How to Recover Deleted Files from Network Drive?

Is it possible to recover deleted files from network drive? Let's learn all things about data stored on network drive here, so that you can manage your network drive shared folders well.

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Let's assume you have a network drive say (X) that leads to a folder on the E-drive. Some hours ago, you accidentally erased data files from the network shared folder found on the disc. Much later, you figure out that you made a mistake and checked the recycle bin in the quest to recover the deleted file back. Surprisingly, the lost file is not even in the recycle bin.

It's possible for anyone to accidentally delete files that have been shared on the network folder. Many people often wonder what happens to files once they are deleted from the NAS drive. In this article, you will find answers to many questions that the majority of the network drive users also have, especially when they want to recover data lost in the shared network folder.

What really is a shared network drive and how does it work?

Today, Network Attached Storage (NAS) has been increasingly gaining popularity as a result of their robust capacity to provide massive storage space as compared to other storage devices. However, this popularity was accompanied by a number of hurdles.

So where do deleted files in the shared network drive end up or go?

Whenever you make a file selection on the network drive and give the "Delete" command, the Window system simply conveys information to the NAS operating system giving it a directive to delete the file.

Note that it is not the Window that executes the delete command and that is the main reason why you will not find the deleted file in the windows recycle bin. But, all is not lost, there's an alternative way that may help you to recover back lost files, deleted data files from the network drive.

Part 1. How to Recover A Deleted File or Folder from A Network Drive?

It is important to note that in order to recover a given file, that file must have been stored on a network share. This is because the guide I'm just about to give does not apply to the file that had been stored on the PC or desktop.

  1. Click on Windows Start Orb, and select computer.

    choose computer

  2. Navigate through the Network Drive to the location where you accessed the files last.

    locate network drive

  3. Right click in any blank space while inside the folder where the file was previously contained. Then click on "Properties".

    open properties

  4. Double-click on any version of folder that is likely to recover the files back.


As soon as you find the file and the version, click on that file and drag it to the desktop in order to recover it.

If you wish to recover a deleted file or folder that is stored on the PC or Mac computer, you can use Recoverit to achieve your goal.


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Part 2. Tips to Safe Manage Files on Network Drive

In order to avoid losing data from network drive shared folder, you'd better to develop a good habit of using the network drive. Here, we have summarized several tips for you reference.


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