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From placing calls and sending out messages to transferring data such as photos, videos, audio files, not to forget, locations, WhatsApp has become the hub of sharing data for every class of people. It has almost replaced SMSs system. WhatsApp is one of the most used Instant Messengers in today's world. The good news for these strata of public is that just how they like to customise almost anything to their liking; they can now customise WhatsApp too through these top 10 WhatsApp Wallpaper apps.

1. WhatsApp Wallpaper

whatsapp wallpaper

WhatsApp Wallpaper by WhatsApp is available only for Android and is the best wallpaper application for WhatsApp on your phone. The number of wallpapers is comparatively lesser as compared to other applications but the wallpapers are of a very rich quality and make WhatsApp look much more stylish. This application is available only on android.

2. Keep Calm Wallpaper

whatsapp wallpapers

This application lets you change your wallpaper easily on conversations. Available only for android, it has a host of options to choose from which are highly trendy and catchy. To change wallpaper of the chat opens the menu of your chat application and change the background by selecting whatspapers. This application is available on android.

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3. Wallpapers for Chat

wallpaper for whatsapp

Wallpapers on this application are updated regularly and provide a host of options to choose from. Designed by MegaBit, this application has all the wallpapers well arranged and is very easy to use. It is available only on android though and not on iOS. Shall papers for Chat have been rated 8.3/10 on AppCrawlr.

4. Best Wallpaper QHD

wallpapers for whatsapp

This is one of the best apps to make your WhatsApp look stylish and classy. It is available only for android. Wallpapers have a resolution of quad HD on this application and the number of wallpapers is extensive. It has been rated 4.3 out of 5 over PlayStore. It has a host of categories and each category has at least a ton of QHD pictures.

5. Background HD

wallpaper on whatsapp

Application by OGQ only on android, it provides a host of wallpapers to choose from and a lot of sorted categories as well. Background HD has amazing set of wallpapers and has been rated 4.6 out of 5 over the PlayStore. This application is available only on Android.

6. Shapes HD wallpaper for WhatsApp

wallpaper whatpaper

This application is available only on iOS and not on Android. Introduced by Choppa Neeraja, this application has essentially built wallpapers on normal shapes but is made of neon lights and appears to be very funky and is vibrant. His is a paid application on the iOS market.

7. Wallpapers and Backgrounds for WhatsApp and Viber

wallpapers whatpaper

This application not only let's you use wallpapers for WhatsApp but also for Viber. Introduced on AppStore by NadejaToma for free of cost, this application is available on iOS only. It is compatible with iOS 6 or higher and has been rated 4+ out of 5 on App Store.

8. Extension Pack for WhatsApp

whatsapp hd wallpaper

This application has a host of stylish and attractive wallpapers over the AppStore. The host of wallpapers here are top notch quality and are worth spending this money if you would want to make your WhatsApp as classy as possible.

9. 4.7 Inch 5.5 Inch Wallpaper for WhatsApp

cool whatsapp wallpaper

Introduced by EnignUnal on the iOS App Store, this application has wallpapers of these specific mentioned sizes so that you don't have to crop out a bit of the wallpaper as well while applying them to your WhatsApp background. They are of the specific mentioned sizes depending on your iPhone size, i.e 4.7 or 5.5 inch.

10. Autumn HD Wallpaper for WhatsApp

best whatsapp wallpaper

This application specialises in audition related wallpapers. They are of the best quality and make your WhatsApp look stylish and attractive. This is a paid application and is available on App Store.

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