Best Way to Do Sony Handycam Video Recovery! Best Recovery Software

Do you know how to recover deleted videos from Sony Handycam? Don’t worry, today we will tell you the best and the easiest way to perform Sony Handycam Video Recovery.

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Just imagine, you have shot so many memorable videos till now with your Sony Handycam, but you don’t know how to recover deleted videos from Sony Handycam, and one day you suddenly lost all of your videos, now what? It happens a lot as you keep all of your videos and photos stored in your camera and SD card. If anything goes wrong with your Handycam, your memories recorded in the form of a video will suffer. Thus, you should know how to recover deleted videos from Sony Handycam.


Part 1. Reasons Due to Which You Can Lose Videos from Your Sony Handycam

Part 2. Best Software to Recover Videos from Your Sony Handycam.

Now, as you have decided to do the recovery of your lost photos, let us tell you which software will be the safest option for you. iSkysoft Data Recovery software is one of the best video recovery software that you can use to recover videos from your Handycam. It is easy, highly efficient, and very trustable. Even if you are using a recovery software for the first time, you will do a great job recovering your videos with iSkysoft recovery software. iSkysoft comes in handy with many such features that you will love.

iSkysoft Data Recovery

Let’s look at some of its features:

  • It can recover data from all the types of devices like Camera, PC, Mac, Android, SD card, Hard drive etc.
  • It lets you recover videos of all the formats.
  • It provides you with multiple recovery modes to choose from.
  • The Deep Scanning mode leaves nothing behind.
  • The Program has one of the best recovery rates.
  • It’s simple yet interactive UI lets you recover videos in few clicks.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

Part 3. How to Recover Videos from Sony Handycam Using iSkysoft?

Step 1 Connect your Camera or SD card:

To start, first, connect your SD card with the help of card reader from which you want to recover the lost videos. Or, connect your Handycam directly to the PC using a USB cable.

Step 2 Install, Launch & Select the Recovery Mode:

Install and Launch the program after downloading it from the iSkysoft official website. Once you are on the Welcome window, you will see various recovery modes to choose from. Select “External Storage Device Recovery.

Step 3 Storage Drive Selection and Scanning:

Select your SD card among the various drives mentioned on the second window. Click “Start” to start scanning of your card for all the lost videos.

Step 4 Recovery from the Preview:

The program will bring you the preview of all the recoverable videos, select the ones you need to restore on your computer, and click Recover.


Congratulations! You have successfully performed Sony Handycam Video Recovery.

Part 4. Here Are Few Suggestions You Should Keep in Mind While Using a Handycam

1. Hold it Properly:

Your Sony Handycam is supposed to be handled in your hand while shooting videos and photos. But most of the time you become too casual with it, you should hold it properly with the holding belt properly tucked in.

2. Keep it Away from Water:

Your Handycam isn’t waterproof, or even if it is, try to keep it safe from water. Because you may never know when it damages your storage.

3. Use a Tripod:

Use a tripod or Camera holder whenever it is possible. It will give your Handycam an extra level of safety.

Now, as you know how to recover deleted videos from your Sony Handycam, you should worry less and click more. Because, no matter how much you take care of your Handycam, there are still very high possibilities of you losing your Videos.



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