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Wireless stream is one of the phases that are searched on Google. The main aim to do this is to make sure that the best and the most advanced iOS mirror app is downloaded and installed. The idea behind the usage of iPhone mirror app is simple. It lets a user stream a game of an assignment over large and HD TV. The wireless internet connection is used to make sure that the work is done. The wired connections such as HDMI are also used but the wireless connections are prioritized by the users.

1. dr.fone

dr.fone - iOS Screen Recorder is the first software that we recommended to mirror iPhone or iPad screen to computer. This is the perfect one especially when you want to mirror and record games and share the records to your friends. You can download it from the buttons below.

  • Record your iPhone or iPad screen on a computer with no lag. You can record games, videos, and even take Snapchat pictures on your iOS devices.
  • You can wirelessly share your iPhone/iPad videos, music, photos, documents or any other data.
  • Recorded videos are in HD quality and MP4 format which you can easily upload or share with friends.
  • It supports iPhones and iPad running from iOS 7 to iOS 11.
  • The process is very simple, you can see how to mirror iPhone/iPad screen here.

2. ApowerMirror

This iOS mirror app is compatible with all iOS devices which currently exist. It means that the users don’t have to get into any hassle to get the work done. The idea of mirroring has been made simpler and the wireless stream app has also been developed on same grounds. Other than mirroring it can also be used to record the iPhone screen and hence it is widely recognized as one of the best apps that can be used for the purpose. The productivity of the users is further enhanced by mirroring the iOS screen on multiple large devices at the same time. It will allow the users to get the full advantage of the power which this wireless stream app provides to the users. The users are just required to get the iOS mirror app installed and the rest will be done without any problem. It is because of the app’s auto features.

Review: As per the user DaisyFire2, the app does not scan the nearby devices despite the fact that they are on and everything is up to the mark.

iOS mirror app 

3. Mirroring assistant

The iOS mirror app is well known for the services which it provides. It is all because of the fact that the app is highly organized and lets the users do the work quickly. The only issue which can be found is that for some users it is too technical and therefore they are unable to understand it. The mirror app for iPad/iPhone has the functionality of remote connections as well which means that the computer or Mac can also be used to mirror the iOS screen remotely over the internet. The iOS mirror app is updated frequently and new features are also added. The users are allowed to download and install the app after a prescribed payment of $14.99 is received. The users can also use a free version with limited functionality.

Review: According to the user WhereDidCommonSenseGo, this iPhone mirror app has glitches which disturb the process but overall it works really well.

wirless stream 

4. AllConnect

The best part of this iOS mirror app is that it can also be used to mirror content from iOS devices to Android-based devices which are just awesome. There are some of the best and the most advanced functions like intuitive interface which this app offers to its users. Wireless stream has never been as easy as it is with this app and the user ratings also prove it. The cause of low rating is that the app is not updated as it should be. It means that the developers don’t update the app like their counterparts do. This results in issues like slow connections and non-connectivity. The mirror app for iPad/iPhone is overall highly functional.

Review:As per user JCJ0728, the app does not work correctly with Google based or Android devices for which 3 stars are given out of 5.

iphone mirror app 

5. ArkMC media streaming server and HD video player

The player claims that it can stream the videos in HD quality and to some extent, it proves what it says. The best part of this wireless stream app is its speed which is high as compared to rivals. The app also manages the streaming data to the users and if you are a technical a bit you can also extract the audit trail or logs from the app. This is good because the data consumption can also be monitored if this is done. The latest edition of the app has got all the bugs fixed and therefore it is highly in demand. The cause of low rating, in this case, is that the app crashes at times while it is working. It is not only frustrating but also disturbs the viewers. This app is highly recommended to those that are looking for discounted streaming solutions.

Review: As per user c24s83, the app is a waste of time as it does not work at all. It is because the videos don’t work and the photos work sometimes. He does not recommend the app at all.

mirror app for ipad/iphone  


For $3.99 you are all set to get the best wireless stream app that will allow you to get the streaming in a fast manner. This iOS mirror app has fast servers through which the connections pass and hence it is highly in demand. The app allows you to get streaming over the internet just as fast as the real IPTV is. There is no lagging and the wireless stream is smooth as ever. This iPhone mirror app is also compatible with all iOS devices which mean that the scope is literally unlimited. There is no need for any other app once this one has been installed. The app also allows the users to overcome the issues which are related to general streaming and troubleshoots your network for any possible issues.

Review: The user Younesko is highly contented with the app. The only issue he is facing is that of ads which are displayed and he has rated the app 3 stars due to this issue.

iOS mirror app 

7. Smart Kodi Remote

The iPhone mirror app makes sure that the wireless stream becomes a fun-filled activity. The overall management of the content which is done by the app is superb. The high quality streaming with all iDevices make this iOS mirror app as one of the best ones in the market. Though there are some glitches all these have been covered in the latest release. The app allows no lag at all and it is also used by YouTubers to get on with their live streaming. The app has an interface that is highly intuitive and hence novice users can also get on with the work with ease. The app also works with touch gestures which are just stunning and makes users rate this app high.

Review: As per user DOUBLEDSDAD, the app has all the requirements which he was looking for. The multi-platform and multi-channel supports are the best things which user likes.

best iOS mirror app 

8. VLC streamer

VLC definitely needs no intro and this app has been developed to target the platform. The best part of this app is the functionality which is matchless. The wireless stream that is generated by this app is dedicated to the VLC player only which does not make it universal so this app is not for all. However, the VLC player is an option which is part of every PC and Mac so this makes the iPhone mirror app highly useful. The iOS mirror app has several advantages such as high resolution as well as the high speed of data transfer which makes it as one of the best apps of all times.

Review: As per user Slipfan, the app is one of the best as it allows him to access all the content with care and perfection and therefore it is highly organized and rated.

wirless stream 

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