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Nov 23,2018 • Filed to: iPhone Recovery • Proven solutions

iMessage apps have taken messaging to a different level especially with the availability of apps for both iOS and Android devices. Thanks to the iMessage App store which now lets users download and install many kinds of such, being stickers, game, extensions and more. All you need to do is install the apps and extensions just within the normal Messages app. We'll take a look at 15 iMessage apps that are currently trending and which you can’t afford to miss.

Part 1. Top 10 Free iMessage Apps for iPhone/iPad

#1. Circle Pay

This app allows you to send money via Messages. It is absolutely free and the good part is that you can send any currency including euros, pound sterling, dollars and online bitcoins. If you need to cash out, you surely can with any bank within United States and the UK.

  • You can send any currency.
  • There are no charged fees
  • You have to set up a debit card first in order to send money

Download Circle Pay >>

Circle Pay 

#2. Aardman Face Bomb

These stickers offer more than you can imagine. They are duly interactive and will engage you through. Drag them on top of your messages or to any picture alongside your conversation link. Once this is achieved, send your message normally and they will go along as well.

  • You can rotate them to desired direction
  • They are fun and interactive
  • You’ve got to put your fingers to work by dragging the stickers when you resize or rotate them.

Download Aardman Face Bomb >>

Aardman Face Bomb 

#3. Open table

This Message App saves you the agony of physically reserving a table at any restaurant. Its got numerous ways of reserving a table among them being via Google Maps or Siri. Make use of this iMessage app and let your friends get to vote which restaurant is best for a group meal. It also encourages participation among friends, thereby giving you and your friends the strongest bond ever.

  • Ability to reserve a table from your iPhone
  • Friends have the liberty to choose which restaurant is best at the moment
  • You need to engage your friend for the final pick

Download Open table >>

Open table 

#4. Game Pigeon

This iMessage app game suits both the young and the old. Its assortment of two player games options is surely an entertainment business that is fully enjoyable. Use this app to kill your boredom entirely. It is also a good avenue of engaging your young ones, keeping off their minds from destructive thinking.

  • Assortment of two player games
  • Good for killing boredom
  • Takes up more space from your device

Download Game Pigeon >>

Game Pigeon 

#5. Airbnb

Finding the perfect hotel has never been easy especially if you have to go through some agent. Save yourself that hassle and make use of this integrated iMessage app. It gives you the freedom to search through saved listings and settle on your preferred destination. It will also inform you of the latest events happening across major cities, making it easy to settle on your choice.

  • It is faster as compared to using an agent
  • Recipients have the liberty to vote on locations, especially for a group conversation
  • Its not easy to get some finer details concerning your chosen location. You’ll still need to look for an agent in some cases.

Download Airbnb >>


#6. Super Mario Run

These stickers let you create a Mario’s world scene while passing on your message. Mario expressions give you an easy way of showing your feelings creatively. You can decide to add a cap or moustache to enhance your appearance when sending a photo or passing on a message.

  • Ability to add features like a moustache to any of your photos
  • It gives you iMessage a whole new look
  • You need a higher iOS version to get clearer Mario’s expressions.

Download Super Mario Run >>

Super Mario Run 

#7. Memorado

This super game is also a learning tool altogether. Featuring over 700 levels, it is surely a game to keep your stimuli moving. Just one level is enough to increase your concentration and keep you glued to the screen for as long as you want. Move on to the next tougher levels and prove to the world that you are a genius.

  • It is a learning tool, aimed at improving concentration
  • It is fun to play
  • You need to calculate your steps in order to keep up with the game to the end.

Download Memorado >>


#8. Words with Friends

Prove that friends of the same feather don’t flock together with this app. Words with Friends is a free social media puzzle game that is perfect when it comes to keeping your brain at work. Engage your friends even when you are worlds apart and feel like you are actually together. Simply install the app and invite all your friends to do the same.

  • Engages your friends in the challenge wordings
  • It is fun to play
  • You cannot play it alone. You’ve got to engage your friends.

Download Words with Friends >>

Words with Friends 

#9. Polaroid Swing

For photo lovers, this app will serve you better. It enables you to come up with moving photos so easily. These you can share on Twitter and Facebook to put across your message in a more engaging manner.

  • It is easy to use. You only need to tap to come up with moving photos.
  • You can share on social media
  • The moving photos will require adequate amount of memory

Download Polaroid Swing >>

Polaroid Swing 

#10. Grammar Snob

The coolest way to learn together is to install this app. It lets you check on your friends’ grammar and even spelling mistakes. Be the teacher, learn and enjoy the game at the same time. It will surely help you improve on your grammar while you get all the fun at the same time.

  • This is a perfect way of improving on grammar and spelling.
  • It is fun to use.
  • Some people don’t like criticism and may end up reacting negatively

Download Grammar Snob >>

Grammar Snob 

Part 2. Top 5 iMessage App Alternatives for Android

It is clear that the iMessage app is a favourite of many users. There are tons of activities you can do with this app especially if your device is of a higher iOS version. However, those using iOS version 5 and above do get to enjoy its benefits fully. The drawback is that Android users still don’t have this amazing app for their gadgets. This however should not deter Android users from enjoying the many goodies from iMessage Apps. Let’s take a look at some top iMessage app alternatives for Android which will blow you off like never before.

#1. Skype Messenger

Skype is such a powerful means of communication that enables users to contact each other via video and voice calls. You can actually reach all your friends all over the world within the shortest time possible. Sharing of photos, files and even text messaging are the major advantages of using skype.

  • Gives you the ability to participate in group chats
  • It is affordable
  • You can share files, photos and videos
  • You require internet connection in order to work with Skype.

Download Skype Messenger >>

Skype Messenger 

#2. BBM Messenger

BBM works across a wide variety of operating systems. Use this app to chat with the BlackBerry lovers and exchange videos and messages instantly. It also offers the best opportunity to retract messages before they have been read.

  • Works across a wide variety of operating systems
  • It is compatible with all devices
  • You need to set up a BBM pin before use.

Download BBM Messenger >>

BBM Messenger 

#3. Facebook Messenger

Its hard to find anyone who isn’t on facebook. That explains its popularity and the extent of messaging impact it brings to the society. Facebook has its one app store which supports numerous sticker packs alongside messenger apps like QuizChat and Memes. The best of it is that you can access the Messenger from any device as long as you’ve got internet connection.

  • Ability to access the Messenger across all devices including a PC, browser or Mac
  • It is easy to install and use
  • Anyone can access your profile if you don’t enable restrictions

Download Facebook Messenger >>

Facebook Messenger 

#4. Pushbullet Messenger

Though it has been known for file sharing abilities, Pushbullet also works well when it comes to sending messages from a PC or Mac computers. This app do support numerous messaging apps among them being WhatsApp, enabling you to send texts as you wish.

  • Gives you a lot of options since its available on macOS, Firefox, Windos and more
  • You can up to 100 messages per month with via its Free version
  • You need to get a pro subscription if you want to send unlimited messages.

Download Pushbullet Messenger >>

Pushbullet Messenger 

#5. Google Hangouts

This app works well for a large group of friends. Just install it and give your shout out to more than 100 people in one message. In fact, the group chat works for a group of 150 people with inclusion of lots of stickers and emojis for your use. Besides, you enjoy group video calling via your Google account when you have this app.

  • It is easy to use
  • Ability to reach up to 150 people with one message
  • You need to have a Google account for this app to work.

Download Google Hangouts >>

Google Hangouts 

Part 3. Recommend the Best iOS iMessage Recovery Software

Data is the most valuable asset both to organizations and individuals. Many at times people lose data in different circumstances not knowing how to get it back. Thanks to the powerful software recovery tools such as iSkysoft Toolbox - iOS Data Recovery which has helped thousands of users recover very vital data. The better part is that this recovery tool can help extract data from iCloud and iTunes alike.

iphone imessage recovery

Why Choose This iMessage Recovery Software:

  • Offers 3 Recovery Modes iSysoft Toolbox gives three options of recovering your lost data. Use the software directly by installing, launching and running it. Alternatively use it to extract your backup files from iCloud and iTunes.
  • Preview mode Recover only what is necessary. This tool lets you preview all the scanned data before you select what to get back.
  • Full iOS compatibility iSkysoft Toolbox supports all kinds of iOS (including iOS 11) devices among them being iPad, iPod touch, iPhone X/8(Plus)/7/7 and others commonly used devices.
  • Supports up to 20 File types Besides being compatible with numerous devices, this software also supports a variety of file types. You get to extract lost photos, notes, messages and videos among other files.
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