How to Bypass Android Lock Screen Without Root or Using Camera?

This article presented different remedies explaining the method of bypassing the screen unlock by rooting or not rooting the phone, and how to bypass the Android Lock Screen using camera.

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Many people have mentioned deliberately locking their phone smartphones and considering them useless due to the phone being screen locked. Under such circumstances, you might have come across a series of different remedies that have been considered as 'effective' and 'efficient.' Just like every other Android smartphone may face such a problem of locking and forgetting their screen password, there are similar conditions with smartphones, such as HTC.

Henceforth, just like every other Android smartphone, it can be catered with the help of different methods of varying intensities; HTC can be lodged through different mechanisms that can efficiently bypass HTC lock screen. This article focuses on providing a detailed guide on these solutions to give a guideline to HTC users over the complete procedure.

Part 1: Can I Perform a Factory Reset Using Hardware Buttons?

Carrying out the factory reset of your phone might be the simplest and the most effective method of the decade; however, it comes with a very common drawback of losing all data during the process. There are things that you need to consider before initiating the factory reset. Since you are aware of the fact of losing all important data with the execution of the reset, you need to understand the necessity of backing up the data of your device.

To efficiently back up your data across another system to save the course of losing everything from the phone, you may use dr.fone, an elegant, state-of-the-art platform that ensures saving everything important and providing the ability to restore the data as per your requirements.

dr.fone can be used to save different file types, including your Contacts, Messages, Call History, Audios, Videos, Photos, Calendars, and Applications, along with their significant data. The platform expresses compatibility for a variety of Android smartphones and allows you to backup the application data along with the application itself.

1. Factory Resetting an HTC

If you are looking forward to the factory resetting your HTC smartphone, the complete procedure is quite simple to execute. To understand the effective procedure of factory resetting your HTC using hardware buttons, you may look at the step-by-step guide provided below.

factory reset an iphone
  1. Open "Settings" on your HTC and access the "Backup & Reset" option.

  2. Tap "Reset Phone" to initiate the task. For deleting all the assorted media and other memory from the storage, select the option to "Erase all data."

  3. You may also select the option to "Erase SD Card" for removing SD card contents off your phone. Tap "Ok" to proceed with resetting your HTC.

2. Tips for HTC Desire 626

If you are an HTC Desire 626 user, the procedure to have your HTC bypass lock screen is quite different and efficient as compared to the other smartphones. HTC Desire 626 offers you to skip the lock screen and open up the security screen to have it unlocked. For that, you need to cover two special steps to ensure the execution of a lock screen bypass in this way.

  1. Open "Settings" on your HTC and tap on "Security" from the list.

  2. You need to select the “Bypass Lock Scree on Wake” to initiate the impressive bypass feature on HTC Desire 626.

Part 2: Sign in HTC One with Your Google Account

Every HTC smartphone demand is setting up a new Google Account when bought. The significance of having a Google Account in bypassing your lock screen is a lot in magnitude since every lock removal method in HTC demands the Google account access.

The failure to set up or forget the Google Account will result in the only option of factory resetting your phone. However, to understand the use of Google Account in the HTC One bypass lock screen operation, you need to follow the steps provided as follows.

Step 1 Try out the pattern or the password multiple times until your HTC One provides you the option of using an alternative method.

enter the password

Step 2 You need to tap on the "Forgot Password/Pattern" button to lead yourselves in adding the Google Account. Type in the credentials of your account with an active Internet connection.

enter the google account username and password

Step 3 After getting logged into the account, access the Settings of the phone, and open the "Security" section. You can now change the password protection on your device with the provided options.

lock the phone

Part 3: The Best Way to Unlock Your HTC Device

If you look for an HTC incredible screen lock bypass mechanism, you need to have a detailed look over dr.fone, an efficient model to bypass the HTC lock screen without any discrepancy, as mentioned in various other methods.

dr.fone is one of the best options to either get your HTC Desire 510 bypass lock screen or your HTC M9 bypass lock screen with ease. There are several reasons that make dr.fone an effective and prolific choice to remove the lock screen of your HTC.


dr.fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

Bypass HTC Lock Screen in Few Clicks, No Data Loss.

  • It allows you to remove the four major screen lock types, including pattern, PIN, password, and fingerprints.
  • You can remove the lock screen without losing any data.
  • The platform is easy-to-use with no technical details.
  • It is compatible across major Android devices.
2,985,172 people have downloaded it

To effectively ensure that you successfully bypass the HTC lock screen using dr.fone software, follow the steps as provided below.

Step1. Launch the dr.fone software after installing it on your device and tap on "Screen Unlock" from the home window.

remove lock screen with iskysoft toolbox

Step2. You need to connect your HTC with a USB connection. After connecting the phone, select the option of "Unlock Android Screen" to initiate.

connect android phone to computer

Step3. The details of your device appear on the screen containing the phone brand and device names. This is important for carrying out the unlocking process.

select android device model

Step4. Move your phone into the Download Mode by powering it off and holding the 'Volume down,' 'Home' and 'Power' button simultaneously for a while. A recovery package downloads after the mode conversion.

boot in download mode

Step5. The lock removal initiates automatically and concludes successfully.

android lock screen removed


This article has presented you with a variety of methods that allows you to bypass the HTC lock screen. You need to look out the different available methods to counter this problem without any major loss of data effectively.


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