may be recovered in case you accidentally delete or lose the data from your iPhone.
  • To keep important files and data safe on the computer and edit, view, email and do so much more with these files.
  • It proves to be convenient by freeing up more space on your iPhone and making it easier to find the data when they are needed.
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