Recover Corrupted Video Files from SD Card

Keeping your files safe is in your hands but recovering them after a disaster is our duty. Try iSkysoft data recovery for lightning fast data recovery.

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Videos are the the backbone of today’s marketing strategy and even we have a lots of video files on our smartphones. However, carrying huge data on a small chip can be vulnerable sometimes.

Have you ever faced such situation?

When the video files you are trying to play are showing an error message just like below. The majority of answer that comes is Yes. Video files are either showing the thumbnail but not playing or the thumbnail has some error sign over them.


That’s how we find that our videos are no longer accessible. In this article we are going to provide you the precise and well known solution for this issue. Let’s check out what’s there in this guide.

Part 1. Recover your corrupted video files with iSkysoft Data Recovery.

No matter your SD card is corrupted or the data files are iSkysoft Data Recovery is capable of recovering all your files just with few simple clicks. The amazing features are listed below with globally accredited specifications.

iSkysoft Data Recovery

A Life Saver for Data Loss Problems!

  • It can recover files from any device, be it your android smartphone or iOS device and windows.
  • It supports over 1k+ file formats so nothing to check before you start recovering, it has everything covered.
  • All the major storage formats like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and exFAT are supported by iSkysoft Data Recovery.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

Step by step guide to recover video files from SD card with iSkysoft Data Recovery.

Step 1 Intall iSkysoft Data Recovery on your computer.

You will come to the main screen as shown below, here you need to select External Device Recovery as you want to recover corrupted video files from your SD card.

Step 2 Make sure the SD card is connected to your computer via cable or direct port.

On this screen you need to select the exact device that you have connected, in case of SD card please SD card on the given screen and click Next to start the process.

Step 3 Check and select any partition for scanning on your SD card.

If your SD card has default partitions and there is a specific partition that contains your corrupted video files then you are advised to select that partition and click on Start.

Step 4 Preview and recover your video files to a secure location.

After a quick scan the program will display all your data in a categorized format. Here you need to select all the relevant video files and hit the Recover button.


Hence, it was a quick scan then there might be some possibility that you didn’t get your all of your video files. For this purpose, you can opt for All Around Recovery and get all your files back with Deep Scan.


Part 2. Why SD card gets corrupted?

This is a basic question that everybody has on their mind. There are several reasons why your SD card gets corrupted. Some of them are listed here

Now, let’s talk about the preventions too. Following these vice versa steps you can avoid your SD card from being corrupted.

Part 3. How to keep your SD card safe?


Although, there are ample of recovery programs available online but some lacks in interface and some in features. iSkysoft Data Recovery is a powerpack that comes with all the relevant features that would recover your data easily.

So, stop thinking and share it with your friends and family and make their day.



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