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The Android and Mac are two completely different ideas which can be related to ease. The best Android file transfer Mac is one of the highest searched phrases on Google. The baffling numbers of results show that the idea is soaring among the users. There are many issues which are faced by the users if such best Android file transfer Mac ideas are not developed. Such ideas make the transfer easy despite the fact that both platforms are developed using completely different technologies and tools. The Android file transfer has changed the tech world for both Mac and Android phone and TV users.

Below are the top 6 Android File Transfer tools which can be used for data transfer to Mac with ease and as per user demands.

1. Android File Transfer for Mac

The Mac and Android have been connected in such a manner that the data transfer has been made easy and straightforward. The use is very simple and it is all because of the fact that the interface has been made simple. The best part of this Android File Transfer idea is the fact that it is compatible with most of Android as well as Mac based devices.

Rating: 3.5

  • The installation of the program is very easy and therefore it is highly recommended for novice users.
  • The app can transfer up to 4 GB of data to and from Mac and Android and is highly rated for its awesome techniques.
  • The only intimidating idea of the app is that it supports 64-bit processors leaving a huge chunk of users out.

best Android file transfer Mac

2. Commander One

It is the best Android file transfer for Mac program that has allowed the users to see the progress of file transfers. The program has been developed in SWIFT and hence the use has been made too easy and straightforward. The program is self-reliant which means that minimum interruption is required on your part to get the work done.

Rating: 3.7

  • With 13.6 MB of size, the program is easy to download due to its fast and awesome installation.
  • The program allows the users to see multi-window transfer which means that the files which you don’t want to transfer can be stopped easily.

Android file transfer

3. Handshake

The low rating of this Android File Transfer manager is all because of the latest update that has made the program slow. The program, on the whole, is the best and ensures that the users get optimal experience and hence it is highly regarded in the world of file transfer.

Rating: 2.6

  • The program manages most of the Android devices as well as Mac based devices as well which increase its reach.
  • The overall management of file transfer has been made easy by this program as it is very easy to use.

best Android file transfer Mac

4. AirDroid app

The best part of this Android File Transfer manager is the fact that it has both mobile and desktop based client. The user of the program is simple as each and every aspect of the program is well managed by the developers. The program is related to the Android developers as well that do middleware development for both platforms.

Rating: 4.5

  • You need to make sure that AirDroid app account is created before you move forward with the application working.
  • The program has a very easy interface and it is very efficient in working. These are the two most important aspects that have led to its high rating.

Android file transfer for mac

5. File transfer

The program has only one issue. The common name of it leads to different sites which can be troublesome for the users. The program has however made it easy for the users to overcome common file transfer issues.

Rating: 3.5

  • The program has a command line interface and it might be tiresome for users and therefore it is not recommended.
  • The program has great speeds and therefore it is recommended for tech-savvy users looking to get file transfers to a whole new level.

best Android file transfer Mac

6. SyncMate

The frequent updates of the Android file transfer have made it very easy for the users to get the best results. The Android file transfer for Mac has never been as easy as it is with this program which means that the users will find it too easy to use and get the best out of it.

Rating: 4.5

  • The SyncMate 7 has been recently launched which makes it too easy for the users to get file transfer at fast rates.
  • The program has been rated high and it is all because of its cool and user-friendly interface which has allowed millions to rely upon it for best results.

Android file transfer Mac

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