Reliable Solutions to Fix Fitbit Not Syncing iPhone/PC

Fitbit not syncing iPhone/PC is a common problem, here are the best solutions to solve it. You can also learn how to link two fitbits to one account.

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As an activity tracker, people often use Fitbit to monitor their daily activities, people who use Fitbit often put health and fitness in the first place, they check their calories burned and active minutes from steps and distance with Fitbit every day. But problems may become when Fitbit not syncing iPhone/Android. In this article, I will tell you how to sync Fitbit and the problems about Fitbit not syncing in an all-around way.

Part 1: What Is Fitbit and How It Works?


The Fitbit utilizes a 3-hub accelerometer that can follow the number of steps taken, notwithstanding a couple of different highlights, for example, distance voyaged, calories consumed, and the number of floors climbed. An accelerometer is an electromechanical device that actions speed increase powers. When utilized in the Fitbit, the accelerometer detects development or vibrations. The more delicate an accelerometer is, the greater development it can detect.

How it works?

To have the option to check the number of steps there is a finely tuned calculation that identifies exceptional movement designs. The movement designs should be adequately enormous to meet the particular edge of the calculation, implying that a few stages could go uncounted if strolling on an extremely delicate rug or steps might be added if driving on an uneven street and the calculation's limit is met. At the point when one purchases a Fitbit they embed their data (weight, tallness, sex, and so forth) onto the application/site, which takes into consideration the program to create information, for example, calories consumed dependent on the means voyaged, type and length of activity, and the client's very own data.

Part 2: How to Sync Fitbit to iPhone/PC?

For iPhone

Step 1. Open the Fitbit application on your iPhone and tap Sign In, then enter your email address and Agree secret phrase.

secret phrase

Step 2. Once you're signed in, your Fitbit will refresh your details each time you open the Fitbit App.

Step 3. Turn on All-Day Sync.

all day sync

With the All-Day Sync highlight, your Fitbit information will consequently synchronize to your iPhone, iPad, and other wellbeing applications — like MyFitnessPal — for the day. If you don't generally open your Fitbit application, yet you need to ensure your details are saved, All-Day Sync can be a lifeline!

On the off chance that you turn off this component to save battery life, your Fitbit will in any case refresh your details each time you open the application. Try not to see your information? You can generally adjust your Fitbit physically.

The Sync Now includes permits you to quickly save any progressions you make to your record or profile, or to match up your Fitbit's latest information to your iPhone.

For PC

Fitbit synchronizing is just viable with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. Ensure you are attempting to match up on a viable PC and that you have the latest adaptation of the Fitbit application for Windows introduced.

Step 1. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on, and check Bluetooth settings on your PC to ensure your Fitbit can match up.

Step 2. Ensure your Fitbit is associated.

On the off chance that not, click the section for the Fitbit and click Eliminate device, rehash the arrangement for your Fitbit to associate it to your PC.

Step 3. If your PC doesn't have Bluetooth, or your PC's Bluetooth doesn't appear to work with your Fitbit, you can get a Bluetooth dongle from Fitbit.

Step 4. Eliminate some other Fitbit devices you may have related with your record from the Fitbit application, just as from the rundown of Bluetooth gadgets in Settings.

Step 5. Reboot your PC and attempt once more.

Part 3: How to Fix Fitbit not Syncing iPhone/PC?

fitbit bot sync

If your Fitbit can not adjust to a telephone or PC, please try these supportive tips:

On the off chance that you have an Android telephone, ensure your area administrations are turned on and that you have given the Fitbit application consent to get to your area.

On the off chance that your battery is charged and the device actually will not synchronize, try these tips:

Part 4: Can I Link Two Fitbits to One Fitbit Account?

On the off chance that you have numerous trackers, you can add every one of them to your Fitbit account. Simply follow our bit-by-bit manage for setting up another Fitbit device through the application.

Fitbit's Multi-Tracker Support naturally distinguishes when you switch between devices, so it doesn't need any additional work on your part. Clients can switch back and forth between quite a few trackers for the day.

Although you may have different trackers under one record, the entirety of your outcomes syncs inside a solitary dashboard. If you need to analyze the aftereffects of various devices against one another, you should make a different record for everyone.

Mobile Track permits you to follow the fundamentals directly through your cell phone, so whenever you're without a tracker the application will naturally switch over to Mobile Track and tally your means.

To begin utilizing Multi-Tracker Support today, follow these simple advances:

Step 1. Update your Fitbit application.

Step 2. Select Set Up a New Fitbit Device from the Account tab in the Fitbit portable application or Fitbit Connect.

Step 3. Finish the arrangement directions, and begin trading.

Having various trackers under one record additionally influences how warnings show on your devices. Contingent upon what kind of cell phone you use, notices show up as follows:

Try not to allow specialized issues to impede your wellness objectives! On the off chance that you need more assistance with your device, look at our assist pages with associating and reset a Fitbit.


In any case, Fitbit Connect works incredibly with Apple devices and pc and it's impossible that you'll run into any issues while getting set up, particularly if you follow the guide above bit by bit and realize how to match Fitbit with other applications for a through and through a better way of life. The best part is that Time to take your wellness interests to a higher level!

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Reliable Solutions to Fix Fitbit Not Syncing iPhone/PC
Fitbit not syncing iPhone/PC is a common problem, here are the best solutions to solve it. You can also learn how to link two fitbits to one account.
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