Top 6 Memory Card Recovery Software - How to Pick Up the Best One?

This article list 6 best memory card recovery software for Mac and Windows users. You can pick up one to recover data from memory card on Mac or PC.

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Maybe you accidentally emptied or formatted your memory card, or maybe your memory card was attacked by a virus, accidentally deleting data from a memory card is annoying.

Want to know how can you recover your files(photos, videos, audio files, etc.) from memory card?

Memory card recovery software can easily help you solve this problem. In this article, we are going to introduce 6 best memory card recovery software that helps you obtain astounding results and at the same time provide very good coverage of all the necessary features that you might need from such a recovery tool.

Now, let's check these prominent tools and try to pick up the best one according to your own needs.

Best Memory Card Recovery You Can't-Miss

Recoverit  for Mac / Win

When it comes to recovering files from Mac computers, USB devices, memory cards, players, and other storage devices, Recoverit for Mac (or Recoverit) has the capability to do more than emails, archive files, video, photos, and music. It can recover everything on your memory card, SD card, flash drive, or other devices no matter what accidents your memory card files encountered, such as deleted, corrupted, lost, formatted. Moreover, it supports Windows and Mac OS with the same functions.

Recoverit -Data Recovery

Why Recommend This Memory Card Recovery Software:

  • Recover almost all kinds of data from external memory cards on Mac or Windows system, including images, videos, documents, emails, audio, and more.
  • Restore files lost because of deletion, formatting, system errors, virus infection, etc.
  • The deep scan feature helps you scan your drive completely, preview not only photos but also various types of documents in the program directly.
  • The success rate of the recovery is more than 98%, and never harm to other data on your device.
icon_security 3,101,965 people have downloaded it

How to Perform the Best Memory Card Data Recovery on Mac or Windows?

Free download memory card recovery software, and install them on your Mac or Windows computer according to the onscreen instructions. Then, launch it and follow the below steps to perform them easily. Since the operation of the Windows and Mac version is the same, so here we have only picked the Mac version as an example.

Step 1. Connect the SD Card

First, you need to connect the SD card to your computer, and the program will directly detect it.

select memory card and prepare to scan

Step 2. Select Memory Card for Scanning

Then click the "Start" button to continue scanning. After doing this, you will be able to view all recoverable files.

Step 3. Preview and Recover Data

When scanning is complete, find the files you want to restore. Check them all before clicking the "Recover" button to start recovering lost files from your memory card, whatever they are deleted or formatted.

recover data from memory card

Top 2 Memory Card Recovery for Mac

#1 CardRescue

memory recovery for mac

CardRescue does a good job in recovering files from a memory card, especially deleted photos and videos, although it doesn't manage to recover files from a heavily damaged card. Still, if you have a corrupted memory card or which is inaccessible, then checking out Card Rescue is a pretty good idea.

  • Easy to use and works well on all kinds of cards.
  • Compatible with Mac system well.

  • Poor UI design and the performance is not steady.
  • Only support recovery on cards, cannot perform data recovery on your Mac system.

#2 Disk Drill

disk drill alterntive

Disk Drill has been designed with the main purpose of recovering data from your card no matter what happened to it. The tool has a very good performance and most of the time it just manages to provide a stellar experience, which makes it stand out for sure. However, there are a few issues with this tool, because it doesn't manage to recover files all the time, so there are situations when you will need to find another app to do the job where Disk Drill just couldn't do it.

  • Compatable on system files.
  • Unlimited data recovery options.

  • Doesn't show file quality.
  • Portable version is not available.

Top 3 Windows Memory Card Recovery Software Free Download

#1 Recuva

memory card recovery for windows

This is a reliable program when it comes to memory card recovery. It is advised to download and installed to be able to use and get the result.

  • Minimum memory capacity of EXE file.
  • Easy to download and use.

  • The software developer's download page looks complicated.
  • During installation, it adds features without asking permission.

#2 Puran File Recovery

windows card recovery

This program can scan your disk and find files quickly, but the interface is a little bit complicated for beginners, especially when you have never used this kinds of tool before. What's more, sometimes it cannot find everything on your target disk due to the techinical issues.


  • OS compatibility is not a problem.
  • Minimum memory capacity during download and installation.

  • For home users only, the developer hasn't developed the program for the latest technology of today.
  • Not always working all the time and no technical support.

#3 Glary Undelete

windows card recovery

Glary Undelete has gained a great feedback from their users, and it can be used to undelete files on your computer or other devices. However, if the files is lost not because of deletion, but reasons like system crash, virus infection, formatting, etc., then this tool is useless. Thus, if you're looking for a tool which will retrieve not only deleted, but also formatted, corrupted data from disk after a system crash, virus attack, etc., this one is not an ideal option.


  • Undelete files from your disk as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Filter files to locate your target files.

  • The set-up file is embeded with other software programs.
  • Non-commercial use only.
  • Cannot recover data lost due to system crash, formatting, virus infection, etc.

Tips to Improve Success Rate of Your Memory Card Recovery Software

1. Suggestion to Avoid Memory Card Data Loss

Making backup of important pictures or other files on your memory card is absolutely the best way to avoid this disaster. It's never to late to creat a such backup on your Mac or some other storage devices. And you need to take carefully to below situations:

- Deleted files from kinds of devices memory card like camera, mobile phone, mp3/mp4 player.

- Formatted the memory card intentionally or unintentionally from devices.

- Digital camera or other devices' memory card was damaged and lost all files.

- Lost files from memory card while transferring data between device and computer.

- Cut all files from one device and paste to another, but something wrong, paste failed and files also disappeared from the original device.

- Other Improper operating.

2. Find A Reliable Tool as Your Lifesaver

After viewing 6 different memory card recovery software on the above contents, you have to admit that not all data recovery program on the market have the ability to help you get out of data loss troubles. So if you wish to get your lost back at the first time, a professional yet reliable tool is essential here. 

To be honest, we have to say Recoverit (IS) for Mac (or Recoverit (IS)) is the best option when you're looing for a tool to deal with all kinds of data loss issues, and its user-friendly UI design and high success rate will help you locate the lost data at the shortest time.

Anyway, you can free download Memory Card Recovery software on your Mac or Windows computer, and have a free trial on it by yourself.


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