3 Ways to Delete Videos from Android

Whatever is your reason for wanting to delete videos from Android, there are various ways you can go about it.

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An Android (Samsung Galaxy Note7) smartphone or tablet is a great asset for storing your videos, images, documents and many other files in addition to enjoying your mobile games, social media, and the internet. However, you may want to free some of your phone's or SD card's memory when it starts running low by deleting some videos. You may also want to delete an accidentally downloaded video or one that you feel is inappropriate. Whatever your reason for wanting to delete videos from Android, there are various ways you can go about it.

Method 1. Delete the Videos from Gallery on Android

Guides on how to Delete Videos from Gallery:

Step 1. From your Android device main menu, scroll and tap on the gallery application to launch. It should give you several folders containing both photos and videos.

Step 2. Go to the "Videos" folder and tap to open it. It should display all the videos located on both your SD card and internal memory.

Step 3. Now scroll to locate the video you want to delete, long tap on it and tick the checkbox on your right to select it for deleting. As you will notice, you can batch-select several videos for deletion by ticking on their respective checkboxes on the right.

Step 4. Locate the trash bin icon after selecting your videos and tap on it to delete. Tap ok once a prompt asking whether to "delete these files", or "these files will be deleted" to confirm the deletion.

How do I delete videos off my phone

Method 2: Delete Videos in Android "My Files" Setting

You can also delete videos from Android using the "My Files" setting. Follow the steps below.

Guides on how to delete videos from Android:

Step 1. Open your Android (for example: Samsung Galaxy Note7) phone’s main menu and tap on "My Files".

Step 2. Now go to the video containing folder and tap to open. This could be the DCIM or Videos folder or another folder such as the Bluetooth folder depending on your device and Android OS.

Step 3. Highlight the video to be deleted by long tapping to select it for deletion.

Alternatively: Depending on the specific Android device and OS, you can also open the file manager, and tap on the "Videos" folder. This will display all the videos on your phone’s internal and SD card memories. Select the video you want to delete by long tapping and ticking on the checkbox to the right. Tap delete or trash bin icon and confirm delete by tapping "ok" on the pop-up prompt.

How do I delete videos off my phone

Method 3: Delete Videos in SD Card on Android

Any of the above methods can delete a video saved in Android SD card. However, the following steps can be more effective.

Guides on how to delete videos on Android:

Step 1. Open you main menu and go to settings.

Step 2. Tap on "Storage" followed by "Pictures and Videos under SD card storage". This should open your default gallery app.

Step 3. Follow the steps to delete videos from gallery. Alternatively, you can go to "Format SD card" under storage settings, but this will delete all the contents of the SD card so you better have a backup.

Alternative: You can also delete the unwanted video files from your Android device through USB connection to you windows or Mac PC. Just locate the device from my computer and explore both SD (removable storage device) and mobile device folders to locate the video you want to delete. Select the video using you mouse cursor, right click for a drop down menu and click on "delete".p>

How do you delete videos on android

Step 3. From the menu, choose "wipe cache partition" option using the volume down and power key.

How do you delete videos on android

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remove all data android


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