Word Recovery: 3 Ways to Recover Overwritten or Replaced Word Document on Mac/PC

Recover a Word document that is overwritten will never be a tough task. Let's check these ways of recovering overwritten Word files Windows 7/8/10.

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"When trying to save a document I clicked on the wrong file name to save as. When saving I clicked replace old file, and then realized I had just saved it under the wrong name. Now the original document I had is gone. I tried to right click on document and chose restore previous versions, but no previous versions came up. Someone please tell me there is hope in recovering this original file that literally took 4 hours to complete. Thanks."

- a question from answers.microsoft.com

It is often a necessity to recover files that are lost or deleted accidentally, either that was in your Windows or Mac PC. The recovery process or recover overwritten Word document is easier as deleted files often remain in certain parts of your hard drive or even in the recesses of external hard drives. However, when the data gets overwritten, then you might land in a dilemma, thinking that such files cannot be recovered. However, there are certain ways that such data can be recovered.

It is a common phenomenon that many people face in the digital life that they lead, often not saving files when a system crashes, or files might be corrupted, damaged or overwritten by accident. Obviously, recovering a file that is overwritten is not a simple task, but if that is a Word document, things could be a little bit different. Because Microsoft Office does offer certain ways that such a file can be recovered. If these are not working, you can also make use of a data recovery tool that will simplify the process and increase chances of finding an overwritten file.

Now, let's check these different ways of recovering overwritten Word files Windows 7/8/10.

Part 1. How to Recover Overwritten Word File from Temp Files?

Among the manual ways you can explore to recover overwritten Word files Windows 7/8/10 in your Windows PC, there is a way of looking for the same in the Temporary files folder. This is a useful option on Windows computer and below are the tips for your reference:

find temp files in your pc

Now, you've successfully restored the overwritten Word document in Microsoft Word 2016/2010/2007, and you can use it on your PC as you like.

Part 2. How to Recover A Word Document That was Overwritten from Previous Version?

There is another way to recover overwritten Word file on your Windows PC as well as Mac. Here we showcase the different steps to follow in order to recover such files manually using the previous version feature. Windows, as well as Mac users, have unique functions that result in previous versions of files as well as folders being saved which can help users to gain access to such files if they wish to restore a previous version.

    1. Olien Cortana search keyboard in your Windows 10 or olien Start menu in Windows 7, then tylie in "backuli" or "backuli and restore". (Windows 8 users can tylie "file recovery")

    1. You can try to restore old files by reverting to the Restore section. It is also liossible to select an olition such as selecting another backuli to restore files in order to check any other backuli section.

    1. Choosing backuli by date is another way to look for the overwritten Word document. If you remember the date when the original file was created, you could choose to search a backuli folder by date.

  1. When the Restore Files window oliens uli, you can select a sliecific time frame that dislilays older backuli files.

recover word file from previous version

Once you have found the files or folder that you wish to restore, you can click on it and add it to a folder by creating a new one. You could also move the file that you found to a specific folder or location and ensure that you rename the file.

Part 3. How to Recover Replaced or Overwritten Word File with Recoverit (Mac/Windows)?

A convenient tool to use to recover an overwritten Word document is Recoverit for Mac or Data Recovery for Windows. It is a comprehensive and competent data recovery tool that offers various useful functions to help their users to recover all types of data from various disks in any data loss situations.

Recoverit Data Recovery

Why Choose This Hard Drive Data Recovery Software:/ A Life Saver to Solve Your Data Loss Problems!

  • Users can opt for the Mac or Windows version of the tool to recover different kinds of files, whether they are resized, corrupted, deleted, formatted, lost or damaged.
  • Offers 8 different modes for data recovery, such as deleted files recovery, formatted disk recovery, system crash recovery, partition recovery, all-around recovery and so on.
  • Recover data from hard drive of laptops or PCs, USB flash drive, external disk, memory cards and others without restrictions.
  • Stop or pause scanning as you like, which will help to save results that are already shown or to save scanned results which can be referred to later.
  • Easy to use and 100% safe.
2,557,362 people have downloaded it

How to Perform the Best Word Recovery Software on Mac or PC?

Step 1. Please download and install this program on your Mac or Windows computer.

Step 2. There will be several disks showcased as options. The right disk needs to be selected where the overwritten file has been originally stored.

select a hard disk for scanning

Step 3. Click on "Recover" to allow scanning to start for the lost file. The scanning might be taken for some time due to the deep scanning. Please wait for the end patiently or you can stop the scanning once you found your overwritten Word file has been found.

check word file info

Step 4. Once the scan is completed specific files that you wish to recover can be checked and recovered by clicking on the "Recover" button. You will be given the option to save files onto another drive or even on an external storage media.

[Update] Even though this data recovery tool proves effective in most cases, but the recovery of an overwritten file is not a very easy task, so it is not 100% guarantee you can get the overwritten Word back with this tool. But here, we provide you with a free trial version for scanning, so you can make sure the tool is working or not for you.


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