Word Crashed? Recover Documents like a Pro in 5 Different Ways

Learn how to recover Word document after crash in this guide. We have provided five different solutions to do Word crashed recover document right here.

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“My computer was crashed and I lost my Word document. Can someone please tell me how to recover Word document after crash?”

- a question from Quora

This is a common query that a lot of readers ask us these days. While it might seem like an unexpected situation, you can easily recover crashed Word file. In order to perform Word crashed recover document, you can follow some native methods or even use a third-party tool. In this guide, we will explore 5 different solutions for how to recover crashed Word document in detail.

Part 1: The Common Scenarios for a Crashed System

Ideally, there could be different reasons for a computer to get crashed. Here are some of the common scenarios.


Part 2: How to Recover Word Document after a System Crash?

Once the system has been crashed, you might end up losing your Word file. In this case, you can follow these solutions to do Word document recovery.

2.1 Recover Word Document on the Windows System

Chances are that you might not be able to find your Word document. If you are lucky, then you can recover Word document after crash by simply looking for it. To do this, open Windows Explorer and visit the location where the file is expected to be saved. Now, just enter the file name in the search bar and look for it on your system.


2.2 Recover Word Document from the Recycle Bin

One of the best things about Windows is that the operating system doesn’t delete anything right away. If the system is crashed and you have lost the file, then you might find it in the Recycle Bin. To recover crashed Word file, visit the Recycle Bin and find the document. Right-click it and restore it to its original location.


2.3 Recover Word Document by Auto Recovery

Microsoft Word has a native Auto Recovery feature. In case of the application crash, it can automatically recover the document and save the changes. If you are lucky, then you can just find the autosaved document on the interface itself. To do MS Word crash recovery, simply restart the application after the system crash. On the left panel, you can view the details of the auto recovered document. Simply select it and load it on MS Word.


2.4 Recover Word Document by Checking the Original Folder for .wbk Files

The Word Backup (.wbk) files are automatically created by the application if the auto-backup feature is enabled. In case of the application crash, Word would maintain the backup and will save it in the same location where the original file is present. Therefore, you can just visit the original folder and look for the relevant .wbk file. Select it and open it with MS Word to review its content.


2.5 Recover Closed Word Documents with Recoverit (IS)

If none of the above-stated methods would work, then you need to use a crashed Word document recovery tool. We recommend using Recoverit (IS) as it provides seamless Word recovery solutions. You can recover all kinds of Office files that are lost or deleted under different scenarios.

Recoverit (IS)

A Life Saver to Solve Your Data Loss Problems!

  • The data recovery tool can scan the internal storage of your system or any other connected external device.
  • It features two different scanning methods and a user-friendly interface.
  • There is a provision to first preview the recovered data and later restore it selectively to a safe location.
  • Apart from MS Word documents, it can also recover photos, videos, music, emails, compressed files, and hundreds of other file formats.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

To learn how to recover Word document after crash using Recoverit (IS), follow these steps:

Step 1 Choose a recovery mode

Firstly, launch the Recoverit (IS)y tool and from its home, select a recovery mode. It can be lost partition recovery, external device recovery, and so on.

Step 2 Select a location to scan

In order to proceed, you need to select where you wish to look for the crashed Word file. You can select an internal partition or an external device (like pen drive, SD card, external hard disk, etc.) as well.

Step 3 Recover your Word documents

Wait for a while as iSkysoft would scan the location and retrieve all the lost/deleted Word documents. It is recommended not to close the application in between the data recovery process.

In the end, you can just preview the results and recover crashed Word file. The results are already segregated into different categories for your convenience. If needed, you can perform a more comprehensive (all-around) recovery as well to get better results.


Part 3: Regularly Save Documents while Editing and Maintain their Backup

If you don’t want to suffer from an unwanted situation like Word crashed recover document, then make sure you regularly save your files. You can just press Ctrl + S to save your document. To maintain their backup, go to the file menu and click on the “Save As” option. This will let you maintain a second copy of your documents wherever you want. Afterward, even if the original document has been lost, you can retrieve the content from its backup.


By following this stepwise approach, you can easily recover Word document after crash. Out of all the options, Recoverit (IS) is a recommended choice and will come handy to you on different occasions. Apart from Word documents, it can be used to recover all kinds of data files too. If you found this guide useful, then feel free to share it with your friends as well and teach them how to recover Word document after crash.



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