Actionable Tips to Recover Your Corrupted Excel Files

Learn to recover corrupted excel file back on track. Follow the simple and easy to do steps that yield positive results. These work like charm and for sure.

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“Now I have a corrupted excel file. What should I do? How can I get the data with the formulas back without any issue and problem? Is there a way out?”

- a question from Quora

The subjected problem i.e. to recover corrupted excel file is something that ever user has encountered for once in his life. There are many problems that get users to this problem. To repair corrupted excel file there are many solutions that can be followed to make sure that the issue is resolved. The excel file is formed when the right info is there at the right place within the file structure. The issue occurs when the info is overridden or saved in the wrong part. You need to be extra cautious when it comes to saving the file. The gravity of the issue can be judged by the fact that how to open corrupted excel file is one of the top searches on Google. In simple words when the wrong info is there in the right part this issue occurs.

There are other issues that lead to this issue. The external or the internal memories can also be damaged and can get to this problem. In this article you will get to know how the corrupted excel file can be recovered with ease. Some of the tips that you will learn are as follows.

Part 1: How to Open/Repair Corrupted Excel File

There are many aspects of this part that can be applied to make sure that the best outcome is generated. These methods have been proven to work. To open corrupted excel file it is advised to get the best method applied. In this way you will not only get the results but the overall mechanism will also improve a lot. The methods that are mentioned here are the ones that will allow the users to rely on built in methods. With these methods applied users does not need any third party tool to get the work done.

i. Open and Repair Method

This is by far the easiest method if excel file is corrupted and cannot be opened. The complete method that can be applied in this regard is mentioned as follows.

Step 1 Head over to the “File” > “Open”


Step 2 From the dialogue box that appears you need to select the file that is corrupted and cannot be opened.


Step 3 Click the arrow on the Open button and select the option “Open and Repair” to make sure that the excel file that has been corrupted is opened.


The recover method in most of the cases will extract the info from the excel file and will save it in a new workbook. In case it is unable to do so it will pick the excel file formulae and will paste it in the new workbook. Whatever the case is it will make sure that the data to some extent is recovered. If the file is corrupted and cannot be opened, then it is the best method that should be followed.

ii. The Excel Autosave and Autorecover Method

There are two aspects of this method i.e. Autosave and Autorecover. For Autorecover you need to follow the method as follows. If the excel file is corrupted and cannot open, then it is the best way to make sure that the issue is never encountered.

Step 1 Head over to “File” > “Options” to initiate the process.


Step 2 From the dialogue box that appears you need to select the “Save” options.


Step 3 Change the highlighted value to the most appropriate one so that your AutoRecover options are set as per need.


Step 4 For the AutoSave, the option which lies beneath the highlighted one is to be clicked. It will cover the second aspect.


iii. Open the Corrupted Workbook in Other Format

To restore corrupted excel file this is the best and the most related method. At times you are not able to recover the file in the manner that you want. It means that the excel format is not supported while the file is being restored. In all such cases it is advised to convert the excel file to other format. This will make sure that the file is opened and the data is restored. If the file is corrupted and cannot be opened, then it is the most advised method.

Step 1 There are many online converters that can be used for the process. For the sake of this tutorial we are referring to Head to the URL to access the main interface.


Step 2 Click the “Select Files” and then pick the corrupted excel file from the location where it is saved. Click the format to which you want to convert it and press “Download Converted File”. It will finish the process and now the corrupted excel file will be opened in the new format. It is the best method to repair corrupted excel file online free.


iv. Disable Automatic Calculation

The steps are as follows.

Step 1 Head to “File” at the top of the excel file.


Step 2 Click “Options” on the left tab of the program.


Step 3To repair corrupted xlsx file now you need to open the excel options box.


Step 4 Click Formulas, Head over the Calculation options and change it to Manual. It will disable the auto calculation and complete the process in full.


v. Excel File Repair Software

Stellar Phoenix excel repair tool is one of the finest methods to make sure that the best outcome is generated. If excel not responding and you want to know how to repair, then it is the method that should definitely be applied.

Features of the program

The process

Step 1 Launch the program and click “OK” to proceed.


Step 2 Click the “Select File” button to select and recover xlsx file corrupt issues.


Step 3 Click the “Scan” button to make sure that the scanning of the excel file is started. In other words the repair is started.


Step 4 Select the location where you want to save the file. Click “OK” and this completes the process in full.


Part 2: How to Recover Corrupted Excel File

In case the methods above don’t solve your problem, the Recoverit (IS) will be the best and the most used programs to deal with the issue. From the interface to the working it is a complete package. It also means that the users do not have to look to any other program once this has been downloaded. If the excel cannot open and the file corrupted then this is the program that you should give a shot to get the best results.

Recoverit (IS)

Best Solution to Recover Ccorrupted Excel File:

  • The corrupt excel recovery has never been as easy as it is with this program. The interface as well as the high recovery rates contributes to this program success.
  • The program has over 1000 formats and it is important to note that it recovers every file that you can think of. Not only can it repair damaged excel file but can also recover images, photos, videos, audios and the list goes on.
  • The internal as well as the external storage are completely aligned with this program. It means that the files from both the locations can easily be extracted.
  • The recovery modes of the program are high in number. It can be used to recover data in case of deletion, lost partition, virus and accidental deletion.
  • The excel recovery of corrupted file from this program can also be previewed. This allows the users to take a look what is being recovered. In this way they can disregard the files that are of no use.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

User guide on how to recover corrupted excel file with Recoverit:

You can follow the steps as follows to recover damaged excel file with perfection.

Step 1 Launch the Program

Download and install the program and launch it to access the main interface.

Step 2 Perform All Around Recovery

Select the All-Around Recovery mode for a thorough and deep scanning of the file. It will make sure that the best results are yielded. Select this to recover your corrupted xls file.

Step 3 Select the Disk Location

You now need to make sure that the location is selected where the corrupted excel file.

Step 4 Preview the File and Restore

You can preview the excel files that has been recovered in this manner. The other excel files that are there will also be recovered. Select the ones that you want to recover. Hit the “Recover” button to complete the process in full.


Part 3: How to Prevent Excel File from Being Corrupted

There are many precautions that should be taken to make sure that the excel files are not corrupted. Some of the most important aspects are mentioned as follows. It will make sure that the best results are garnered.

  1. The UPS (Uninterruptible Power System/Uninterruptible Power Supply) should be used to make sure that the surge in power is never experienced. It is one of the main causes that leads to corrupt excel files. Preventing this will make sure that the files remain safe and secure. It is also one of the best ways to prevent excel files from sudden collapse. It is very important that a good quality backup system is at hand to get the work done with care and perfection. It will allow you to have peace of mind that the issue will never be encountered.

  2. The accidental deletion is another cause that should be avoided. There are ways to prevent this from happening. It can be done by checking each excel file thoroughly before deleting it. The important files should be kept separately. The excel file also get corrupt when the deleted files are being restored. Preventing this will prevent the issue completely.

  3. The excel application should be installed from the verified resources. The tampered exe. Files should never be installed. It is another main reason that leads to the corruption issue. This is faced for not only excel but the MS Office as whole. Downloading from verified resources will make sure that the best outcome is generated for the users. This prevents the corruption issues completely.

  4. The internal as well as the external storage devices should be state of the art. It means that they should always be kept in the best possible manner. The damaged hardware can also lead to the problem. It is therefore recommended to get the hardware in best shape to avoid the excel corruption issues completely. Solving hardware problem will solve 90% of corruption issues.


The best corrupted excel file recovery software is undoubtedly Recoverit (IS). Out of all the programs and the ways that have been mentioned this way is the best. The Recoverit (IS) is not only proven to be the best but also gets the work done. To all the users it is highly advised to use this program to get awesome outcome. It will also make sure that you get the excel files recovered with 100% perfection. From interface to overall outcome of the program everything is highly aligned. The modes of recovery that are embedded into the program are highly superlative. The program offers something extra and therefore highly recommended.


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