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Check the methods to unlock LG Stylo 6!

Suppose you are suffering from poor cell reception or services on your LG phone but cannot move out due to a contract with your service provider. In that case, we feel your pain and want to help you unlock LG Stylo 6 so you can use any compatible service provider and are no longer tied to your current one. Here is a guide to help you get your LG Stylo 6 unlocked.

lg stylo 6 network lock

Part 1: How To Unlock Network Locked LG Phone

The LG Stylo 6 is a fantastic device that keeps you happy and satisfied for a long time. However, in case you suffer from poor network quality, that happiness can be short-lived and might even turn to disdain towards your LG Stylo 6 locked to your network for many more months. How will you live with this poor network for so many months? The thought itself is chilling in today's time with our increased dependence on electronics, especially mobile phones. So, we look for ways to unlock the network-locked phone.

Now, a quick search on the Internet with regards to how to unlock network locked LG Stylo 6 will send you in a tizzy with the number of results. Each of those pages promises a solution. How to know which solution will genuinely work? You come to us - your trusted resource - to help you unlock LG Stylo 6 to use with any service provider quickly and easily.

Requesting The Carrier

One of the first steps towards unlocking LG Stylo 6 is politely asking the carrier. They would likely tell you if they will or will not do it for you. This is the easiest way to unlock a network-locked LG Stylo 6 since you are talking straight to the entity that locked your phone.

Pros and Cons


This is the best way to unlock LG Stylo 6 as this comes straight from your network - a trusted entity


This peace of mind method can cost a lot depending on the length of your term remaining with the provider and the fee they want to charge you to provide you with the unlock code

In case your carrier does not want to comply with your request or has simply refused to unlock your phone for whatever reasons to try and hold you ransom to their network, you can try to avail some paid services to get the job done. Note; do not fall prey to the free services online. You are likely to get scammed more in such scenarios where there might not be a way to track in case of any fraud.

Part 2: How To Unlock LG Stylo 6 SIM Lock With Paid Services

unlock lg stylo 6 sim lock

Now, if your carrier has flat-out refused to unlock your LG Stylo 6 even for a fee, or the fee they are charging is more than what you want to pay, you will have to look elsewhere to get your LG Stylo 6 unlocked. This brings us to the websites you saw all over the internet, promising the coveted unlock code for a fee.

So, there are several websites you will come across that promise the holy grail - your LG Stylo 6 unlocked. Most of these websites follow a set procedure:

Step 1. Find your IMEI number. This is done by punching *#06# on the keypad.

Step 2. Now, send the code to your chosen service.

Step 3. Choose your network and country.

Step 4. The service sends you the code you need to unlock your LG Stylo 6 and use it on any carrier.

How do you figure out which of such websites is a genuine website you can trust and use? We provide you with some pointers you can use to gauge the veracity of those websites.

It can be tempting to pay and get the job done in minutes to a couple of hours. However, they don't ask you never to hand out your device IMEI to strangers for nothing. IMEI number can be used to clone your device, and knowing your country and carrier only helps the situation for a scammer.

In such a case, your best bet is to read online reviews and visit discussion forums where people are talking about unlocking LG Stylo 6, so you know what is to be expected and who to trust. Even then, follow your gut.

A popular place for such discussions is the XDA Forums, where helpful and like-minded people work to help each other with everyday smartphone issues.

Part 3: How To Unlock LG Phone If You Forgot The Password

Did you come to this article looking for ways to unlock your LG Stylo phone because you forgot the password? Then the above would not apply to you! This part will.

Unlocking your LG phone if you forgot the password is not as difficult as you might think, provided you have the right toolbox with you. That toolbox happens to be Dr.Fone Screen Unlock.

unlock lg stylo 6 without password
About Dr.Fone Toolkit

Dr.Fone toolkit is a single app with multiple solutions for you. You can use Dr.Fone to repair system issues, take backups, transfer data from one phone to another during migration, erase data securely and quickly from the phone, and much more. This guide is about how to unlock your locked LG Stylo 6 without password using Dr.Fone Screen Unlock.


Dr.fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

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No worry about data loss, Dr.Fone supports to remove Android locks screen without erasing any data on it.

Step 1. Launch the app after downloading it and select Screen Unlock.
wondershare drfone new interface

Step 2. Now, carefully select your exact device from the dropdown lists:

-your brand

-your device

-your model

drfone screen unlock

Step 3. Confirm your selection by entering the code displayed on screen:
drfone screen unlock code confirmation

Step 4. Get your device in download mode by following the instructions in the software:
drfone screen unlock device recovery mode

Step 5. When the device is detected in Recovery Mode, software download starts automatically, and when that is complete, you can click Remove Now:
drfone screen unlock remove lock

When your LG Stylo 6 is unlocked, the device reboots and you can use your LG Stylo 6 without password.


If you want to unlock your LG Stylo 6 you do not have too many options even though it might look like it, because a lot of them can be scammers. When you are dissatisfied with your network services and want to unlock your LG Stylo 6 to move to a different carrier, the best way to get your LG Stylo 6 unlocked remains to talk with the service provider and request them to do it at their end. However, network providers are often unwilling to do that for the sole reason of losing money, since you are tied to that network for the duration of the contract. This is especially true when you are just a few months into the contract. So your only option remains to scourge the internet for a way to unlock your LG Stylo 6 reliably and securely without becoming prey to a scammer. On the other hand, if you came to this website searching for ways to unlock your phone screen without password, you are in luck, as Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock is the best tool to unlock your locked LG Stylo 6 screen quickly and easily.

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