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Your Android phone has actually become a part and parcel of your lives in this tech-savvy time. They are almost like a small package of all the big things in your life. From music to videos, photos to personal contacts, everything is stored in your phone only. Apart from the personal information, we also keep a lot of sensitive information in our devices. And we cannot deny the fact that smartphones are very likely to get stolen or misplaced. Losing or getting your phone snatched off can pose threat to all such crucial data stored in your smartphone. This could be such a panic-inducing and nerve-racking event.

Android phones cannot run without a Google account is known to all. And hackers and miscreants out there in the world are waiting for something like stolen Android phone Google account. They can create a lot of unimaginable nuisance using your Gmail. Thus, it becomes extremely important to ensure the deletion of your account in order to sidestep any chance of mishap. And all thanks to the growing technology, it has invented several ways which can help you in protecting your sensitive information from being accessed.

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How to Erase Stolen Android Phone Google Account

In order to remote lock or erase data on your lost or stolen Android device, it is extremely significant to have an access to Android Device Manager. You must make sure that Android Device Manager always remains turned-on on your smartphone. The other two things which you must make certain are to see that your Google account is associated to your device and its location access is enabled.

This is a tailor-made solution designed by Google itself. If you have not yet synced your Android device with Android Device Manager, it is advised that you do so. After syncing your phone with Android Device Manager, enable the feature "remote lock and erase". Now, when you have efficiently downloaded the application and turned this feature on, you can erase any data effectively when your phone is stolen. This will also erase your Google account.

Step-by-Step Guide to Clear Google Account from Android Phone

Step 1: Online visit Android Device Manager by navigating to "android.com/devicemanager" and then login into your Google account.

visit Android device manager

Step 2: After the account is loaded, it will start locating your lost phone to gain access to its location. As soon as your phone is online, you can send commands to delete data from it. However, you must know that after you have deleted your Google Account and other data, you will not be able to locate your phone. A screen will display your last location and will give you an option to ring, lock or erase your phone. You can click "Erase" to delete all the crucial data from your phone.

locate stolen Android phone

Step 3: When you have commanded the manager to erase the data, it will once again ask you to confirm it. You can confirm this and your phone will initiate a factory reset.

erase stolen Android phone google account

It is an important feature especially for those who keep banking and other personal information in their device. But it does not erase the data saved on your SD card so always keep in mind to never store sensitive data on your SD card.

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