WhatsApp Broadcast vs. Group Messages: What do you need to know

This article discusses the characteristics of broadcast messaging and presents a detailed distinction between broadcast messaging and group messaging.

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WhatsApp Messenger has intended to provide its users with explicit features for both personal and professional utility. WhatsApp broadcast message is another meticulous feature of WhatsApp that is available for users, considering its application in sales and services pitches.

This article discusses the characteristics of broadcast messaging and presents a detailed distinction between broadcast messaging and group messaging.

Part 1: What is "WhatsApp Broadcast"

For sending messages to multiple contacts from your phonebook with a single click, users prefer using the WhatsApp Broadcast feature where their message is particularly based under an announcement or a message that is to be forwarded to multiple WhatsApp groups.

These messages are displayed as if they are being sent to a specific person, thus keeping all replies on private chats with no obstacles for the message itself.

This feature comes handy in places where important messages are to be followed to multiple contacts, with no individual missing out on any significant detail.

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WhatsApp Broadcast message feature contrasts from the WhatsApp group chat under disparate aspects. Considering the features in outright comparison, we came across the following deviances:

Part 2: How to Create a WhatsApp Broadcast Message and send it to several people

Creating a WhatsApp Broadcast Message on an Android phone is not a strenuous task. For successfully creating one, you need to follow the step-by-step guide as described below:

Step 1: Approach the Option.

Open the installed application of WhatsApp on your device. Following this, you can observe the three-dotted icon on the top of the screen. This leads you to another drop-down menu. Select the option of "New Broadcast" to create a new message on the chat.

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Step 2: Selecting Contacts

Another window displaying the saved contacts appears on the front. You need to select all the necessary contacts and tap, "Ok simply." A new broadcast list is successfully created.

Apart from creating a broadcast list on WhatsApp, the question of sending broadcast messages through WhatsApp Web has been taken into question. While observing this feature on WhatsApp Web, it is clear that you cannot create such a list through WhatsApp Web specifically. However, after having the list created through the mobile application, you can send messages broadcast messages through WhatsApp Web too.


Can I send a Broadcast message on WhatsApp Business?

Over the question on how to send broadcast messages on WhatsApp Business, it is possible as much it is for any other contact. However, the contacts in the Broadcast list should save your number, too, for allowing you to send a broadcast message.

Can I send a broadcast message without saving a number?

Over the question on how to send a broadcast message in WhatsApp without saving a number, it is not possible for you to send messages to contacts that are not being saved.

You are obligated to save the number for adding it to the Broadcast list since this represents a one-to-many communication.

Part 3: How to Create a WhatsApp Group Chat

In places where you find it difficult to send a broadcast message to your contacts, you can simply create WhatsApp Group Chat, which can be executed by following the effortless steps, as demonstrated below.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and Select the Option

You need to simply open your WhatsApp chat box and tap on the three-dotted icon on the top right of the screen. Select the option of "New Group" to initiate the process.

Step 2: Selecting Members

Select the participants of the group from the contact list opening on the next window. Tap on the green arrow to proceed.

Step 3: Add a Name

Set up a name and a picture of the group for proper distinction on the screen that opens next for you. The green checkmark successfully executes the task. You can simply send messages to the group after having it created.

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Being the admin of the group, you have the autonomy to add or remove anyone from the group. You even have the authority of sending an invite link to anyone for joining your group. To get a WhatsApp Group Chat link, demonstrate the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Chat information

Access the group and tap on its name. Conversely, you can access the information by holding the chat on the "Chats" tab. Select "More Options" with the drop-down menu and access the "Group Info."

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Step 2: Invite People

Select the option of "Invite via Link." Following this, select an option from either "Send link via WhatsApp," "Copy Link" or "Share Link" or through "QR Code."

If you seek to send it through WhatsApp, select the contacts and hit "Send."

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Part 4: How to Delete WhatsApp Broadcast Message vs. Delete WhatsApp Group Message

Deleting WhatsApp Broadcast is considerably different than deleting a WhatsApp group chat. This article intends to define the boundaries that make these features different from each other.

For deleting a broadcast list, simply tap or hold onto the list on the chat screen. Tap on the option of "Delete Broadcast list," followed by the option of "Delete." You can define whether or not to save the media files.

Conversely, deleting a WhatsApp group chat follows a series of tasks. To successfully delete a group chat on WhatsApp, you are required to follow these steps.

Step 1: Access the Chat on WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp and open the "Chats" section. All the chats and conversations will open.

Step 2: Open the Group

Open the group that you wish to delete. The group conversation opens up on the following screen.

Step 3: Access the Menu

Tap onto the three-dotted icon present on the top of the screen. It opens up a drop-down menu.

Step 4: Tap on the right option

Select the option showing "Group info" from the menu.

Step 5: Leaving the Group and Confirm

A new screen opens, which provides an option of "Exit Group" at the end of the screen. Tap on it. A prompt message opens, which confirms your intentions on leaving the group. Select 'Exit' to confirm leaving.

Step 6: Delete the Group and Confirm

The group then turns the option of exiting into "Delete Group." To delete all the associated chats and data of the group, tap on it. A prompt message appears again, which asks for confirmation over deleting the chat. Tap on "Delete" to execute the task.

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You might encounter such conditions where it is important for you to keep the data of a certain group for future needs. However, before having it deleted from your phone, you need to particularly backup all the assorted data to keep it safe even after leaving or deleting the conversation from the phone. For this, dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer provides users with a very prompt and compelling solution.


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  • It provides a simple solution to preview backup file data and selectively restore it to a computer or an Android device.
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dr. fone – WhatsApp Transfer enables users to backup and restore data easily PC over simple and single clicks. It allows you to not only backup your data but transfer all associated history easily and synchronize business chats. For backing WhatsApp data using Dr. Fone, you need to look over the following steps.

Step 1: Connecting your Device

It is important to connect the device to the computer for executing this task. Connect the device via USB Cable and select the option of "Backup WhatsApp Messages" to initiate the backup.

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Step 2: Process Initiation

The process initiates after the software detects the device. All the processes will be marked as "100%" after they are successfully executed.

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Step 3: View the backup.

You can view the backup by clicking on "View it" for observing the backup record on the computer.

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This article particularly describes the major differences present in the broadcast list and group chat and helps users get knowledge on how to use and delete them from the chat list.

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