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Bookmarks you might have heard the word over the internet but some people are unaware of it. What is bookmark? Well when you’re surfing the internet you might find a page which might seem interesting to you but you don’t have time to read or look at it. Well don’t worry modern day Computer and smart phone devices allow us to save them from just a one click. This feature is known as Bookmark. While browsing the internet you might end up saving a lot of bookmarks which might consume some space so it’s good practice to delete those bookmarks.

Step by Step Process to Delete Bookmarks on Android

Deleting bookmarks on Android is quite simple method might differ from device to device but overall process is simple and everyone can delete them on their own.

Step 1. Navigate or browse to the home screen, once there click the app drawer.

 click the app drawer

Step 2. Once clicked app drawer scroll or slide to find the stock Android browser which is usually a blue color globe with the name “Internet”.

delete bookmarks on android

Step 3. Open it and find the “Menu” button usually located at the top right corner, there you will find the bookmark tab open it. On different device the bookmark tab is at different position like the once I used.

Step 4. In some devices when you open the browser the bookmark tab will be easily accessed by the bookmark button on top or bottom of the screen. Once found click on it.

click the button

Step 5. Once you click on the bookmark tab, a list of bookmarks that you saved and the one present by default will be displayed. If you click on any of the bookmark they will be pop open.

delete bookmarks on android

Step 6. To delete them “Press and Hold” any of the bookmark you wish to delete and you will be given the option of check or uncheck so you can delete them. Check the one you want to delete and click delete and you’re done.

Bookmark itself is a great feature which modern day browsers have to offer. Aside from deleting bookmark you can also save them and import them to other devices. If you’re familiar with Chrome you probably know that. Chrome let you help your browser connect with a Google account and once you have connected it. It synchronizes and save all the bookmarks to your account. So whenever or wherever you’re going to login to your Gmail account those bookmark will be available.

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