Once you update your iPhone it is very important to restore the phone using iTunes. The iTunes error 27 is the one which is not only frustrating but the worst part is that it comes with a prefix unknown. It also means that you can absolutely do nothing when it comes to this problem. The other worst part is that if you are not technically sound then this error can hamper your ideas regarding your newly updated iPhone. Always remember that the problem is hardware related which means that your equipment needs to be sorted out.

itunes error 27 

1. Fix error 27 without data loss

iSkysoft Toolbox - iOS System Recovery is one of the best ways to make sure that the iTunes error 27 is resolved. The best part is that all other methods have chance to lead to data loss but not this one. The iSkysoft Toolbox - iOS System Recovery means that your data will always remain protected and therefore it is highly advisable to use the program. The intuitive interface and the graphical look of the program are highly in demand.

  • The common issues which your iPhone can face such as stuck in recovery mode, DFU, white Apple logo and frozen status can easily be resolved by the program.
  • Solved the iTunes error 27 issue completely as the program is highly efficient and effective in doing so.
  • The program will never hamper any of the data which is present on your device. It means that your data is safe and secure.
  • The program is highly intuitive and graphical in nature which means that you can use it without any help.
  • The program has high level database of firmware so whatever your iPhone model is you will get it back on track.

Step 1: Download and install the program. Launch it and connect your phone with the computer. Press System Recovery on the main interface to resolve iTunes error 27. Once the program detects the phone it is advised to press start.

itunes error 27

Step 2: This is most important part to resolve iTunes error 27. In this step the program will detect the model and will make sure that the latest firmware is offered to you. Verify the info that has been presented to you and click download. Wait for the program until it downloads the firmware to resolve iTunes error 27.

iphone error 27

Step 3: Once the firmware has been downloaded the program will start fixing the operating system. Once the device has been fixed the program will notify you. This also resolves the problem of iPhone error 27 in full.

error 27 itunes

There are other methods which can be applied to fix iTunes error 27. These methods are simple and make sure that the issue is resolved completely. These methods are highly reliable and tested to get the problem resolved, too.

2. Update iTunes and Restore your iPhone

The error under discussion can be caused because of outdated version of iTunes. It means that upgrading iTunes and restoring your iPhone will get the work done.

  • To fix iTunes error 27 launch iTunes and click help on the upper part of the software. Click Check for Updates tab and the program will download the latest software if necessary. In most of the cases the issue is resolved once the process is followed.
  • Press the restore button on the main interface. Again press restore on the pop up that appears.
  • Once you see HELLO screen on your iPhone be sure that your iPhone error 27 is resolved.

error 27 iphone 6

3. Restoring iOS device in DFU mode

This one is not recommended at all. The only reason behind this is the fact that it completely erases the data from your iPhone. To fix iTunes error 27 there are several other ways that can be used to get the work done. Only those processes should be followed which keep your data as it is. DFU method is easy to apply and only comprises of simple steps that are to be followed. The complete process is mentioned as follows. Instead of following the DFU process it is advised to download iSkysoft Toolbox - iOS System Recovery to get the best results.

  • Connect your iPhone with your system and open iTunes program. Press the home + wake/sleep button at the same time to fix iTunes error 27.
  • error 27 iphone 6s

  • Wait for 10 seconds and then release the wake/sleep button but continue holding home button. You will see iTunes prompting the following screenshot.
  • restore iphone error 27

  • You will see the iPhone screen turning black. The iPhone gets into DFU mode. Press OK and then press restore button on the iTunes interface to fix iTunes error 27.
  • error 27 iphone 6

  • Press the restore button on the prompt that appears.
  • iphone 5 error 27

  • As you get the iPhone HELLO screen please take a note that the process ends in full.

iphone error 27

4. Disable Anti-Virus program

At times it is the anti-virus of your system that can block some features of the Apple based programs. The result is shocking as it can lead to issues in this regard. It is advised to disable the anti-virus software so that the program can work as it is developed to. You should also take a note that disabling anti-virus software does not make your device vulnerable at all. There are cookies stored on the hard drive and they work as the original program. To get rid of iPhone error 27 it is highly advised to disable the anti-virus and it will get the problem resolved completely.

  • Click the triangle on the taskbar of the system and reveal the notification area. You will see the anti-virus program icon. Right click the icon and make sure that the options are revealed. You will get wide range of options on the tray so choose the right one to resolve iPhone error 27.
  • error 27 iphone 6

  • Confirm the operation by clicking the YES option. It will disable the anti-virus program. In most of the cases the iPhone error 27 will be resolved completely.

iphone error 27

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