How to Sync Email to iPhone

"Mail days to sync" may delay mails older than 3 days? Don't worry. You can change your mail folder sync settings according to the following step

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Part 1: What does mail days to sync mean?

Simply put, your iPhone is set at “mail days to sync” by default, and this simply means you can only access the mails you received in the last 3 days in your iPhone inbox or your email folder (Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo mail). This default setting also means that new emails will be pushed forward into your inbox, and if there are any server rules existing to move some messages into folders when they arrive then they will be automatically sent to your iPhone and they will not trigger new notifications for new message.

You will need to change this setting if you want to view older emails. Mail days to sync may delay mails older than 3 days. This does not mean that older mails are lost. In order to re-configure your iPhone mail settings in order to increase or reduce the volume of mails displayed on your iPhone, you need to change your mail folder sync settings according to the following steps;


  • Step 1: Launch the settings app on your iPhone

mail days to sync


  • Step 2: Select and click on Mail/contact/calendars, which is located in the left side of the settings menu, and then choose your “Sheridan Exchange” account.

mail days to sync


  • Step 3: A new account summary window will show up after completing step 2. To increase or decrease the volumes of emails displayed on your iPhone, then you need to change the “Mail days to sync” option to “Mail folders to push”.

Part 2: How to sync email (Hotmail) to iPhone

Hotmail users can also sync their emails to iPhones and enjoy all features provided through iCloud accounts. To sync your Hotmail to iPhone you need to follow these simple steps.

sync email to iphone


  • Step 1: Open the Settings tab on your iPhone

  • Step 2: Access the Mail-contact-Calendar option and click on the tab. The procedure will take you to the next step.

  • Step 3: Simply add your new Hotmail account- this is the same as the “Outlook” tab or option.

  • Step 4: Tap on the Outlook option( you need to keep in mind that the appearance of the outlook option has been changed by Microsoft} however you can still go ahead with this step to enter your regular Hotmail account information.

  • Step 5: After tapping on the Outlook option, you will be taken to the next page where you will find boxes to enter your Hotmail, password and description. Simply enter your email into the email field, though you may see a description- “” and then enter your email password into the next box. If you enter the wrong details, you may not proceed to the next phase, therefore you must ensure that you use your Hotmail login details before you sync it with your iPhone.
  • By default, your newly sync account will be labeled as an outlook, hence you can change it to “Hotmail” if you prefer.

  • Step 6: Simply log into your new Hotmail or outlook account, and see if you will have difficulty login into the account. Logging into your outlook or Hotmail website may help especially if you have not accessed your Hotmail for a long time or your password has expired. Logging unto the Hotmail or outlook website will also help reactivate your password and email thus allowing you to sync it successfully with your iPhone.

  • Step 7: From the sync page, you can select all components of your Hotmail that you want to sync with your iPhone, these include; Mails, calendars, reminders, and contacts. Make sure you press the tab until all options show the green sign. Once you have sync all the components, they will be visible in the IOS app. If everything goes well, you should be able to read your emails directly from your iPhone Hotmail account, or you can test the sync by requesting a friend to send you an email.

Your Hotmail app or icon should appear on your iPhone home screen immediately, you can tap on this icon and you will be directed to your mail box immediately. It is also possible to link several Hotmail account to your iPhone, however, you may have to repeat these procedures but sign up different Hotmails, and you can use the same password for all of them if you don’t want to forget when logging in.

In most cases, the setting up and syncing of Hotmail with iPhones should be straightforward especially if you are using IOS 4 and above. For iPhones operating on IOS versions lower than 4, you will have to upgrade to the newer versions before you can perform an easy Hotmail syncing. Apple is presently working on introducing Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoomail as default mails in the next generation of iPhones that will be released from the year 2015, however, you can only have one account logged unto on such apps.


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